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Citrus County Speedway – Perkins wins first career Wheel Man Sportsman 50 Decaire takes third straight win in Legends Cars

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Perkins wins first career Wheel Man Sportsman 50 Decaire takes third straight win in Legends Cars
Jake Perkins holds the winner’s trophy after scoring his first Brandon Ford Wheel Man Sportsman win Saturday night at Citrus County Speedway. After racing just three out of four completed races he is listed 14th of 33 series competitors. Photo Credit: Speed Racer

Citrus County Speedway – Perkins wins first career Wheel Man Sportsman 50 Decaire takes third straight win in Legends Cars


Photo Credit: Speed Racer

Jake Perkins scored his first Brandon Ford Wheel Man Sportsman series win Saturday night at Citrus County Speedway.
Rain stalled the action just shy of the half-way mark, but when it was over Perkins was ready to take his No. 59 race machine the distance.

“We had a great car,” Jake Perkins said of his first win in the series.

Perkins took the lead with 23 laps to go and held off division points’ leader Brandon Morris all the way to the checkered flag.

“To close the deal is so special,” Jake Perkins said of his first win in the series. “To do it here is awesome.”
Morris already has one win to his credit this season and chased Perkins all the way to the finish for second. Devin McLeod drove his way from midway in the 16 car field to finished third.

Rex Struble took his turn at the helm early in the event and up to the rain event only to fall back to fourth at the finish. Jason Vail finished fifth, Michael Cherry sixth, Tim Sozio seventh, pole-sitter Edward Allen eighth, Brooke Storer ninth, Jason Rendell tenth.

Not showing for the event was the only other race winner, Tyler Scofield. He has two wins to his credit and is listed ninth of 33 competitors in the series.

After Saturday’s event the Brandon Ford Wheel Man Sportsman Series championship includes Morris in the lead with one win, three top 5, and 4 top 10 finishes. Struble is just 14 points behind in second. Vail, Storer, Sozio, Rendell, McLeod, Tim Alexander, Scofield, and George Gould make up the balance of the top 10.

Lane Wilson took the Signsfast Pure Stock 25 flag-to-flag after holding off Craig Cuzzone early in the 25-lap race and then Jason Waller in the closing laps. Waller was looking to add win No. 6 to his credit but fell 0.366 second short at the line and settled for second. Sport Wilson, Cuzzone, and Karlin Ray rounded out the top five, respectively.

A miscue for Dylan Reynolds five laps into the Modified Mini 25 was all it took for Clint Foley to gain control of the 25-lap event and drive to a 5.854 second advantage and win the event uncontested. Mike Lawhorn held off Kasey Kilfoil for second. Tim Scalise finished fourth. Reynolds was fifth.

Defending O’Reilly’s Mini Stock Champion Thomas Peet scored his second win of the season after outdriving Greg Johnson and Jason Simons in their 25-lap event. Dustin Kirkland was fourth, Joshua Genarie was fifth.

Joey Catarelli became the sixth different winner of the Crockett’s Towing Ford Outlaw division after outlasting multiple race incidents and a motor claim that dropped the original race winner, Jonathan Wallace, from the official finish for refusing the claim. Charles Herne made it a three-way race for the lead with five laps to go but fell short at the line and settled for second. Jesse Veltman came from the rear of the field after a mid-race incident with Bob Jewett to finished fourth ahead of Tom Posavec who finished fifth.

TJ Decaire continued to sport his dominance over the Little Gator Motorsports Legends Cars division with his third straight win of the Citrus series. Chase Lloyd took the initial lead but was forced to the rear four laps into the 25-lap event after being tagged by Ashton Chilton. Stephen Hartley took over the commands and led the field through eight laps before his No. 3x race machine drifted high and opened the lane for new race leader Willy Cuddy to drive by.
Decaire was right on Cuddy’s rear deck lid and eventually bumped Cuddy out of the way before taking the win. Cuddy regrouped to finish second. Hartley, Lucan Hinton, and Evan Bookmiller rounded out the top five, respectively.

Citrus County Speedway
Official Race Results
Saturday, February 20, 2021

MIKE SCOTT PLUMBING SUPER LATE MODEL 75: 1. 28 Jared Irvan*; 2. 86 Wayne Anderson; 3. 55 Billy Mowery; 4. 09 Scott Grossenbacher; 5. 5 Mike Bresnahan; 6. 7 Jason Leffler; 7. 75 Dave Pletcher; 8. 25 Kevin Macy; 9. 33 Daniel Webster; 10. 61 Jordan Richardson; 11. 47x Keith Zavrel; 12. 22k David King; 13. 17 Mike Bell; 14. 28m Roger Maynor; 15. 11 Charlie Brown; 16. 42x Jonathan Guy; 17. 88 Robert Kuhn Sr.; 18. 69 Michael Hinde. DIVISION STATS: 75 of 75 laps. 18 cars. DISQUALIFICATIONS: none. *Fast Qualifier: 28 Jared Irvan, 13.232 seconds, 68.017 mph.

CROCKETT’S TOWING FORD OUTLAW 25: 1. 4d Justin Drobach; 2. 6 Thomas Peet; 3. 95 William Waymire; 4. 57 Jonathan Wallace; 5. 251 Bob Jewett; 6. 24k Kevin Veltman; 7. 32 Michael Autentieth; 8. 4 Jerry Lewis; 9. 444 Frank Manese; 10. 90 Gerald Shumway; 11. 3x Eric Sharrone; 12. 12 Neil Herne; 13. 111 Grant Davis; 14. 8 Martin Moff; 15. 19 Corey Zavrel; 16. 52 Nate Dunham; 17. 99 Neil Wallace; 18. 351 Shane Moynihon; 19. 3 Clint Hicks; 20. 87 Greg Johnson; 21. 551 Jesse Veltman; 22. 2 Melvin Fockler; 23. 55 Michael Veltman; 24. 48 Dora Thorne*; 25. 4x Clay Lewis. DIVISION STATS: 25 of 25 laps. 27 cars. DISQUALIFICATIONS: 86 Michael Wright, rough driving. *Heat Race Winner.

LEGENDS CARS 25: 1. 56 Ashton Chilton; 2. 88 TJ DeCaire; 3. 23 Willy Cuddy; 4. 51 Jase Henley; 5. 13 Chase Lloyd; 6. 99 Lucas Hinton; 7. 2 Jarrett Wagman; 8. 88f Aidan Foley; 9. 22 Robert Jonas; 10. 27 Abigail Jonas; 11. 4b Evan Bookmiller; 12. 16 Matt Correia; 13. 9 Colton Salek; 14. 76 Stephen Carpenter; 15. 15x Leonard Whalen; 16. 04 Brandon Taylor; 17. 69 Ed Mackenzie; 18. 3x Stephen Hartley; 19. 51a John Allison; 20. 48 Jason Carpenter; 21. 87 Robbie Bundon; 22. 7 Jason Long. DIVISION STATS: 25 of 25 laps. 22 cars. DISQUALIFICATIONS: none. *Heat Race Winner.

SIGNSFAST PURE STOCK 25: 1. 4x Kleav Lewis; 2. 94 Sport Wilson; 3. Jason Waller; 4. 58 larry Welter Jr.; 5. AK47 Casey Rounds; 6. 2x Zach Briggs; 7. AR15 Wesley Rounds; 8. 65 Happy Florian; 9. 34 Lauren lanier; 10. 45 James Johnston; 11. 10 Gregory Dick; 12. 38 Caleb Grossenbacher; 13. 95 Jeff Tillman; 14. 82 Danny Maddox; 15. 01 Jesse Hall; 16. 4 Wes Wilson; 17. 88 Coty Martin. DIVISION STATS: 17 of 25 laps.19 cars. DISQUALIFICATIONS: 22 Mark Patterson, original race winner, illegal ride height; 00 Billy Smith, originally finished third, illegal rear end mounts and wheel spacers. *Heat Race Winner.

O’REILLY AUTO PARTS MINI STOCK 25: DIVISION STATS: 0 of 25 laps. 15 cars. DISQUALIFICATIONS: none. Heat Race No. 1: 1. 77 Mathew Miller; 2. 5 Justin Pittman; 3. 4d Justin Drobach; 4. 462 Steven Wyatt; 5. 78 Mike Ledford; 6. 93b Joshua Genarie; 7. 55d Bobby Doughman. Heat Race No. 2: 1. 59 Eric Sharron; 2. Jason Simons; 3. 35 Brayden Boardman; 4. 17 Gary Holliman Jr.; DID NOT START: 1k Kyle Kruze, 22 Sean Osteen, 87 Greg Johnson, 89 Andrew Fleming.

Photo Credit: Speed Racer

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