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Beech Ridge Motor Speedway Reopening – Sat. July 18

Beech  Ridge  Motor  Speedway

Seven Races Scheduled to Serve Drivers and Fans

Beech Ridge Motor Speedway

Beech Ridge launches its seven-race schedule beginning this Saturday, July 18th.  Weather forecasts are calling for a beautiful, warm Maine Saturday, and it’s always cooler and most comfortable at the Ridge’s coastal home!

All seven races will be held on Saturdays, combining a Thunder race schedule in the late afternoon followed by a full Saturday teams race schedule. 

The seven dates are July 18, July 25, August 8, August 15 with the rescheduled Granite State Tour, August 22, September 5 and September 12.

Pit area gates will open to all teams at 11 a.m. this Saturday to help facilitate first-round tire purchases. Thursday team practice will begin at 1pm; Saturday series teams begin practice at 2:30pm.

Both series and all events will welcome any and all regionwide teams and operate in traditional open-competition format, finding a place and weight format for any team.  Pro Series teams will be allowed four new tires at every race, Sport Series and Wildcat teams will be allowed four new tires for this first race and two new tires each race thereafter. 

A point system will not be in place for either the Thursday or Saturday series.  All teams in both series will draw for starting positions every week.

The opening event feature laps for Pro Series teams have been expanded to 75 laps! Sport Series and Wildcat teams lead the opening series event with 50-lap features!

The Thursday race card portion is planned for an approx. 4pm start, followed by the Saturday series portion in the 6 o’clock hour.