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Photo Courtesy of Surf N’ Sprint

By: Scott Daloisio

Expectant father Brody Roa, the 2019 USAC Southwest and 2016 USAC West Coast Sprint Car champion will be competing in Indiana Midget Week for the first time starting this Tuesday night, June 16th, at the Paragon Speedway.  While in the “Hoosier State,” he will race six straight nights on five different tracks.

Roa, 29, will be driving the same Iron Dome-Moonshine Motorsports #7M he drove for Texan Kevin Ramey at January’s Chili Bowl in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  While he has limited experience in Midget racing, he is very familiar with four of the five tracks after competing on them in recent years during Indiana Sprint Week.  The only track he has not competed on is Paragon.

“I have raced on four of the five tracks we will be racing on,” Roa said to Dave Stall on “The Racer Radio Show” last week.  “The other one (Paragon) I have never been to.  I have watched some videos of it and my dad was there about 20-years ago, but it is a totally different racetrack now.  It is not on iRacing.  I will get three laps of hot laps to figure it out before qualifying.” 

The “Pride of Garden Grove” will have a teammate for the show that he may be able to lean on for some advice during the six nights.  Legendary Ronnie Gardner, the five-time USAC Western Midget champion and a former California resident who now lives in Indiana, will be running the team’s other car. 

“Ronnie Gardner, who used to live out here, will be my teammate,” Roa told Stall and listeners around the country.  “Ronnie is a really good midget driver.  So, hopefully, I can pick up some stuff from him because I do not have a lot of midget experience.” 

Each show will be capped at 48-entries and will feature the best midget drivers and cars from around the USA.  In addition, sprint cars will be on each program.  The schedule is as follows.

June 16 – Paragon Speedway

June 17 – Gas City I69 Speedway

June 18 – Lincoln Park Speedway

June 19 – Lincoln Park Speedway

June 20 – Lawrenceburg Speedway

June 21 – Kokomo Speedway

Fans who would like to watch Roa at Midget Week but who cannot make the trek to Indiana can catch all six nights live on Flo Sports.  For information, click on the following link

Due to the Covid19 crisis, the Roa’s schedule after Indiana Midget Week is still up in the air.  However, announcements regarding the re-opening of several California tracks may come soon.

Sponsors for the#7m at Indiana Midget week are Iron Dome Motorsports, Moonshine Motorsports, Jambo’s BBQ Pits, Race Jugs, Burkham Concrete, Precise Racing Products, Deaton’s Water Front Services, Industrial Instrument, Graham’s Wrecker Service, 380 Pawn, 777 Graphics, D&S Motorsports, Approach Marketing, Bell County Electrical Supply, Pro Tech Services, Express Car Wash of Texas, Mow Time, Texas Star Concrete, Abilene Powder Coating, Lil Mo’s Pizza, Sun Electric, Elliot’s Trailers, GPA Paper and Top Level Ink.

Roa and the team would like to thank the following for being part of the 2020 campaign.  HD Industries, Burris Racing, Competition Suspension, Sander Engineering, Biker Bruce Fisher, K-1 Race Gear, Molecule, Rod End Supply, and Baldwin Filters.  If you or your company would like to jump on board and receive recognition throughout 2020, please give the talented racer a call. 

To view Roa’s online portfolio and learn more about the team, please click on the following link  Fans can also follow the 2020 action on his Facebook page

Brody Roa’s 2020 Racing Schedule

1/17   Tulsa Expo Center Raceway        Chili Bowl Midget Nationals          25th A Main

1/18   Tulsa Expo Center Raceway        Chili Bowl Midget Nationals          13th D Main

3/6     Canyon Speedway Park              USAC/CRA & Southwest              4th A Main

3/7     Canyon Speedway Park              USAC/CRA & Southwest              3rd A Main

6/27   Perris Auto Speedway                 USAC/CRA 

7/25   Perris Auto Speedway                 USAC/CRA   

8/15   Santa Maria Raceway                 USAC/CRA & Southwest

8/22   Perris Auto Speedway                 USAC/CRA & Southwest

9/4     Merced Speedway                      USAC/CRA

9/5     Calistoga Speedway                   USAC/CRA

9/6     Calistoga Speedway                   USAC/CRA

9/7     Petaluma Speedway                   USAC/CRA 

9/26   Perris Auto Speedway                 USAC/CRA 

10/3   Arizona Speedway                      USAC/CRA & Southwest

11/5   Perris Auto Speedway                 USAC/CRA & Southwest & National

11/6   Perris Auto Speedway                 USAC/CRA & Southwest & National

11/7   Perris Auto Speedway                 USAC/CRA & Southwest & National

11/13 Arizona Speedway                      USAC/CRA & Southwest & National

11/14 Arizona Speedway                      USAC/CRA & Southwest & National

By: Scott Daloisio


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