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 Oval Track News

100% Local Short Track Racing News.

Oval Track News

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Oval Track News covers local oval tracks and race series across North America. Our mission is to get people excited about their local race tracks and to travel to other local tracks in the country. We have a positive attitude about local racing and instill that in everything we do. We help promote local oval tracks, asphalt and dirt FREE for any oval track in North America! We also promote oval track series dirt and asphalt.

Oval Track News would love nothing more then to add your local oval tracks Information (Asphalt or Dirt) to our website FREE. We will add your weekly race results, photos of weekly winners, upcoming track promotions, stories etc. send your weekly race results, Articles, flyers, photos upcoming race promotions to be added To Oval Track News and let our hundreds of thousands of monthly viewers learn more about your race track and or race series.

We accept freelance writers. If you would like to give your clients some good exposure for free send us your press releases.

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Our Story,

OTN has been covering racing for over 25 years. OTN started on the computer back in 95-96 when we were called RMS Local Racing covering Illiana Motor Speedway, Grundy County Speedway, Rockford Speedway, La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway back when the monitor was green. We now cover racing across America. OTN has been working with all aspects of Media including Websites, Television, Radio and Podcasts. OTN is dedicated to promoting and covering local racing across America. Our goal is to bring you the best local racing coverage and knowledge. OTN likes to get the fans involved by playing Photo Trivia and Remember When to test your racing knowledge. OTN would like to welcome you to the page.

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