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Barberton Speedway 8-3

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Surgener, Shively, Bertram, Sibila and Double Sommers Win on Fan Apprieciation Night!

Barberton Speedway 8-3

Barberton Speedway 8-3
Billy McKinney Photos
Barberton Speedway 8-3

Barberton Speedway 8-3
Barberton Speedway 8-3
Barberton Speedway 8-3

Barberton Speedway 8-3
Barberton Speedway 8-3

Surgener, Shively, Bertram, Sibila and Double Sommers Win on Fan Apprieciation Night!

By Billy McKinney/Oval Track News

BARBERTON SPEEDWAY: The length of the racing season has given way to just a handful of points paying races. With only five races remaining after tonight, the pressure to succeed was upon every driver. Regardless if it is a final points push to try to leapfrog a couple drivers in the season standings, or simply trying to get a win before the season is over for bragging purposes, there was a different feel in the pits as drivers knew that they needed to perform. This past Saturday at Barberton Speedway, they had quite the stage and audience to perform for. With it being five dollar fan appreciation night, the stands were packed and fans of all ages got to see what Barberton Speedway and its drivers could offer. And they were not disappointed!


Racin’ Mason Surgener continued his perfect season as he brought home the Bandolero feature win. When the green flag flew, it was Madison Lengyel getting the outside launch to get the lead on lap one over Steve Mitch. Lengyel would lead until a spin for Killian McMann would draw the yellow and bunch the field up. On the ensuing restart, Lengyel would pull out to a half a straitaway lead while positions behind her changed with haste. While fans watched the pink and white #51 of Lengyel, Surgener was making passes around his competition and settled in 2nd place. Lap after lap, Surgener began cutting into Lengyel’s lead and the two began to lock into a fierce battle with ten laps to go. With eight to go, Surgener finally got position on Lengyel out of turn two and made the pass. He would lead the final few circuits and take home yet another win. He thanked all the fans for coming out and thanked his competition for the eventful and fun racing.


Dan Shively turned his season around and the Legend streak on its head as he became the first driver to get a second win of the year. With heavy competition, no driver had been able to repeat their first win. When the green flag fell, it was Anthony Price, the pride of the Price family, out front. Knowing he needed a win to pad his points lead, he knew a second win would go a long way! He survived a couple early yellows for spins in the back and began leading once the race got going at speed. While he was leading, he had a mirror full of the black #17 of Austin Tapia. After heartbreak last week, Tapia was looking for redemption and applied the pressure to Price. Coming off of turn four near halfway, the unthinkable happened. The #24 of Price looped it around and spun helplessly through the infield. Tapia inherited the lead and brought the field to green on the ensuing restart. He stretched a nice advantage on the field of cars while positions behind him changed hands much like the race before. While he logged laps in clean air, Dan Shively had picked his way through the field and was sniffing the lead from Tapia. With five laps to go, Shively got a nice run off of turn four and drag raced Shively down the front stretch. He took the lead for good with four laps to go and won the race by less than a car length on Tapia.


The Compact feature was won by Sheldon Sommers in dominating fashion. When the green flag fell, it was the afternoon’s heat winner Dustin Wyckoff and Scott Kitchen bringing the large field to green. Kitchen timed the start nicely and jumped out to a five car length lead. Wyckoff found himself in a three wide battle for second with Alyson Smith and Dennis Garrett. The trio slugged it out over the course of the first three laps until Smith spun after contact from Doug Sommers. The race restarted with Kitchen and Garrett on the front row. On the restart, Garrett ran high and left the door open for Sheldon Sommers to make it through from fourth to second. Sommers began stalking Kitchen and eventually passed him just before halfway. Sommers would set sail on the field while his competition worked it out for positions two through all the way to last place. Sommers used a mix of a fast car and expert navigation of lapped traffic to pull out to over half of a lap lead. He took home the win and thanked his father and family for their support in this rough season which saw him on the sidelines much of the time.


The Street Stock field was up and ready and Cyler Bertram finally was able to answer the call of victory. When the race started, Rich Satola and Nicole Hrdlicka started on the front row. Satola’s night would come to a brutal end as he would lose control of his #11 and go head on into the wall at full speed off of turn two. He was okay. The race restarted with Hrdlicka and newcomer Luther Hurley up front. Hurley surged to the front as Hrdlicka fell back. Hurley was followed by Gary Hoopingarner, Tim Schmitt and Bertram. The furious four ran two by two for two rows deep, almost in caution formation, yet at speed, as they dazzled fans. Hoopingarner would squeak out front and take the lead as Hurley, Schmitt and Bertram ran three wide. The trio would make contact off of turn two and send Schmitt spinning and Hurley pitside. Bertram took blame and went to the tail. On the restart, Hoopingarner and Schmitt would battle it out side by side for the next ten laps. While they scrapped for an advantage, Bertram made his way from last to third. He passed Schmitt and set his sights on Hoopingarner. He would sneak by Hoopingarner and never look back. He would survive the final few laps and a couple yellows before coming home triumphant.


Doug Sommers would follow Sheldon’s steps and bring home the Late Model win in his trademark #3. When the green flag fell, it was another #3, Dave Martin who took the lead. Martin would lead much of the event before the calm nature of the race took a chaotic turn just before halfway! In turn one, a four car incident sent crews scrambling for tires, metal cutters, and rivet guns. While they tended to their drivers’ cars under yellow, the field on track settled into their restart formation. Of the four that wrecked, only one car, Roger Smith’s #43, was unable to continue. The green flag fell, and Martin found himself battling last week’s winner Dino Campolito. Coming off of turn two, the duo became a trio as Jesse Adams rocketed to the front in a bold three wide maneuver as he passed both in one swift motion. Even with damage from the earlier incident, Adams was putting on a clinic as he led the field. Campolito was second, and Doug Sommers was third after Martin fell back from being marred on the outside. Going into turn three, Campolito appeared to have a stuck throttle and made heavy contact with Adam’s wounded, yet fast, car. The two spun and safety crews had to pull both cars apart. Surprisingly, both were able to continue. On the restart, Sommers was able to pass Adams on the outside and take the lead. He would lead the final couple laps of the race and took home yet another win on the year. He would pad his points lead nicely.


The Modifieds were out on track with a huge field and Bob Sibila answered the call as he got his first win of the 2019 season. When the green flag fell, the patriotic #60 of Sam Bigham took the lead from the veteran of Bernie Minnick. The race would go under yellow just as fast as it went green as a slew of spins and botched restarts kept the field under caution pace. When the green was finally able to meet the field, Bigham took command of the race as Bob Sibila worked past Minnick for second place. Four laps past halfway, a yellow for debris fell and brought Sibila beside Bigham. On the restart, Sibila timed it perfectly and took the lead of the event. Bigham would fall into second and follow Sibila as the laps began ticking away. While those two battled for the lead, points leader Dave Dobbins pulled off the track with a broken alternator and a yellow flew shortly after for a spin by Wayne Mounts. When the green flew for the last time, Sibila used the inside line and a strong motor to take off from Bigham. He would lead the race’s final few laps and take the tin by seven car lengths. After a season of trials and tribulations that saw Sibila have to use two cars after one was destroyed in an accident, he finally was able to break through and get his first win since last year’s championship run.

Article and pictures provided by Billy McKinney and Christie Hrdlicka.

FINISHING ORDER: (*denotes heat win)



1-Mason Surgener* (42)

2-Madison Lengyel (51)

3-Steve Mitch (34)

4-Killian McMann (18)

5-Ayden Kitchen (2)



1-Dan Shively (27)

2-Austin Tapia (17)

3-Anthony Price* (24)

4-Derik Gacom (20)

5-Rick Price (33)

6-Chris Breads (01)

7-Michael Holewinski (01H)

8-Chuck Witt (4)

9-Aaron Mulrooney (2)



1-Sheldon Sommers* (3)

2-Tim Farrar (59)

3-Mike Scott (117)

4-Dennis Garrett (4)

5-Alyson Smith (12)

6-Will Scott (72)

7-Scott Kitchen (2)

8-Doug Sommers (37)

9-Dustin Wyckoff* (38)

10-Chris Kennedy (317)

11-Brandon Donely (1)

12-Sierra Stewart (13)

13-Paul Mangum (69)

14-Chase Skeens (93)

15-Brian Miller (66)

16-Kyle Gembus (H2O)

17-Billy Miller (22)


Street Stocks-

1-Cyler Bertram* (55)

2-Tim Schmitt (42)

3-Ron Miller (83)

4-Gary Hoopingarner (68)

5-Lee Bonnell (8)

6-Nicole Hrdlicka (53)

7-Luther Hurley (36)

8-Rich Satola (11)

9-Jeff Mundell (50)


Late Models-

1-Doug Sommers* (3)

2-Jeff Taylor (39)

3-Jesse Adams (1)

4-Larry Baker (6)

5-Dino Campolito (83)

6-Dave Martin (3)

7-Shawn Lewis (10)

8-John Ambrose (19)

9-Roger Smith (43)



1-Bob Sibila (82)

2-Samuel Bigham (60)

3-Doug Mate* (14)

4-John White (17)

5-Bernie Minnick (14)

6-Shawn Lewis (43)

7-Tim Gullatta (16)

8-Mick Macko (83)

9-Mike Walsh (22)

10-Wayne Mounts (64)

11-Christian Bailey (37)

12-Bernard McQuillen* (45)

13-Jeff Sheets (11)

14-Dave Dobbins (53)

15-Dave Lockwood (3)

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