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Best Looking Asphalt Late Model In America Contest

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Please take a minute to read! Just a couple quick tips to help you navigate through the page. Click on the photos to enlarge viewing of each photo without voting. Once you decide on your Best Looking Late Model click the photo you are voting for (you will see a thin white outline around photo) then click vote here button (This is how votes are counted). All polls are set for 3 days.

Once you vote the poll will re-directed to the Oval Track News Home Page.

Make sure to bookmark Oval Track News Website for quick access. All polls are numbered if you need to contact us please have your poll number for reference and contact: Please read the rules for more information. The contest is best viewed on your deck top or laptop. The rules are posted below.

Contest Rules

Best Looking Asphalt Late Model In America Contest!!
Some Contest Rules READ PLEASE!

1) You Need To Click On The Photo Your Voting For Then Click Vote Here Button To Make Your Vote Count. Make Sure Your Fans Know This. Only one vote per person.

2) Your Allowed To Enter More Than One photo { IF } It’s a Total (Different) New Paint Theme or Wrap On.

3) The Photo You Entered Is The Photo For The Entire Contest So Make Sure Your Happy With Your Photo Choice.

4) OTN Get’s 4-7 First Round & 2nd Round Promoters Choice picks. Meaning If You Lost Your First Round OTN Will pick 4 Randomly To Go Forward To Round 2

5) OTN Get’s 2-5 Third Round 4th, & 5th Round Promoters Choice picks. Meaning If You Lost Your Second Round OTN Will pick 2 Randomly To Go Forward. To The Next Round

6) You Need To Win Your Round To Move Forward To The Next Round.

7) Polls Will Be Set By Car # Example: Car Number 7 Will Go Against Another Car Number 7 Or Closest Car Number To It.

8) You Can NOT Share to Other Countries Besides The USA, Canada or You Will Be Disqualified By OTN. You Must Race or Live In America.

9) All Polls Will ONLY Be 3 Days Long So Make Sure To Share.

10) This Is For The Best Looking Asphalt Late Model In America NOT Most Popular Driver.

11) Remember To Keep It Clean Because these polls go national across america & This Is Great National Recognition and Exposure For The Drivers & his or her Sponsors.

12) OTN Will NOT Name The Photographer In The Polls, 2 Reasons (1) Being It’s Not A Popularity Contest (2) Because The photographers that contribute photos to the contest will be named on the main contest page.

13) Make Sure You Like And Share This Post So You Have The Rules And We Know You Read Them.

14) It’s Best To Share Straight From The Oval Track News (OTN) Website So Let Your Fans Know This. Make Sure To Bookmark Our Website Because We Are 100% Local Racing News From Across America and odds are you’ll be on it. Thank You For Your Support & Good Luck To All Entered.

15)  Entries Have Ended

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