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Bowman Gray Stadium 8-17-2019

10 Times 2

Bowman Gray Stadium 8-17-2019
Burt Myers celebrating a hard fought 10th championship 8/17/19

Billy Weatherman/Oval Track News

Bowman Gray Stadium – Carolina Farm Credit 150

You could feel the excitement as you entered the stadium this Sat. night. You can always feel it here on race night, but this week even more so. It was in the air. You could hear it in the stands, in the fan chatter before a car even hit the pavement for evening practice. A lot is on the line, as it’s the season finale at Bowman Gray Stadium, capping off it’s 71st year of competition. And yeah, you read that right. 71 years of tough, hard nose racing. And it won’t be any different tonight. Champions will be crowned. But right now, before the competition starts, every division but one is locked in a tight points race. And the one division that is not so close, is still close enough, that if something happens to the points leader, he’s toast, as it is also double points night. There will be no give and take in this evening’s events. It’s all on the line, winner take all.

Bowman Gray Stadium 8-17-2019
Lee Jeffreys accepting the Modified Pole King award 8/17/19

Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series – Carolina Farm Credit 150

Lee Jeffreys does it again in qualifying, winning his 6th pole of the year. And, he also secures the fastest qualifying lap of the year award, with a lap of 13.139. That’s just a tick off of Tim Brown’s record lap of 12.965 set in 2016. Brandon Ward also put in a blistering lap (13.231) but will have to settle for the outside pole. Points leader Burt Myers qualifies 3rd, doing what he needs to do, qualifying ahead of Tim Brown (2nd in points) who qualified 4th, and James Civali (3rd in points) who qualified 5th. No draw for this event means they will start where they qualify tonight. And as competition and fate would have it, the 3 points leaders will start together in their final game of skill and chance.

The green is out, and they are underway. It takes a couple laps, but Lee (75) edges in front of Ward (04) who clears himself for 2nd. Burt (1) clears for 3rd with Tim Brown (83) knocking on his bumper. And James Civali (79) clears for 4th and lets Tim know he’s there too. The first caution flies on lap 5 as Zack Cilfton (81), Drew Moffitt (51), Zach Brewer (31), and Ronnie Clifton (66) are piled together on the front stretch. After the track is cleared, the orange cone makes his first appearance, and taking advantage is Ward, Tim Brown, Danny Bohn (65), and Chris Fleming (16). On the restart, Ward takes the lead, as Tim Brown moves into 2nd, Jeffreys falls to 3rd, Burt Myers clears for 4th, Bohn 5th, and Civali drops to 6th. 26 laps in, Civali is really laying into the bumper of Bohn as they battle for 5th, as Ward is using lapped traffic to extend his lead over the field. On lap 20 however, the 18 of Daniel Yates and the 69 of John Holleman IV get into each other and the yellow flies again. The lovable cone is down, and taking the outside and a shot at the leader is Tim Brown, followed by Burt Myers, Civali, and Fleming. On the restart, Ward pulls ahead of Tim, then it’s Burt Myers 3rd, Jeffreys 4th. They run nose to tail, and as they again encounter lapped traffic, Civali uses the 30 car of Steven Lane as a pick to get by Bohn for 5th. It’s kind of hard to describe how tricky it is to clear for position at Bowman Gray on the starts and restarts. But it’s even harder tonight. They’re not giving an inch out there tonight. The caution flies again on lap 53 for debris. And once the dirt has been blown off, the cone comes down. Tim Brown will try to take advantage of the cone again, and following him to the outside is Jeffreys, Bohn, and Fleming. On the restart, Tim Brown goes to the lead, with Ward 2nd, Burt Myers 3rd, Civali 4th, Jeffreys 5th and Bohn 6th. But as they settle into their positions, the yellow comes out again for slow John Smith (53) as he appears to have mechanical issues and can’t clear himself to pit road. So again, orange cone is down and waiting for takers. Ward will take it, followed by Civali, Bohn, and Jonathan Brown as he’s trying to work himself into the lead mix. On the restart, Ward takes the lead back, Tim Brown 2nd, Burt Myers 3rd, Civali 4th and Jeffreys finds his way back to 5th. Meanwhile, Holleman battles back into the top 10.

At the halfway point, the 77 of Susan Harwell goes around and the yellow is out again. Tim Brown takes the cone, and Civali, Bohn, and Jason Myers (4) take the cone with him. If you thought the starts couldn’t get any tougher, the field proves you wrong, as this is a brutal restart, as the drivers jockey for position. Ward clears for the lead, but behind him, Civali gets into Tim Brown hard and it jams up the field as Burt Myers takes advantage and moves to 2nd. Civali and Brown survive, but a chain reaction falls through the field, and when it’s all said and done, the 2 of Bobo Brown sits in the turn 2 fence, and the caution waves again. Ward leads, Burt Myers 2nd, Tim Brown 3rd, Jefferys 4th, Civali 5th, and Jonathan Brown 6th. The cone is out and looking good, as Burt Myers takes advantage of the appearance, and Civali, Jason Myers, and Danny Bohn will line up behind him on the outside. The green is out once more, and Ward again clears for the lead, followed by Burt Myers, Civali, Tim Brown, and Jason Myers. Tim Brown and Civali are having in a fierce battle, and Brown gets by for 3rd. Darin Redmon goes around off turn 2 and the caution is out again. The 75 of Jeffreys and the 34 of George Brunnhoelzl use this caution to pit for tires to try to get any advantage they can to move up through the field. Ward leads, Burt Myers 2nd, Tim Brown 3rd, Civali 4th, Jason Myers 5th. Here comes the cone. Burt Myers will take it, followed by Civali, Bohn, and Fleming. On the restart, Ward holds off Burt Myers, but the 18 of Yates is off in the grass, and we’ll have to do it again. Burt again takes the cone, this time followed by Jason Myers, Danny Bohn, and the 69 of John Holleman who is fighting desperately to get to the front of the field. On the restart, Ward again clears Burt Myers. Tim Brown clears for 3rd, followed by Civali, Jonathan Brown, Holleman, and Jason Myers. The whole field is battling hard, especially up front, and bumpers are taking a beating tonight. On lap 124, again the caution waves as there is debris on the track. Strategy again comes into play as Civali pits for tires along with Jason Myers. John Holleman has moved into 5th after a 9th place start, and coming from the back after pitting for tires earlier. Ward will lead them back to green with Burt Myers 2nd, Tim Brown 3rd, Jonathan Brown 4th. The cone is down, and again Burt Myers wants another shot at Ward for the lead. Following him to the outside is Jonathan Brown, Danny Bohn, and Jeffreys who is trying to find his way back to the front. On the restart, Burt Myers gets into the 04 of Ward as he clears for the lead, and it stacks up the field. Susan Harwell (77) and Redmon go around toward the rear of the field, but up front, Jonathan Brown gets the worst of it, as it appears he has tie rod damage and will have to pit for repairs, if they can even get his car back into the race. It’s an unfortunate turn of events for Jonathan as he had spent the whole race picking up spots methodically from his 10th place starting spot, and was moving in on the leaders. But in one moment, his shot at another win in 2019 is dashed. Ward still leads Burt Myers. Holleman has worked his way to 3rd. Danny Bohn 4th, and Tim Brown 5th.

Burt Myers is happy to see the cone, as he will again use it’s appearance to take another shot at Ward. Also taking the cone to the outside is Danny Bohn, Fleming, and Jeffreys. On the restart, Burt Myers gets a better start on Ward, and takes the lead. You can hear the crowd over the cars as the 1 clears the 04 but the 78 of Jody Fritts is having trouble, and he sits on the infield before turn 3, waiting for the field to take the yellow so he can enter the pits and his crew can work to fix his problem. Notable also on the restart is Holleman, who was falling back. It seems he may have had a mechanical issue, and when the yellow comes out, he goes to the pits and is out of the race. When the cone is placed, Ward will use it to try and rectify the last start, and he’s followed by Danny Bohn, Tim Brown, and Civali who is taking advantage of his fresh tires to return to the front. Burt holds them off on the start, but the 78 of Fritts is slow again, and trying to get to the pits on lap 142. Burt leads them, followed by Ward, Bohn, Civali, Tim Brown, and Fleming. Ward will try his luck with the cone again, as does Civali, Fleming, and Jason Myers. With about 7 to go the green falls again. Burt Myers hold the point, as Civali gets into Ward, and is able to wrestle away 2nd, and Ward has to settle for 3rd. Danny Bohn moves into 5th and on lap 147 Fleming and Tim Brown get together behind him, and end up in the turn one fence. It’s catastrophic for Tim’s run at an 11th championship. But it also leaves Civali as the only one with a shot at the title on points leader Burt Myers. And with a handful of laps left, and single file restarts, they are sitting first and second on the field, with Ward 3rd, and Bohn 4th. On the restart, Civali gets into Burt Myers and sends him up the track. As Myers tries to fight back on the outside, Civali squeezes him high up to the fence, and Ward takes advantage and gets by Burt for 2nd. But with one to go, the 24 Of Andrew Harrah blows a tire and sits in the middle of the turn one and two fence. It will be a green, white, checkered finish to decide it. And if the rest of the race has been any indicator, this is gonna be a seriously hard fought finish to close out the season for the modifieds. On the final restart, Ward is there knocking on Civali’s bumper. Going into turn 3 for the final time Ward hits Civali Hard and moves him up the track. Civali tries to come down to block and they hit wheel to wheel, but Ward moves ahead and wins it. Civali did all he could in that race, and he put pressure on for the championship, but he falls just short, as Burt Myers finishes 3rd, and is doing burnouts in the infield as your 2019 modified champion. He ties Tim Brown for the all time championship winner count, and Bowman Gray now has 2 10 time champions going into the 2020 season.

Bowman Gray Stadium 8-17-2019
Brandon Ward’s car sits in victory lane after an exciting win in the Carolina Farm Credit 150 8/17/19

McDowell Heating And Air Sportsman Series

The season ends with a 40 lap, double file restarts, double points, random draw race for the championship. The lucky pole sitter for the start is Jeff Garrison (3), with Michael Adams (19) 2nd, Dylan Ward (7) 3rd, and Kyle Southern (92), who is the 2019 Brad’s Golf Cars Hard Charger award winner in the Sportsman series, starts 4th. Points leader Justin Taylor (12) starts 9th, but all he has to do to win the title is finish 11th or better, no matter what anyone else does. Michael Adams will be fighting hard to get a win before the season closes, but it’s going to be hard to beat Ward who has the most wins on the season at 6, and is your Top Gun winner of 2019.

The green is out, and Adams goes to the point around Garrison. Ward goes to second, and 3 time winner Tommy Neal (21) moves all the way to 3rd as Garrison is hung on the outside. Caution 1 comes out on lap 6 as the 80 of Brian Shupe goes around in turn 4. The cone makes his first appearance, and taking advantage right off the bat is Tommy Neal. Following him to the outside is Blake Shupe (30), Amber Lynn (2), and Coy Beard (27). Taylor has moved up to 7th, and on the restart, they’re crashing right in front of him, but he makes a great move to slip through and he finds himself 4th on the field. Involved in the wreck is Blake Shupe, Kyle Southern, and Coy Beard. Adams leads Ward, Tommy Neal, and Zack Ore, but Ward, Ore, Spencer Martin (4), and Mitch Gales (38) take advantage of the cone. Adams gets a good restart, and before ward can clear for 2nd, Neal dives in to take it away, as Ward will settle for 3rd. Neal starts working on the leader, and on lap 11 he takes the lead. On lap 14, Gales 38 machine goes up in smoke and the caution waves. Neal leads Ward, Adams, Ore, and Taylor as the track crew does their magic. And when the cone is placed, Adams will try again for the lead, and Wesley Thompson (22), Lynn, and Garrison also take the outside of the cone looking for valuable track position. On the restart, Neal hold off Adams and leaves him stuck in the outside groove as Ward goes back under Adams as well for 2nd, and Adams has to settle for 3rd. Neal and Ward then proceed to pull away from the field, as Adams is under fire from Ore. Ore gets under him for 3rd, and Thompson and Taylor follow him through. At the halfway point, Neal and Ward have a huge lead. But on lap 23 the caution waves again for debris on the track. Neal leads, with Ward 2nd, Ore 3rd, Thompson 4th, and Taylor rounding out the top 5. Neal and Ward have looked good so far, but now Ore, who has come from starting near the back to 3rd, could be a challenge to the leaders. And as the cone shows again, Ore will take a shot at the lead with Lynn following to the outside looking for more track position. On the restart Neal holds the lead, but Ore clears for 2nd, leaving Ward to settle in 3rd. It doesn’t take long however, and Ward gets around Ore to move back to 2nd. On lap 27, Southern and Sterling Plemmons (03) get together bring out yet another caution. Ore will again take the cone looking for the lead, and Taylor will follow. Neal again holds them off on the restart, with Ward behind him, Ore in 3rd, and Taylor 4th. Spencer Martin (4), Kyle Southern (92), and Amber Lynn (2) all get together and the caution waves yet again. Ore will again take a shot at the leader via the bright orange cone, followed by Adams, Southern and Blake Shupe. Ore gets a good restart, but Neal holds him off, and as they battled Ward tightens in on the leader, leaving Ore to settle for 3rd. On lap 34, Blake Shupe again has trouble and spins, bringing out the caution once again. The cone is placed, and again Ore will try for the lead from the outside. Thompson follows him, and brings Southern and Martin with him, all looking for precious track position. Neal again hold them off, with Ward 2nd, Ore 3rd, and Taylor 4th. Ward starts looking hard for the lead, and he gets into Neal on lap 34, but Neal holds it and keeps the lead, as Southern and Lynn get together bringing out the final caution of the race. On the final restart, Neal walks away, as Ward is under fire from Ore, and Taylor is playing it safe in 4th. And that’s how they cross the line, with Neal taking his 4th victory on the season, and Justin Taylor having the race he needed to take the 2019 championship with three wins and the most consistent finishes up front all year.

Bowman Gray Stadium 8-17-2019
Justin Taylor celebrating his first Sportsman championship. 8/17/19

Law Offices Of John Barrow Street Stock Series

For the street stocks, it’s a 20 lap shootout with no cone to take advantage of. Random draw determines the starting order, and the points are so tight…well, you may need the calculator for this one. Jacob Creed is your points leader coming in. But he has the slightest of leads over Jeremy Warren and the veteran Billy Gregg. This is going to be one tough race to determine your champion. Brian Wall (22) draws the pole with Austin Harris (91) on his outside. Billy Gregg (98) starts 8th. Jacob Creed starts 9th, and Jeremy Warren has the daunting task of trying to win the championship from the 19th starting spot.

Brian Wall gets a good start, but David Creed (02) who started 3rd, moves to 2nd and starts putting pressure on Wall for the lead. The top 9 cars run nose to tail for several laps until lap 11 when the 15 of Clay Jones goes around in turn 2 bringing out the first caution. Wall leads, David Creed 2nd, Christian Joyce (1) 3rd, Austin Harris (91) 4th, and Trevor Ward (09) making his first start sits 5th. Your points leaders are still trying to make some headway, but are finding it hard to move through the pack thus far. As they go back green, Jacob Creed goes around. Brad Lewis is involved and has heavy damage and heads to the pits, as Creed drops to the rear of the field. Billy Gregg is 7th, and Jeremy Warren has made up some spots, but still sits in the 13th position. Brian Wall leads them back to green, as again the 02 of David Creed pressures him for the lead. On lap 12, Wall gets loose and David Creed and Christian Joyce get by, dropping Wall to 3rd. On lap 17 the caution flies for the 6 of Austin Powell who is stopped in turn 4. On the restart David Creed pulls away from Joyce, but Nate Gregg (28) gets contact from Jeremy Warren and he goes around and the caution waves again. On the next restart, Creed again pulls away from Joyce again, as Billy Gregg gets into the 40 of Taylor Robbins, and moves her up the track for 5th, but Clay Jones and Kevin Gilbert (13) get together and the caution is out with just a few couple laps left. Billy Gregg has taken advantage of all the late race chaos to pick a few spots but Warren is keeping his hopes alive as he is just a few positions behind Gregg, putting them in a virtual tie for the championship at this time. On the restart, Jacob Creed and Kevin Gilbert crash, putting the nail in the coffin on Creed’s chances to be champion. Gregg and Warren are still in the same spot, and with one more restart to decide it, a position or two on the track is going to decide the championship. Meanwhile, David Creed is looking good up front, but Joyce will have another shot to get by the leader and take the win. On the final restart, Creed again pulls away from Joyce, Wall holds onto 3rd, Austin Harris running in a Warren team car is 4th, with Billy Gregg 5th. No one has anything for Creed as he takes the win. Joyce comes across 2nd, Brian Wall finishes 3rd. But in the middle of 3 and 4 Gregg gets into Harris and Harris goes around. Gregg finishes 4th, getting just enough points to win his second stadium championship and become the 2019 Street Stock champion.

Bowman Gray Stadium 8-17-2019
Billy Gregg talks to track announcer Randy Pettitt after being crowned Street Stock champion 8/17/19

Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series

The stadium stocks have a 15 lap race to decide their champion. The points are also tight in this division, but realistically it comes down to the 81 of Chuck Wall, and the 24 of A.J. Sanders. Again, it’s double points night, so a bad race by Wall could be catastrophic. Random draw will also determine the starting line up in this, the final race of the 2019 season. Justin Owens (54) will start on the pole, with Brendle (43) to his outside. As luck would have it, A.J. Sanders will start 14th, but Chuck Wall draws worse and will start 20th.

On the start, Owens gets knocked around like a pinball, and ends up in the track crew protective guardrail in the infield. And under caution, he lets us know who the culprit of his troubles were as he waves not so politely at the 1 of Grayson Keaton as he drives by. Up front for the restart, it’s Chris Allison (01) in the lead, Tyler McDonald (47) 2nd, Grayson Keaton (1) 3rd, Stephen Sanders (16) 4th, and Cody Gum (3) 5th. On the restart, Allison pulls away, and the battle is for 2nd between Keaton, Brendle, and McDonald. Brendle moves past Keaton to take the spot, and walks down the leader. On lap 9, Brendle takes the lead from Allison with Keaton 3rd, and Chuck Wall flying through the field to 4th. On lap 11 the 27 of Austin Cates (27) goes around and the 76 of Billy Cameron Jr. is also involved. As the green falls again, Brendle pulls away in the lead, but Cody Gum spins bringing out the final caution. On the final restart, your 2019 Stadium Stock Top Gun, Brandon Brendle again gets away up front and he goes on to another win in the final race of the season, followed by Allison, Keaton, Wall, and McDonald. Chuck Wall did all he needed to do, having a great race starting 20th and finishing 4th, and seals the deal on the 2019 Stadium Stock championship.

Bowman Gray Stadium 8-17-2019
Chuck Wall talks to track announcer Randy Pettitt after his championship run 8/17/19

What a fantastic year at Bowman Gray Stadium! But through all the pageantry that the stadium brings, including NASCAR Hall Of Fame member visits, sky divers, and monster truck crushing, as always, the skill, excitement, and drama of the racing on the track was phenomenal. We have to thank the professionalism of the track management and crew for the outstanding show they put on each and every year. And we have to thank the competitors on the track and their crews for giving all they have each and every week to bring us some of the best racing the country has to offer.

Burt Myers played the game, and when it was time to show his hand, the Ace card was on full display, and he was on his way to becoming a 10 time champion. But, the races in the modifieds has shown us a few other things as well. First, we have two 10 time champions. And so, if Tim Brown wants to be the winningest champion of all time, he’ll have to get more aggressive to hold off Burt Myers in that goal. And if that weren’t enough of a goal to put on his plate, the rest of the field is getting stronger. James Civali was just an arm’s reach away from taking the championship from both of them. Who knows where Jonathan Brown would have been in the points for the final race had not the incident happened between him and Jason Myers, but at the very least, he showed great strength, as his first stints as car owner/driver, and he will only get stronger in the upcoming seasons. Lee Jeffreys showed that they don’t have a wrap on qualifying on the pole anymore. And Brandon Ward has shown he also knows how to get to victory lane, having his winningest season ever at the stadium. If John Holleman IV can find the sponsorship he needs, he has shown he can also be a factor as a full season rookie, and so, becoming champion in 2020 won’t get any easier.

As the Sportsman field goes through changes, such as with Tommy Neal talking about retirement, Derek Stoltz unsure racing future at the stadium, and with Holleman looking to go Modified racing, a new face made his way to the championship podium, and declared he will be the man to beat next year. Justin Taylor made a statement with 15+ top 5 finishes. Wins are big, but drivers know you can’t win them all, and consistency wins championships, and you can’t get any more consistent than that. Amber Lynn showed she can win races, and experience will bring more consistency to her and her team, and she will be a factor moving forward. Dylan Ward showed he can and will win races too, and if he puts together great finishes when he doesn’t win, he could become an unstoppable force in the very near future.

A veteran ruled in Street Stocks, and if anyone in that division wants to win a championship, they will have to go through Billy Gregg to do it. The Creed family showed they will be a threat and had Gregg playing catch up all year however as it seems the Creeds are finding their stride.

And in Stadium Stocks, Chuck Wall made his presence known. Sanders was there as always, and he will definitely be a contender again next year. Keaton showed some real speed, but he will have to put strength in his armor, and learn to run his own race and not worry about deterring the competition other than simply out running them, which he has proven he can do any given Saturday night at the stadium. Brandon Brendle showed he just needs a little more luck to become champion. But with so many drivers in the Stadium Stock division, it may be that someone else steps up and takes the crown.

So, the questions for next year~ Can anyone but Burt Myers and Tim Brown put together a good enough season to win a championship? The last driver to do it was Danny Bohn in 2014. Can Justin Taylor back up his performance this year and repeat as Sportsman champ next year? Can anyone out smart and outrun the veteran Billy Gregg is Street Stocks? And will anyone step up, and knock off Wall and Sanders in Stadium Stocks?

Well, I’m a bit sad I have to wait to find out, but I definitely can’t wait for the 2020 season to find out.

  • Race Results/Points Standings
  • Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series – Carolina Farm Credit 150
  • (04) Brandon Ward – 4th In Points
  • (79) James Civali – 2nd In Points
  • (1) Burt Myers – Champion
  • (65) Danny Bohn
  • (4) Jason Myers
  • (18) Daniel Yates
  • (75) Lee Jeffreys
  • (77) Susan Harwell
  • (34) George Brunnhoelzl III
  • (41) Chris Williams
  • (78) Jody Fritts
  • (83) Tim Brown – 3rd In Points
  • (24) Andrew Harrah
  • (22) Jonathan Brown – 5th In Points
  • (16) Chris Fleming
  • (69) John Holleman IV
  • (8) Darin Redmon
  • (5) Randy Butner
  • (30) Steven Lane
  • (2) Joseph Brown
  • (53) John Smith
  • (17) Zack Staley
  • (81) Zack Clifton
  • (51) Drew Moffitt
  • (31) Zach Brewer
  • (66) Ronnie Clifton
  • (36) Cory Lovette
  • McDowell Heating And Air Sportsman Series – 40 Lapper
  • (21) Tommy Neal – 2nd In Points
  • (7) Dylan Ward – 3rd In Points
  • (55) Zack Ore
  • (12) Justin Taylor – Champion
  • (22) Wesley Thompson
  • (19) Michael Adams – 4th In Points
  • (4) Spencer Martin
  • (31) Chase Robertson
  • (3) Jeff Garrison
  • (92) Kyle Southern – 5th In Points
  • (2) Amber Lynn
  • (03) Sterling Plemmons
  • (66) Tim Giesen
  • (80) Brian Shupe
  • (30) Blake Shupe
  • (38) Mitch Gales
  • (27) Coy Beard
  • The Law Offices Of John Barrow Street Stock Series
  • (02) David Creed – 4th In Points
  • (1) Christian Joyce
  • (22) Brian Wall – 5th In Points
  • (98) Billy Gregg – Champion
  • (40) Taylor Robbins
  • (09) Trevor Ward
  • (97) Jeremy Warren – 2nd In Points
  • (19) Corey Rose
  • (69) Gerald Robinson Jr.
  • (99) Bryan Sykes
  • (2) Willie Wall
  • (28) Nate Gregg
  • (33) Dennis Lanier
  • (13) Kevin Gilbert
  • (91) Austin Harris
  • (08) Jacob Creed – 3rd In Points
  • (62) Kevin Hedgecock
  • (15) Clay Jones
  • (31) Brandon Butner
  • (6) Austin Powell
  • (16) Brad Lewis
  • (23) Andy Spears
  • Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series
  • (43) Brandon Brendle – 3rd In Points
  • (01) Chris Allison
  • (1) Grayson Keaton – 4th In Points
  • (81) Chuck Wall – Champion
  • (47) Tyler McDonald – 5th In Points
  • (24) A.J. Sanders – 2nd In Points
  • (68) Tyler Bush
  • (80) Luke Smith
  • (3) K.C. Myers
  • (51) Junior Snow
  • (10) David Hopkins
  • (40) Kenny Dixon
  • (16) Stephen Sanders
  • (69) Brandon Crotts
  • (31) Junior Smith
  • (44) Justin Whitaker
  • (76) Billy Cameron Jr.
  • (33) D.J. Dean
  • (14) Ken Bridges
  • (20) Scarlett Dahmer
  • (03) Cody Gum
  • (27) Austin Cates
  • (60) Brad Mickalowski
  • (23) Blake Spears
  • (54) Justin Owens