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Howe Precision Ball Joints

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Howe Precision Ball Joints

When we introduced the Howe Precision Ball Joint for the 1995-99 Dodge Neon, we received many requests for a ball joint to also fit the 2000-05 Neon (cross-reference K7147). We listened and created our new part number 22448 ball joint. Howe ball joints are low-friction, stronger, and fully rebuildable with multiple stud lengths. Visit the Howe Racing website ( or call 989-435-7080 for more information.

22448 Complete Ball Joint, 2000-05 Neon $76.75

224488 Housing Only, 2000-05 Neon

224489 Ball Joint Less Stud, 2000-05 Neon

22448V Complete Ball Joint, +0500 (2000-05 Neon)

22405 Complete Ball Joint, 1995-99 Neon $76.75

224058 Housing Only, 1995-99 Neon

224059 Ball Joint Less Stud, 1995-99 Neon

224050 Stud Only, Standard (1995-2005 Neon)

224055 Stud Only, +.500″ (1995-2005 Neon)

22405V Complete Ball Joint, +.500″ (1995-99 Neon)

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