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Hidden Valley Speedway Mid-Season Champs Crowned

Hidden Valley Speedway
Billy Eash feature winner of the Super Late Model Division

Hidden Valley Speedway

CLEARFIELD, PA – Jon Lee of Mahaffey parked it at Jon Lee feature winner of the TH Port-A John Semi Late Model special  Saturday night to claim the TH Port-a-John Semi Late Model Special.

The Mid-season champions were also decided on Hidden Valley Speedway/TH Port-a-John night, with Billy Eash of Johnstown claiming the Super Late Model Feature, Todd English of Clearfield won the Small Block Modified Main with Rich Howell of Clearfield taking the Street Stock feature. Brad Benton of Duncansville took his fourth Pure Stock win while Eric Luzier of Clearfield returned to his winning ways in the Little’s Drive In Four Cylinders.

By virtue of being the point leader, Billy Eash and Ryan Scott brought the Super Late Models to the green flag, with Eash taking the lead and Scott sitting second. As the laps continued to wind down, Eash was opening up his lead. In the closing laps, Scott was reeling in Eash as the battle for third heated up, John Wayne Weaver, Denny Fenton and Luke Hoffner were sometimes three wide for third, but when Brian Biancuzzio waved the checkered flag, it was Eash winning for the third time this season. Scott held on for second with Weaver, Hoffner and Fenton rounding out the top five. Eash and Tom Decker III copped heat wins.

The TH Port-a-John Semi Late’s were in the spotlight, and while everyone else raced for double points, none were on the line for the Semi Lates, as they were running their special. Jon Lee, subbing for Rich Wicker, beat Caleb Whiteford off the line at the start and at first Whiteford held on to the bumper of Lee, but he started to fade. While Lee was setting the pace, The fight for second was heating up, as Ryan Jacoby, his brother Josh and Gary Little began to battle Whiteford for second. The battle continued, and late in the race Eric Lucas joined the fight. The Jacoby brothers were raging in their own fight as Josh passed Ryan for third on lap16 and Little was right there, but as the checkered flag flew it was Lee getting the $1,000 win over Whiteford, Josh Jacoby, Ryan Jacoby and Little. Heat wins went to Lee, Whiteford and Jarid Ivory.

Hidden Valley Speedway
Jon Lee feature winner of the TH Port-A John Semi Late Model special  Derek Bobik Photos

Just two quick cautions slowed the Small Block Modified feature, as Todd English beat Josh Henry off the front row at the start. Henry was holding close to English early on, but Henry faded some, as Erik Bowser and Josh Deems began to reel in Henry. A quick caution on lap 13 for a spinning Fay Lumadue halted the action. On the restart Henry pushed going into the corner, and went high, he was overtaken by Bowser and Deems, but Henry was determined and battled back. While he was fighting back, Deems took second from Bowser on lap 17, then set his sights on English. When the final checkered flag flew it was English getting his third win of the season as Deems ran out of laps. Henry battled back to third with Bowser fourth and Clayton Deems in fifth. Heat wins went to English and Josh Deems.

Todd English feature winner of the Small Block Modified Division
Rich Howell feature winner of the Street Stock Division

The Street Stocks saw team mates Raymond Reynolds and Billy Phillips Jr. lead the field to the start, with Phillips taking the lead and Reynolds in second, but a couple of cautions on lap three saw Chad Rougeux spin first, then on the second restart Reynolds powered into turn one and looped the 61R collecting a couple of fellow drivers. The restart saw Phillips again leading, with Rich Howell now in second and pressuring Phillips for the lead. Howell was using the bottom line, but Phillips wasn’t giving up, then Howell charged to the outside off the second turn and he and Phillips were side-by-side at the line, but by lap 11, Howell took the lead and brought Duke Davidson along to second as Howell, the defending champion, went on to get his first win of the season. Davidson was second over Phillips, Rougeux and Kevin VanAmburg. Howell also won the heat.

Hidden Valley Speedway
Rich Howell feature winner of the Street Stock Division

Brad Benton beat Justin Centra off the line to start the Pure Stock feature, as he led the 15-lapper from start to finish after a quick first lap caution. The win was Benton’s fourth. As he was winning, Rich “Rhinestone” Anderson was sitting in second. The top five were Benton, Anderson, Andrew Wallace, Centra and Derek Lippert. Anderson won the heat as well.

Hidden Valley Speedway
Brad Benton feature winner of the Pure Stock Division Derek Bobik Photos
 Eric Luzier feature winner of the Little’s Drive in Auto sales Fwd 4 Cylinder Division

Larry Conklin Jr. and Eric Luzier brought down a full field of 24-Little’s Drive In Four Cylinders to the start, as Kolton Wagner took the lead after a pair of opening lap yellows, but Wagner’s stint at the front ended a lap later when Luzir took the lead. Wagner wasn’t giving up easily, as he and Conklin kept pressuring Luzier, but when the feature ended it was Defending champion Luzier getting his first win of the season, with Wagner second, Conklin third, Cody Stover was fourth and Casey Burch was fifth. Heat wins went to Burch, Greg Rockwell and Greg Kiehl.

PIT NOTES: 86 teams filled the pits, including: 13 Super Late Models, 18 TH Port-a-John Semi Late Models, 11 Small Block Modifieds, 8 Street Stocks, 6 Pure Stocks and 30 Little’s Drive In Four Cylinders…With the Corona Virus delaying the start of the season, the schedule has changed, fans and competitors need to check Facebook for the changes…

Coming up on August 1 is the North East Compact Series Little’s Drive In Four Cylinders special paying a whopping $2,000 to win. The Super Late Models and Semi Late Models are also on the card that night…The ULMS Late Model Series makes its return to the Valley on August 15, watch our Facebook for more details. The 305 Sprints will also be on the card…

Coming up this week is the Small Block Modified Special, paying a $1,000 to win…The Super Late Models, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks and Four Cylinders will run a regular show while the Semi Late’s will compete for double points.


Super Late Models: 1. Billy Eash, Johnstown; 2. Ryan Scott, 3. John Wayne Weaver, 4. Luke Hoffner, 5. Denny Fenton, 6. Curtis Teats, 7. Dan Gill, 8. Denny Petyak, 9. Tom Decker III, 10. Neil Wilson, 11. Darren Lucas, 12. Josh Whetstone.
Did Not Start: Del Rougeux.

TH Port-a-John Semi Late Models: 1. Jon Lee, Mahaffey; 2. Caleb Whiteford, 3. Josh Jscoby, 4. Ryan Jacoby, 5. Gary Little, 6. Eric Lucas, 7. Bernie Whiteford Jr., 8. George Bailey, 9. Chad Hooven, 10. Jeremy Lippert, 11. Jordan Luzier, 12. Jacob Sarnovsky, 13. Adam Nixon, 14. Paul Ivory, 15. Justin Owens, 16. Shane Nihart, 17. Jarid Ivory, 18. Tom Decker.

Small Block Modifieds: 1. Todd English, Clearfield; 2. Josh Deems, 3. Josh Henry, 4. Erik Bowser, 5. Clayton Deems, 6. Trent Ogden, 7. Aaron Casher, 8. Jerry Bowser, 9. Fay Lumadue, 10. Chris Luzier,
Did Not Start: Jamie Luzier.

Street Stocks: 1. Rich Howell, Clearfield; 2. Duke Davidson, 3. Bill Phillips, Jr., 4. Chad Rougeux, 5. Kevin VanAmburg, 6. Raymond Reynolds, 7. Joe Wilshire, 8. Mark Clark.

Pure Stocks: Brad Benton, Duncansville; 2.Rich Anderson, 3. Andrew Wallace, 4. Justin Centra, 5. Derek Lippert, 6. Sam Pennington.

Little’s Drive In Four Cylinders: 1. Eric Luzier, Clearfield; 2. Kolton Wagner, 3. Larry Conklin Jr., 4. Cody Stover, 5. Casey Burch, 6. Larry Conklin, Sr., 7. Kevin Tripmey, 8. Michael Boring, 9. Tanner Ogden, 10. Zoey Lance, 11. Isaac Irvin, 12. Levi Luzier, 13. Jake Diehl, 14. Michael Shobert, 15. Milton Stiles, 16. Greg Kiehl, 17. Greg Rockwell, 18. Dustin Miller, 19. Rob Williams, 20. Cody Stover, 21. Dylan Snyder, 22. Darrin Thompson, 23. Austin Fedder, 24. Scott Englert.
Did Not Qualify: Tondra Brown, Levi Luzier, Kyler Henry, Gavin Smay, Jason Elensky, Jake Adams, Jimmy Delozier.

Hidden Valley Speedway

Derek Bobik Photos