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Granite State Pro Stock Series Keeps Soaring and Roaring, Now At The Ridge!

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Granite State Pro Stock Series

Granite State Pro Stock Series Keeps Soaring and Roaring, Now At The Ridge!

Beech Ridge welcomes the inaugural appearance of the regionally popular Granite State Pro Stock Series this Saturday afternoon, Aug. 15th!  Race fans can look forward to an extra-large field of touring drivers along with their Ridge Pro Series favorites.  Many of the GSPSS drivers have Beech Ridge roots, offering a homecoming and a core knowledge of how to race the Ridge oval best.  If this past Saturday’s top-three battle to the finish is any indication, this 150-lap main event is sure provide the best local AND touring racing around!

Following Maine state mandates, the grandstand will welcome up to 200 fans at a time, spread across four large defined sections.  Beech Ridge asks fans to give priority to race families with kids who cannot gain access to the pit area.  Gracious fans made last Saturday’s first try a smooth and great success – thank you!  Grandstand refreshment stands will not be open, so fans are invited to bring a picnic, carry-in and carry-out.  Turn 5 will open with a limited selection and will operate as one of the four sections of seating.

Pit gates will open at 9 a.m., first only to GSPSS and Pro Series haulers to allow for staged parking, followed by all other teams.  The Granite State Pro Stock teams get the first round of practice starting at 11:30.  Thursday Beetle Bug, Mighty Trucks and Street Devils will get an early race start at 2:30, followed by Granite State time trialing for heat starting spots and then the remaining Thursday races and the entire Wildcat, Sport Series, Granite State divisions and a special high-paying Legends series race.

Pit area tickets are just $40 for the entire program, start-to-finish.  Grandstand tickets just $20, kids 12 and under free.  Grandstand ticket gates will open at 1:30.

It’s Week 4 of the shortened 2020 season, and it’s a big one!  Next Sat. Aug. 22 wraps up the month of August, giving a one-week break before the final two on Sept. 5th and 12th.

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