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Davey Callihan has made the most of every opportunity

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Davey Callihan

Davey Callihan

By Dinah Mullins

Davey Callihan, driver of the No. 41 late-model stock car, had a dream from a young age to race. From the age of four, Callihan has made a name for himself in motocross and stock car racing.

Callihan ran professional motocross for a few years before making his return to four-wheels at Old Dominion Speedway in 2009. He was able to win five races in his four years at the short track in Manassas, Virginia in the late model class.

Davey Callihan

“I lived a few miles from the racetrack when Dominion opened and didn’t have a racecar. So I just started coming to the track to help some buddies and ended up getting in a Modified,” Callihan said.

Callihan went in three-ways with his father, his grandfather, and himself to get the modified. While only racing half of the season at Dominion, he was able to get his first win in the modified class. Callihan has made the most of every opportunity, leading him to his first career ARCA Menards Series start this weekend for Mullins Racing. “I have gotten some great opportunities from some great people to get me back in the seat,” Callihan said.

During the week, Davey wakes up at 4am every morning to start his day as a mechanic for Verizon. But on Saturday mornings, he wakes up and heads to Dominion Raceway to compete amongst the best late-model drivers in the nation.

“It feels awesome to make the most out of what I have. I’m very blessed to do what I do and have the people back me who back me. We don’t have the budget. We don’t have the money and resources others do to make this a full-time job,” Callihan said.

Heading into the races on Saturday, he sat atop the points standings but fell to fifth after this weekend’s events.

“To be able to work a full job and be able to compete with the best in the late model racing right now is humbling. I didn’t expect any wins this year. Realistically, I just wanted to be a contender,” Callihan continued.

Free time is scarce within a racer’s life, but Davey makes the most of the time he gets off. He loves to spend time with his two boys, one four-and-a-half and the other one-and-a-half.

“Doing what I do takes away a lot of time from my family, so when I am not racing, I make that time up to them,” Callihan said.

His father raced professional motocross and late-models just as he did. He has been able to take his advice over the years and, “do it a little bit better and be more successful, especially on the stock car side of things.”

“He has backed me since day one and without him, I wouldn’t be able to race at all,” Calliahan continued.

This weekend, Davey faces a whole new platform of racing as he makes his debut in the ARCA Menards Series at Southern National Motorsports Park. When he was asked if he would drive the car, he said was full of “disbelief and excitement.”

Callihan got the opportunity to drive the Mullins Racing backup car earlier this year in a test at Daytona International Speedway. This was his first opportunity to get out on track and draft with other cars. “They trusted me enough to do that and that’s a once in a lifetime bucket-list item for me,” Callihan said.

His biggest goal heading into this weekend is to, “be competitive and get Mullins Racing their best short track finish.”

“I want to show that Mullins Racing has good short track cars and that they are a capable team. I think we can be a top-five contender; that’s a big goal. I’ve raced against the best in late models and I think the talent pull in ARCA is no different than in late models,” he added.

While spending most of his weekends turning laps at Dominion Raceway in Thornburg, Virginia, Callihan looks to chase a checkered flag in his first career ARCA start.

“Words can’t describe how thankful and humbled I am to be the guy they chose to try to get this thing inside the top-five. I don’t have words, just stunned really,” Callihan closed.

By Dinah Mullins


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