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Jackson Pads Points Lead With Jim Langreck Memorial Win At Marshfield Motor Speedway

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Jackson Pads Points Lead With Jim Langreck Memorial Win At Marshfield

Jackson Pads Points Lead With Jim Langreck Memorial Win At Marshfield Motor Speedway


Marshfield Motor Speedway

Photo Credit: Marshfield Motor Speedway

Marshfield, WI, (August 14, 2021) – On a day when the fans and race teams remembered Jim Langreck, they were also treated with perfect weather conditions.  Langreck, Builder/Founder of Marshfield Motor Speedway back in the 1970’s, succumbed to cancer this past spring.

Visiting the speedway today was the Upper Midwest Vintage Racing Series, and what a show the 17 drivers from three states put on!  Heat winners today for the UMVRS were, Sean Herzog from Wausau, Brian Lee of Holmen, and Jim Kulseth from Rosemount, Minnesota.  

Once the beautiful vintage cars took to the track, it was Robert Fitzpatrick leading the drivers to the green flag.  Fitzpatrick would lead lap one, but was quickly passed by outside second row starter, Brian Lee.  Lee, whom of which won a heat race earlier in the day, seemed to know his way around the 1/2 mile paved oval.  Moving to the runner up position early in the contest, was Jim Kulseth with Roger Peterson a close third.  Making a charge to the fourth spot by mid race, was Dan Linnehan of Leon, Wisconsin.  After a few late race cautions, Brian Lee would cruise on to the feature win.  Finishing a close second was Jim Kulseth, with Dan Linnehan rounding out tonight’s podium finishers. Ken Hutchins & Sean Herzog rounded out the top 5 respectively.

  1. #93 Brian Lee
  2. #20 Jim Kulseth
  3. 32 Dan Linnehan
  4. #10 Ken Hutchins
  5. #21 Sean Herzog
  6. #99 Ed Reynolds
  7. #66 Ron Demers
  8. #97 Justin Jessop
  9. #53 Jim Olson
  10. #22 Ray Burrows
  11. #72 Bill Lindner
  12. #91 Roger Peterson
  13. #4 Robert Fitzpatrick
  14. #9 Adam Burrows
  15. #18 Ralph Cottone
  16. #99 Todd Korish
  17. #14 Ken Baum

The UMVRS would like to thank O’Reilly Auto Parts, Red Door Saloon, and the Chris Langreck for helping sponsor this event. Series Oraganizer Ken Hutchins stated, “We always enjoy traveling to Marshfield, it’s a great facility to compete on, and the staff is very friendly.”

Super Late Models competed here tonight, and it was Darren Jackson edging AJ Kreager in qualifying by .009 of a second! Heat winners tonight were Cody Blakeslee and Darek Gress. Dillon Mackesy notched the Chili Implement Dash 4 Cash.

Leading the way in the Super Late Model feature was Cody Blakeslee and Jerad deBoer. Blakeslee and deBoer would battle side by side for the first seven laps, then on lap 8, deBoer stuck the nose of his Ford underneath Blakeslee, and made the pass for the top spot. deBoer, whom of which has made huge strides early on in his slm career, would lead the next 12 laps. On lap 20, Action Racing’s Darek Gress cleared the machine of deBoer for the top spot. Gress pulled out to a 7-car length lead, with Dillon Mackesy and Darren Jackson, now running 2nd and 3rd. As Mackesy and Jackson closed slightly on the leader, Mackesy got very loose in turn one, allowing Jackson to take over the second spot. Once Jackson cleared Mackesy, it was noticeable that the #2 car was closing a little every lap, on the 107.5 car of Gress. With Mackesy holding tight on the third positon, Jackson caught Gress with 5 laps remaining. The two drivers would race side by side for the next four laps, and once the drivers took the white flag, it was Jackson finally clearing Gress for the top spot. With Darren Jackson and Darek Gress finishing first and second, it was Dillon Mackesy grabbing the third spot. Jerad deBoer and AJ Kreager rounded out the top five.

  1. Darren Jackson
  2. Darek Gress
  3. Dillon Mackesy
  4. Jerad deBoer
  5. AJ Kreager
  6. Cody Blakeslee
  7. Frank Nitzke
  8. Greg Matthews
  9. Greg Blount
  10. Mike Reichenberger
  11. Todd Rueden
  12. Jason Wells

Leading the way in the point standings for the X-Treme 4’s, is Chad Ferge. Ferge would build on that lead tonight as he captured fast time and won his heat race.

Kenny Meyer jumped out to the early lead of the X-Treme 4’s feature event. Mike Jeager would move into second place with the pass of Don Tieman. With Meyer and Jeager running side by side for the race lead, the two drivers made contact with each other, bringing out the caution. On the restart, it was Chad Ferge inheriting the lead. Jeager would retire his car for the evening, but Meyer was able to continue from the rear of the field. With Ferge holding a comfortable lead, Tieman made one last charge on the Ferge machine, but to no avail. Once the drivers took the checkered flag, it was Chad Ferge parking his car in the McDonald’s Drive Thru Victory Lane. With Tieman holding down the second spot, Kenny Meyer battled his way back to the third position.

  1. Chad Ferge
  2. Don Tieman
  3. Kenny Meyer                 
  4. Ron Sischo
  5. Mike Jeager
  6. Kevin Eckes

The Bandits competed again tonight and it was Eric Brietenfeldt earning fast time honors, Brietenfeldt turned a lap time 22.884 seconds. Breitenfeldt also went on to win the heat race, edging out point leader Hunter Landwehr.

Amanda Rowe and Max Manowski paced the field to the green flag for the Bandit feature. Manowski would grab the lead on lap one, with Hunter Landwehr taking over the second position. One lap later, it was Landwehr taking over the top spot. Landwehr’s lead was brief however, as Eric Brietenfeldt made the inside pass for the race lead. Landwehr would stay with Breitenfeldt, but not close enough to retake the lead. Breitenfeldt would go on to capture the Bandit feature win, putting himself one point behind Landwehr for the track championship.

Jackson Pads Points Lead With Jim Langreck Memorial Win At Marshfield
Jackson Pads Points Lead With Jim Langreck Memorial Win At Marshfield

  1. Eric Breitenfeldt
  2. Hunter Landwehr
  3. Brad Lecher
  4. Max Manowski
  5. Aaron Anderson
  6. Amanda Rowe
  7. Tom Lecher

Craig Lyon and John Van Stedum continued their stronghold on the 2-Man Cruiser division. The team-drivers locked up the clean sweep tonight with their feature win. Jake Baehman and Brandon Van Stedum teamed up to take the runner up spot in tonight’s feature event.

  1. John Van Stedum/Craig Lyon
  2. Brandon Van Stedum/Jake Baehman
  3. Aaron Hendricks/Ghost
  4. Jarret Mancil/Tyler Mancil
  5. Joey Kuhn/Walter Mancil

The very exciting Skidders took to the track tonight, and track officials place point leader John Van Stedum 3/4 of a lap behind the starting field of skid plate race cars. Jake Baehman held the lead for the first six laps, but the very talented John Van Stedum ran the field down, and collected, yet another win. Next week, Van Stedum will be placed a complete lap down to start the feature, as a bounty is placed on him. Anyone beating Van Stedum, will collect the $50 bounty money. If Van Stedum is able to collect the win, he will also collect the bounty cash!.

  1. John Van Stedum
  2. Jake Baehman
  3. Jayme Lafler
  4. Walter Mancil
  5. Stanley Kuhn
  6. Ken Van Stedum
  7. Jordan Frost
  8. Brandon Van Stedum
  9. Michael Kruck
Jackson Pads Points Lead With Jim Langreck Memorial Win At Marshfield
Jackson Pads Points Lead With Jim Langreck Memorial Win At Marshfield

Next week, Marshfield Motor Speedway will be back in action with their “Back To School” night at the races. Kids attending, will receive school supplies for the up-coming school year. Parents, don’t miss this opportunity for your children to get out and see some great racing action, and pick up school supplies as well! Super Late Models, X-Treme 4’s, Bandits, Super Stocks/Sportsmans, & Skidders will all be competing. Fan gates will open at 5pm, Qualifying is at 6pm, with racing set for 7pm. Like Us on Facebook, or Visit Us online at for all the up to date information.

Photo Credit: Marshfield Motor Speedway

Marshfield Motor Speedway


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