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Bowman Gray Stadium 8-4

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Playing The Ace

Bowman Gray Stadium 8-4

Bowman Gray Stadium 8-4
Burt Myers talking to track announcer Randy Pettitt in victory lane after the Fox 8 WGHP 100

Billy Weatherman/Oval Track News

Bowman Gray Stadium – Fox 8 WGHP 100

The cards have been dealt. And when it was time to show, there was a full house. But Saturday night at Bowman Gray Stadium, the ace was on full display.

Lee Jeffreys again laid down the fastest lap in qualifying, at 13.396. But as always in the 100 lap races at the Stadium, there is a full field redraw. Along with the redraw however, the Fan’s Challenge option is offered to the top 4 qualifiers. It’s a tough choice…take the luck of the draw, or choose to go for $6,000. The catch? All you have to do is go to the rear of the field and then place in the top 4 at the end of the race. Making their choice before the redraw, is pole winner Lee Jeffreys, along with second qualifier Brandon Ward (13.448), third qualifier James Civali (13.513), and also fourth qualifier Burt Myers (13.565). Burt Myers refuses the challenge, and will take his luck with the draw. But Jeffreys, Ward, and Civali take the challenge, and go for the $6,000. It’s a risky endeavor, especially for Civali as he’s still in the hunt for the 2019 championship. But for Jeffreys and Ward, the decision comes easy. [ Lee, you’ve been really fast this year, and you showed it again tonight with another pole. You’ve chosen to go to the back, so you feel you can move up through the field. What’s it going to take to get your car to the front tonight? “Circumstances. It all depends on how everything plays itself out.”]

After the redraw, John Smith (53) starts on the pole, with Ronnie Clifton (66) to his outside. Inside row 2 is Chris Williams (41), but he decides to go to the rear, and outside of him is Zach Brewer (31), who moves up a position. Points leader Burt Myers draws 5th, and Tim Brown (83) draws 11th.

Lee Jeffreys presented the Fox 8 WGHP 100 pole award by NASCAR Hall Of Famer Leonard Wood

As the green falls, Ronnie Clifton (66) gets loose, and hung on the outside, but he still manages to settle in 4th. Burt immediately shows his strength, and moves into second. Butner (5) and Civali (79) have some racing contact and Butner goes around for our first caution. Ward goes to the pits. Mechanical failure ends his bid for the challenge early as he’s done for the night. It’s Smith, Myers, Brewer, and Clifton up front. But, now introducing one of my favorite racing entities, the orange cone. Burt is the first to take his chance at the lead on the outside of the leader, and lining up behind him looking for track position is Daniel Yates (18), Zack Clifton (81), and Bobo Brown (2), making his first start of the season. On the start, Burt clears Smith and Brown gets in line 5th. The best battle is for 3rd between Brewer, Yates and Brown, as they are really pressuring each other for that 3rd spot. Chris Williams (41), teammate to Myers, gets in the leaders way, and Smith sneaks past him to retake the lead on lap 25. Civali and Jeffreys are both stuck behind Chris Fleming (16) in their bid for the challenge, and they haven’t been able to make any ground toward the front. On lap 34, caution is out again for Williams as he limps around the track.

As we go back to green, Smith, Myers, Brewer, and Yates are up front. But the cone draws out Myers again, followed by Yates, Zack Clifton, McCaskill (78), and Tim Brown. On the restart, Myers again takes the lead from the outside, and Civali starts to make some headway as he settles in 11th, pressuring Tim Brown for 10th. On lap 43, Civali gets into Tim Brown, and it pushes him up into his teammate Carson Ware (24), and slips by for 10th. But this stacks up the field and the caution is out again. The leaders are Myers, Smith, Brewer, and Yates. Taking a chance on the cone are Smith, Yates, McCaskill, Civali, and Tim Brown. Myers again secures the lead on the restart, as Civali moves first to 8th, and then 7th, as Ronnie Clifton goes around on lap 53. Up front is Myers, Smith, Brewer, and Bobo Brown. The Cone has been friendly tonight, and this time it draws Smith, Bobo Brown, Civali, Tim Brown, and Jeffreys. Shortly after the restart, Yates goes around trying to make up for some lost ground, but Bobo Brown managed to get to 3rd before the caution came out once again. Up front again it’s Myers, Smith, Bobo Brown, and Brewer. The cone draws out Smith, Brewer, Tim Brown, and Zack Clifton. On the restart, Myers is again too strong, but Tim Brown has moved up to 4th with Civali in tow running 5th. Civali can now smell the money, as he needs only one more spot to be in position to win the challenge. And Bobo Brown in his first race of the season moves to second. And again, the caution is out, as Drew Moffitt (51) is having trouble but makes his way to the pits. Lining up to take the cone and a shot at the leader is Bobo Brown, followed by Tim Brown, Brewer, and Zack Clifton. On the start, Danny Propst (3) loses control of his machine, and caution is out again. No one gets an advantage from the last start, so they line up the same for this restart, with Bobo Brown and Tim Brown lined up outside. Myers gets another great start to hold them off, but yet again we are under caution for a car slowing due to mechanical issues, and this time it’s Bradley McCaskill (78) having trouble and taking his car to the pits. He hasn’t had much luck in his first starts at the stadium, but he has shown some speed, but his race is also done for the night.

Up front Myers still leads Bobo Brown, Tim Brown, Smith, and Civali. Bobo again takes the cone option for another shot at Myers, with Smith, Civali, Jeffreys and Butner behind him looking to gain a little better track position. Myers again holds off Bobo Brown, but Bobo gets a good run and gets into him hard off turn 4. Myers saves his car and hold onto his spot, as Bobo Brown swings wide after the contact, and losses two spots to Tim Brown and Civali, who have methodically moved their way to the front of the field. Bobo still manages to settle in 4th. Lee Jeffreys has also quietly been moving forward in his quest for the Fan’s Challenge, and now sits 6th, two spots out of the money. We again see the yellow flag as caution waves for Ronnie Clifton (66) as he is also slow and limping his car around the track with only 15 laps remaining. Not much time to take advantage of the cone, as with 5 or less to go, the cone option is pulled, and single file starts will go into effect. Up front is Myers, Tim Brown, Civali, and Bobo Brown. Tim Brown takes the cone and his shot at Myers, and he brings Bobo Brown, Jeffreys, and Zack Clifton to the outside with him. On the restart, Myers hold off Tim Brown, as Civali gets a great run and gets to the inside of Tim Brown and takes second. But on lap 88, another caution flies for debris on the track. The drivers behind Myers will have at least one more shot at the cone option to gain as much of an advantage as they can muster, and Civali now lines up to take a shot at Myers, with Smith and Jeffreys looking at their best opportunity to gain spots going to the outside behind him. On the restart, Myers again holds everyone off. But with 5 to go, the caution waves for the 11th and final time as Zach Brewer spins into the infield grass. As the line up for the final, and single file restart, it’s Myers, Civali, Tim Brown, Smith, Bobo Brown and Lee Jeffreys. On the final restart, Civali is there, but No one has an answer for the “Ace” Burt Myers, as he wins the Fox 8 WGHP 100, and pads his points lead, with only two weekends remaining on the season. Myers and the “Dirty South” team show their hand, and come out winners. Civali takes home the Fan’s Challenge money and is $6,000 richer, and we asked him about his run from the back to 2nd. [It was quite the gamble for you guys to take the challenge considering where you guys are in the points chase, but you finished second, and take the challenge money. Tell us about your race tonight. “It was tough going at the beginning, but I missed a wreck there in turn 3 and came through clean. So I just took it easy trying to take care of my tires, and use the cautions to get positions. I got up to the front pretty easy. But not in enough time to work on Burt, so I did all I could to just get the best possible finish.”]

McDowell Heating And Air Sportsman Series

They drew for their starting spots in the first Sportsman race, and the random lucky draw winner this week is? Amber Lynn (2). It’s been a trying few weeks for Amber, and so she is eager to get a good finish for her and her team. She became the first and only female to win a Sportsman race here at the Stadium, checking that off of her bucket list earlier this year. She will have her hands full though if she wants to get another win tonight, and everyone knows, getting a win in this division is no easy task. Drawing second is Blake Shupe (30), Tommy Neal (21) 3rd, and Zack Ore (55) 4th. Points leader Justin Taylor (12) starts 7th.

Amber gets a good start but Blake Shupe goes around and it causes a big pileup, and numerous cars are involved. Mitch Gales (38), Derek Stoltz (02), points contender Kyle Southern (92), Zack Ore (55). John Holleman IV (4) and Sterling Plemmons (03) have heavy damage, and Plemmons is out of the race and towed to the pits. Amber leads, as Tommy Neal has moved to 2nd, rookie Chase Robertson (31) 3rd, and Justin Taylor has moved to 4th.

As they restart, Tommy starts to put pressure on Lynn, and Taylor gets around Robertson for 3rd. Another big pileup brings out the caution on lap 8 however, as Stoltz again gets caught up with Ore, Southern, Wayne Hill (11), and Robbie Brewer (68) involved, with Hill and Brewer towed away. Up front, it’s Lynn, Neal, Taylor and Robertson, with Dylan Ward (7) quietly into the top 5 as they’re ready to restart. Neal gets a great restart and he is all over Lynn for the lead. He gets under her coming off of turn 2, but the caution is waving again for debris off of Holleman’s car, and it saves Lynn the lead as Tommy has great position for the pass. He’ll have to settle for trying again on the restart. They go back green slightly past halfway, and Tommy Neal pressures Amber Lynn again for the lead. he gives her shot after shot, but she holds on and takes the win, with Taylor 3rd, the rookie Robertson for a great finish in 3rd, and Dylan Ward coming home again in the top 5 finishing 4th. [Amber, How big was it after all you and your team have been through in the past few weeks, to get this win tonight? “It’s pretty big for my team. We broke a rear end last week, and it was really disappointing. But the guys worked hard to give me a good car tonight. And I’m more happy for my team than I am for me.”

Amber Lynn celebrates win #2 in the McDowell Heating And Air Sportsman Series

Race 2

The starting lineup for Race 2 in the Bowman Gray Sportsman is determined by the Madhouse Scramble rules. Amber Lynn drew a number before she excited the 2 car, after her win in race 1, and she drew the number 8. So she will start 8th, and everyone else that finished in the top 8 will be inverted accordingly. That puts 8th place finisher, rookie Wesley Thompson (22), on the pole for the second race. Kevin Neal (07) will start 2nd, Ross Dalton (50) 3rd, and Dylan Ward (7) 4th.

Neal wastes no time on the start, as he takes the lead, and Ward also makes a big move up to 2nd, with Taylor moving up a spot to 5th. Neal pulls out to a 4 car lengths lead, but the caution flies for Chase Robertson (31) as he goes around. Up front for the restart, it’s Neal, Ward, Thompson, Dalton, and Taylor. Taylor gets under Dalton but the caution is out again for the Blake Shupe (30), who’s night just went from bad to worse. On the start it’s Kevin Neal, Ward, Thompson, Taylor, and Dalton. Ward starts letting Neal know he is there, and he gets into him and Kevin Neal goes around, and as Ward takes the top spot, the caution waves once more. For the restart, it’s Ward, Thompson, Taylor, Dalton, and Tommy Neal (21). Ward pulls away as Thompson, Taylor, Dalton and Neal are bumper to bumper with Derek Stoltz (02) getting into the mix, and he gets into Tommy Neal sending him spinning. Amber Lynn has nowhere to go as she is collected in the incident. Tommy Neal is unable to continue, and he is towed away. With around 5 to go, it’s Ward, Thompson, Taylor, Dalton, and Stoltz up front for the restart. Ward pulls away again, and it’s Stoltz on the move as he gets past first Dalton, then Taylor to move his way up to 3rd. With 3 to go the caution flies again, as Ore (55) gets into Southern (92), as Southern had moved his way up to 7th, shaking off his bad luck in race 1, and Southern goes around. He is not happy about this turn of events however, and he finds Ore and shows him his displeasure by giving him a shot to the rear, and then spinning him around. Ore continues, but Southern has to exit the race with a couple of laps to go. On the final restart, Ward powers away and finds the checkered flag, followed by rookie Wesley Thompson with a great finish in 2nd, Stoltz comes home 3rd, Taylor 4th, and Ross Dalton finishes 5th.

Dylan Ward’s #7 in victory lane at Bowman Gray Stadium 8/3/19

Law Offices Of John Barrow Street Stock Series

Random draw determines the Street Stock starting lineup and it’s Jacob Creed (08) on the pole. He is in a tight points battle race with Jeremy Warren (97), and his best hand would be to get a win and gain some points on Warren as the season winds down. Bryan Sykes (99) starts 2nd, David Creed (02) 3rd, and Nate Gregg (28) who got his first win ever a couple of weeks ago will start 4th. On the start, Jacob Creed gets away, and father David Creed looks on Sykes and gets his nose underneath him, but Sykes comes down and gets spun around. Under caution, Billy Gregg (98) heads into the pits for repairs. On the restart, it’s Creed, Creed, Taylor Robbins (40), and Nate Gregg. Brian Wall (22) gets hung on the outside, and is falling back, as Christian Joyce (1) works on rookie Austin Powell (6) for 6th. But on lap 8, Sykes is around again and it brings out another caution. On the restart, it’s son and father Creed leading the field, with Robbins and Warren in tow. Robbins pushes up and gets stuck in the outside groove as Warren gets by, and she gets a shove from Nate Gregg from behind as he gets stuck out with her. Joyce gets around Powell and brings Corey Rose (19) with him. And on lap 14, Robbins, Powell, and the Gerald Robinson Jr 69 machine get together, and the caution waves again. Robbins heads to the pits. Up front for the restart, it’s Son and Father Creed still leading the way, followed by Warren in 3rd, and Joyce in 4th. Warren is looking on David Creed as they go back green, but farther back Billy Gregg pushes into the 6 of Powell, and he in turn gets into the 19 of Corey Rose who in turn gets into Joyce. Rose goes around, as does Joyce who goes to the back as the 6 goes to the pits. As they go back green, the Creeds pull away as Billy Gregg works on Warren for 3rd, as as they battle Austin Powell is slow on the inside, seemingly waiting for Gregg, but as they get to him and Powell moves in front of Gregg, he sends Powell up into Warren, who almost loses it from the contact from Powell but continues as Powell goes around, and Gregg slips past him on his way around. Meanwhile, the Creeds seal up a 1-2 son/father finish, and Jacob Creed gains valuable points on Warren for the season championship.

Jacob Creed in victory circle after his street stock win 8/3/19

Q104.1 Stadium Stock


The Stadium Stock lineup also is determined by random draw. And the luck falls on the side of Chuck Wall (81) as he has come out on top of run ins with points contender Grayson Keaton (1) in the past few weeks, and finds himself on the pole for the A division start. Brandon Brendle (43) will start 2nd, Stephen Sanders (16) 3rd, and Tyler McDonald (47) 4th. On the start, Brendle powers into the lead, but Grayson Keaton, Austin Cates (27), and rookie Cody Gum (33) get together. Keaton is airborne for a moment, and his car is too damaged to continue. On the restart, it’s Brendle, Wall, McDonald, and Allison. The 01 of Chris Allison moves into 4th. Allison gets around McDonald and into Wall, sending him spinning to the wall, but the caution was already waving for Justin Whitaker (44), Steven Stoneman (34), and Austin Cates (27) as they get together in turn 4. Wall gets his car running and rejoins the field in 2nd, as Allison is moved back to 4th. On the restart, Allison gets 3rd back from McDonald, but it’s too late to catch Brendle and Wall, as Brendle takes his 3rd win on the 2019 season.

The cards have been dealt. And when it was time to show, there was a full house. But Saturday night at Bowman Gray Stadium, the ace was on full display.
Brandon Brendle gets the win in stadium stock A 8/3/19


Random draw also determines the B division start, and the lucky pole recipient is? Jeffery Burrow (70). It would be a huge win for Burrow and his team. But a good finish will be a good momentum builder for the team heading into the last few weeks of the season. Rookie Jeremy Seeley (30) starts 2nd, and Joel Stewart (7) 3rd.

On the start, Burrow holds the lead, but the caution falls early for Junior Smith as he nearly goes upside down in a multi-car pileup. Shortly after Blake Spears (23) also has mechanical trouble, and has to retire. Billy Cameron Jr. (76) has moved up through the field, and takes the lead on a restart, as rookie Jeremy Seeley (30) moves into 3rd. Later, Cameron Jr leads Gum (03), Kenny Dixon (40) and Scarlett Dahmer (20), as Seeley goes around with 2 to go. Cameron Jr goes on to take the win, with Dixon 2nd, Joel Stewart (7) 3rd, and Dahmer getting a good finish in the top 5 at 4th.

Billy Cameron Jr celebrates his victory in Stadium Stock B 8/3/19

The cards were dealt, and the “Ace” was played. Burt Myers, looking for championship number 10 may not have totally sealed the 2019 title up yet, but he sent a message. And in his victory interview, as he often does, he mentioned family passionately. At Bowman Gray Stadium, family matters. And when a families legacy comes into play, emotions run high, and the stakes run higher, as I mentioned in last weeks Bowman Gray race report.

I did make a huge factual error however that I need to correct. I mentioned that Tim Brown was kin to Perk Brown, but I was totally incorrect. Tim Brown’s racing blood actually runs back to Eb Clifton who passed away last year at age 91. Mr. Clifton’s history goes back to the beginning of NASCAR, and according to his own words, “If they still have the paper, I was actually the first to signup to run in what is today NASCAR. Bill France and Alvin Hawkins and their partners, (the same guys who started the weekly races at Bowman Gray Stadium and are the founders of NASCAR), were at a local race, and asked me if I would sign up to their racing organization because if I would sign, all the other guys would to. So I did, and they all did.” “I first met Bill France in Winston-Salem, NC, as he had a service station over there in Winston, and we would go over there and talk about getting races together.” Eb Clifton built cars for Carl Burris, Johnny Dodson, and ironically, Billy and Bobby Myers. His first driver was Jimmie Lewallen. He was there at the very beginning of NASCAR, and was an outstanding car builder, owner, and a driver. So, in correcting my mistake, I realized through researching Eb Clifton, that the family ties, and Stadium history go way deeper that I had expressed. There is a reason drivers are serious about championships over here. And even more serious when the family legacy is brought into the equation.

Race Results and Standings:

  • Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series
  • (1)Burt Myers- 1st in points
  • (79)James Civali- 3rd in points
  • (83)Tim Brown- 2nd in points
  • (53)John Smith
  • (2)Joseph Brown
  • (75)Lee Jeffreys
  • (81)Zack Clifton
  • (16)Chris Fleming- 5th in points
  • (5)Randy Butner
  • (18)Daniel Yates
  • (44)Daniel Beeson
  • (3)Danny Propst
  • (31)Zach Brewer
  • (24)Carson Ware
  • (41)Chris Williams
  • (66)Ronnie Clifton
  • (78)Bradley McCaskill
  • (51)Drew Moffitt
  • (04)Brandon Ward
  • (77)Susan Harwell
  • (36)Cory Lovette
  • Jonathan Brown did not start (suspension)- 4th in points
  • McDowell Heating And Air Sportsman Series
  • Race 1
  • (2)Amber Lynn
  • (21)Tommy Neal- 2nd in points
  • (12)Justin Taylor- 1st in points
  • (31)Chase Robertson
  • (7)Dylan Ward- 3rd in points
  • (50)Ross Dalton
  • (07)Kevin Neal
  • (22)Wesley Thompson
  • (05)Spencer Martin
  • (30)Blake Shupe
  • (02)Derek Stoltz
  • (55)Zack Ore
  • (3)Jeff Garrison
  • (92)Kyle Southern- 4th in points
  • (66)Tim Giesen
  • (1)Nick Wall
  • (4)John Holleman IV
  • (19)Michael Adams- 5th in points
  • (68)Robbie Brewer
  • (11)Wayne Hill
  • (38)Mitch Gales
  • (14)Terry Thompson
  • (03)Sterling Plemmons
  • (80)Brian Shupe
  • Race 2
  • (7)Dylan Ward
  • (22)Wesley Thompson
  • (02)Derek Stoltz
  • (12)Justin Taylor
  • (50)Ross Dalton
  • (4)John Holleman IV
  • (55)Zack Ore
  • (19)Michael Adams
  • (31)Chase Robertson
  • (07)Kevin Neal
  • (2)Amber Lynn
  • (30)Blake Shupe
  • (3)Jeff Garrison
  • (66)Tim Giesen
  • (92)Kyle Southern
  • (21)Tommy Neal
  • (05)Spencer Martin
  • (14)Terry Thompson
  • (38)Mitch Gales
  • Law Offices Of John Barrow Street Stock Series
  • (08)Jacob Creed- 2nd in points
  • (02)David Creed- 4th in points
  • (97)Jeremy Warren- 1st in points
  • (98)Billy Gregg- 3rd in points
  • (22)Brian Wall
  • (16)Brad Lewis
  • (13)Kevin Gilbert
  • (1)Christian Joyce
  • (69)Gerald Robinson Jr
  • (19)Corey Rose- 5th in points
  • (33)Dennis Lanier
  • (2)Willie Wall
  • (28)Nate Gregg
  • (3)Brian Rose
  • (6)Austin Powell
  • (40)Taylor Robbins
  • (99)Bryan Sykes
  • Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series
  • A division
  • (43)Brandon Brendle- 3rd in points
  • (81)Chuck Wall- 1st in points
  • (24)A.J. Sanders- 2nd in points
  • (01)Chris Allison
  • (47)Tyler McDonald- 5th in points
  • (16)Stephen Sanders
  • (51)Junior Snow
  • (60)Brad Mickalowski
  • (3)K.C. Myers
  • (68)Tyler Bush
  • (27)Austin Cates
  • (69)Brandon Crotts
  • (03)Cody Gum
  • (54)Justin Owens
  • (44)Justin Whitaker
  • (33)D.J. Dean
  • (14)Ken Bridges
  • (80)Luke Smith
  • (34)Steven Stoneman
  • (10)David Hopkins
  • (1)Grayson Keaton- 4th in points
  • B division
  • (76)Billy Cameron Jr
  • (40)Kenny Dixon
  • (7)Joel Stewart
  • (20)Scarlett Dahmer
  • (21)Shane Tuttle
  • (88)Mickey Tuttle
  • (2)Jason Everhart
  • (15)Dwayne Bryant
  • (30)Jeremy Seeley
  • (28)Robert Mabe
  • (5)Conner Keaton
  • (23)Blake Spears
  • (18)Jonathan Simacek
  • (79)Junior Smith
  • (4)Matt Smith
  • (31)Kyler Staley
  • (70)Jeffery Burrow
  • (35)Johnny Baker
  • (57)Ronald Spach
  • (11)Chad Hopkins
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