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Update on Hidden Valley Speedway Crash/Injured

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Hidden Valley Speedway

Update on Hidden Valley Speedway Crash/Injured

CLEARFIELD, PA – Raymond Reynolds, the 2020 Street Stock Point champion, at Hidden Valley Speedway, spoke to us earlier today, and stated he was feeling fine, but, “I think I’m going to be pretty sore tomorrow”.

Reynolds said he wasn’t sure what happened, “It happened so quick, I tried to stop, but I couldn’t. I really hope Kenny and his son are going to be ok.

”Reynolds said he reported to rescue personnel his neck hurt, and they advised him to remain in the car until additional help arrived. He was then cut from the car before being transported to Penn Highlands Clearfield.

“They did x-rays, fearing I had a broken collar bone, but everything came back clear,” he said. “I talked to the Photographer, (Kinser Mayhew) and he was more concerned about me than himself. ”Reynolds said he is keeping both Mayhews in his prayers, and wishes them both well. In speaking with Kinser Mayhew this evening, via facebook messenger, he said, “My father (Kenny Mayhew) had surgery done on his hand and the surgery went well.

”He said his dad’s back wasn’t too bad from what he heard and they’re giving him a (back) brace. Kinser also talked to Raymond and he felt very bad about the whole thing but he was happy to hear that my father is going to be okay.

“As for me, the pain isn’t too bad but I should make a recovery within a month or two,” he said. He has no clue how long it’ll take his dad to recover but he said he’s talking well and he seems to be in good spirits, the last time I talked to him, which was a few hours ago, but he said his dad should be ok.

He also noted Kenny would be in the hospital a few more days. Kinser said his dad is in a lot of pain and he has swelling in his neck. Doctors are continuing to monitor him, but he may need back surgery after all. Hidden Valley Speedway is continuing to pray for all three individuals.

“The racing community really pulls together in times like this,” said Jennifer Luzier Bailey, track promoter. “Whether it’s your biggest rival or your favorite driver, they all come together in these times, and for that we are grateful.

”The speedway will keep the public updated as well as possible and we and the injured appreciate the continued prayers.

Below: Raymond Reynolds gave a thumbs up this morning saying he was feeling fine, however he knows he’s going to feel it tomorrow. He said his care is totaled.

(Submitted Photo)

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