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ARCA Midwest Tour Returns to Jefferson Speedway 5/29/21 Race Report

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Jefferson Speedway
Ricky Bassman Photo

ARCA Midwest Tour Returns to Jefferson Speedway 5/29/21 Race Report

Jefferson Speedway

Photo Credit: Ricky Bassman Photo

CAMBRIDGE, WI (Saturday, May 29, 2021) The last 24 hours has been a busy one for four-time ARCA Midwest Tour champion Ty Majeski. On Friday evening, he finished seventh in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Then he flew back to his home State to get his 26th victory in the ARCA Midwest Tour by winning the Salute the Troops 100 at Jefferson Speedway in Jefferson, WI.

Jefferson Speedway
Ricky Bassman Photo

“Obviously I had a great night last night in the truck series and made the flight up here this morning and we came to Jefferson to figure this car out,” Majeski said after the race. “We really struggled with it at the Dells in its debut and Toby (Nuttleman, Crew Chief) and his guys got it to where we needed it to be, and it showed here tonight.”

Majeski didn’t waste time showing the large crowd how strong his car was in the main event. By lap seven he was up to third and five laps later, passed Paul Shafer Jr. for second place.

It only took six laps for Majeski to chase down and pass Max Kahler for the top spot.

The first of two cautions flew on lap 32 when Cody DeVoy made contact with the turn three wall.

On the restart, Majeski pulled away from the field while behind him, Casey Johnson got by Kahler for the second spot on lap 34.

Fast qualifier and new track record holder, Luke Fenhaus made his way up to the top three on lap 41. Seven laps later, Fenhaus would get by Johnson for the second spot.

Joe Shear Classic winner Rich Bickle Jr. was working his way to the top ten on lap 64 when he made contact with Jonathan Eilen going into turn one. Bickle’s car jumped up on Eilen’s car to cause right front suspension damage and would pull off the track and not causing a caution flag to come out.

The final caution flew on lap 79 when Ryan Farrell made contact with the turn four wall, causing debris on the track.

This would allow Fenhaus and Johnson to close the gap and hopefully challenge Majeski for the lead on the re-start.

But Majeski’s strong car prevented a battle as he quickly pulled away from Fenhaus over the final 21 laps to get the victory.

“I knew I had a good car, obviously Luke has been really fast at the beginning of this year,” Majeski commented. “Obviously, when you are the leader, you don’t want to see a late race caution. But overall, I knew the car was good and I had confidence in it. We were able to hold them off and get it done.”

Fenhaus claimed his second consecutive runner-up position in the ARCA Midwest Tour after setting a new track record in qualifying. Earlier in the day, he made hard contact with the wall and was able to recover for a podium finish.

“It was up and down all day,” Fenhaus said after the race. “We had an issue go wrong, and I overdrove a little bit and hit the wall pretty good and wrecked almost the whole right side. We went to work and got some parts from the Bickle team and got it back together, and somehow finished second.”

Casey Johnson, who won at Jefferson the last time the ARCA Midwest Tour visited “Wisconsin’s Action Track,” was satisfied with his third place finish.

“The car was actually pretty good on the long runs, nobody had anything for Ty. That car was lights out,” Johnson said. “We were about second best, but that late restart she was a handful, but with a few to go, it came back to where it was. Third is not terrible.”

Shafer, another former Jefferson winner, was fourth while Austin Nason rounded out the top five.

In other action, Brandon “Bud” Riedner of Waunakee captured the 25 lap Hobby Stock main event. Jamie Tate and Chuck Egli paced the field to green as they battled for control. On lap two, Tate spun in turn two, handing the lead to Egli with Jordan Lamb and Nick Bruley fighting for second. On lap eight, Egli drifted high, opening the door to Lamb to motor into the lead. Egli slipped back into a three wide battle for second with Riedner and Bruley. Riedner emerged with the position on lap ten as he continued forward alongside the new leader, Lamb. After a brief side by side battle, Riedner cleared for the lead on lap 13. Scott Riedner followed into second a couple laps later, but he couldn’t close the gap on his son as they flew past the checkers. At the finish, it was Bud Riedner for the win followed by Scott Riedner, Lamb, Chris Flairty and Bruley.

The first of twin 20 lap Bandit features was claimed by Ryan Oetzel of Brodhead. Travis Rose lead early from his front row starting spot with Oetzel quickly up to second. The leaders ran single file until the caution waved on lap ten. Rose and Oetzel paced the field back to green, this time with Oetzel moving out front. Rose fought back on the low side of Oetzel, trying to retake the top spot. But with four laps remaining, Rose received the black flag as he was leaking fluid onto the racing surface. This handed sole possession of the point back to Oetzel, who promptly began to stretch his lead on the way to a convincing win. Tommy Bleecker was second followed by Nick Newton, Ashlynn Jarlsberg and Carson Phillips.

The second 20 lapper kicked off with Bart Brockman grabbing the early lead. Brockman held the point while Carson Phillips was making his way toward the front of the field. On lap seven. Phillips drew in behind Brockman. Phillips drove to the high side of the leader, sliding past and beginning to pull away. A caution on lap ten erased his advantage, pitting himself and Nick Newton on the front row for the restart. As racing resumed, Phillips returned to the lead, holding on through the checkers to grab the win. Newton was second with Scott Krinke, Brockman and Ryan Oetzel rounding out the top five.

Next Saturday, June 5, is a full program of racing presented by Lilly Auto Care with time trials at 4pm and racing at 6pm. Jefferson Speedway is located halfway between Jefferson and Cambridge on Hwy 18. Please visit for more information.


ARCA Midwest Tour-


14FLuke Fenhaus13.394
291MTy Majeski13.416
377SRiley Stenjem13.465
45JCasey Johnson13.473
575HDillon Hammond13.549
67SPaul Shafer Jr.13.61
717KMax Kahler13.626
8119ZDalton Zehr13.641
977EJonathan Eilen13.646
105BJohn Beale13.657
118WJamie Wallace13.666
1238DJordan DeVoy13.697
1314NAustin  Nason13.731
1480FRyan Farrell13.74
159BBraison Bennett13.744
162NDale Nottestad13.75
1744MJustin Mondeik13.766
1834HBrandon Hill13.798
1923VLevon VanDerGeest13.817
2040TCurt Tillman13.865
2145BRich Bickle Jr.13.866
2216WLuke Westenberg13.898
2315SGabe Sommers14.005
2413BAndrew Brocker14.251
2535DGreg Dreher14.38
2622BRuss Blakely14.456
278SShaun Scheel15.453

Odd Dash

114NAustin  Nason
28WJosh Wallace
377EJonathan Eilen
417KMax Kahler
575HDillon Hammond
677SRiley Stenjem
79BBraison Bennett
84FLuke Fenhaus

Even Dash

180FRyan Farrell
22NDale Nottestad
338DJordan DeVoy
4119ZDalton Zehr
55JCasey Johnson
67SPaul Shafer Jr.
791MTy Majeski
85BJohn Beale


134HBrandon Hill
244MJustin Mondeik
345BRich Bickle Jr.
48SShaun Scheel
515SGabe Sommers
640TCurt Tillman
716WLuke Westenberg
822BRuss Blakely
913BAndrew Brocker
1035DGreg Dreher
1123VLevon VanDerGeest

Last Chance

140TCurt Tillman
215SGabe Sommers
316WLuke Westenberg
423VLevon VanDerGeest
513BAndrew Brocker
635DGreg Dreher
722BRuss Blakely


191MTy Majeski
24FLuke Fenhaus
35JCasey Johnson
47SPaul Shafer Jr.
514NAustin  Nason
677EJonathan Eilen
78SShaun Scheel
844MJustin Mondeik
923VLevon VanDerGeest
108WJosh Wallace
1140TCurt Tillman
122NDale Nottestad
13119ZDalton Zehr
1415SGabe Sommers
1534HBrandon Hill
1616WLuke Westenberg
1775HDillon Hammond
185BJohn Beale
1980FRyan Farrell
2017KMax Kahler
2145BRich Bickle Jr.
2213BAndrew Brocker
2377SRiley Stenjem
2438DJordan DeVoy
259BBraison Bennett

Hobby Stock


PosStart NumberCompetitorBest Lap
14DBud Riedner15.39
2114Chris Flairty15.515
352RShane Radtke Jr15.66
426RChico Riedner15.691
523NBNick Bruley15.792
623RBRandy Breunig15.861
741LJordan Lamb15.867
810BJon Benniger15.929
905BTucker Bodendorfer15.946
105RRobbie Rucks15.955
1122EChuck Egli16.009
1271TJamie Tate16.081
1399KChris Kern16.096
1424EDalton Egli16.097
1565SBrandon Sanborn16.269
167WJim Wolf16.43
1744HRyder Hebbe16.485

Heat Races

PosStart NumberCompetitor
165SBrandon Sanborn
299KChris Kern
322EChuck Egli
405BTucker Bodendorfer
55RRobbie Rucks
67WJim Wolf
771TJamie Tate
824EDalton Egli
944HRyder Hebbe
PosStart NumberCompetitor
110BJon Benniger
226RChico Riedner
34DBud Riedner
423NBNick Bruley
5114Chris Flairty
652RShane Radtke Jr
741LJordan Lamb
823RBRandy Breunig


PosStart NumberCompetitor
14DBud Riedner
226RChico Riedner
341LJordan Lamb
4114Chris Flairty
523NBNick Bruley
652RShane Radtke Jr
723RBRandy Breunig
810BJon Benniger
95RRobbie Rucks
1022EChuck Egli
1105BTucker Bodendorfer
1299KChris Kern
1324EDalton Egli
147WJim Wolf
1571TJamie Tate
1644HRyder Hebbe
1765SBrandon Sanborn



PosStart NumberCompetitorBest Lap
1165BTommy Bleecker14.301
271JBrandon Johnson14.327
315PCarson Phillips14.375
470BBart Brockmann14.408
541NNick Newton14.496
612JAshlynn Jarlsberg14.598
729KMatt Krinke14.614
85ORyan Oetzel14.64
983RTravis Rose14.705
10116Josh Lenz14.719
1150PJon Pettit14.725
12133RWaylon Robinson14.741
1362DEthan Degner14.793
1461BZach Barnes14.961
1561GChris  Gottschalk15.084
16J10Tyler  Deporter15.099
17175Josh  Dearborn15.527
1881BScott Barlass15.78
199BBrian Brewster17.01
2044PAmber Pettit17.472

Heat Races

PosStart NumberCompetitor
161GChris  Gottschalk
2J10Tyler  Deporter
3175Josh  Dearborn
49BBrian Brewster
544PAmber Pettit
681BScott Barlass
PosStart NumberCompetitor
161BZach Barnes
2133RWaylon Robinson
3116Josh Lenz
412JAshlynn Jarlsberg
55ORyan Oetzel
670BBart Brockmann
771JBrandon Johnson
PosStart NumberCompetitor
141NNick Newton
2165BTommy Bleecker
383RTravis Rose
450PJon Pettit
529KMatt Krinke
615PCarson Phillips
762DEthan Degner

Last Chance

PosStart NumberCompetitor
161GChris  Gottschalk
2J10Tyler  Deporter
3175Josh  Dearborn
489KJosh Kienbaum
581BScott Barlass
644PAmber Pettit

Feature #1

PosStart NumberCompetitor
15ORyan Oetzel
2165BTommy Bleecker
341NNick Newton
412JAshlynn Jarlsberg
515PCarson Phillips
661GChris  Gottschalk
761BZach Barnes
850PJon Pettit
929KMatt Krinke
10J10Tyler  Deporter
1162DEthan Degner
12133RWaylon Robinson
1381BScott Barlass
1483RTravis Rose
15175Josh  Dearborn
1689KJosh Kienbaum
17116Josh Lenz
DQ70BBart Brockmann

Feature #2

PosStart NumberCompetitor
115PCarson Phillips
241NNick Newton
329KMatt Krinke
470BBart Brockmann
55ORyan Oetzel
6165BTommy Bleecker
783RTravis Rose
812JAshlynn Jarlsberg
961BZach Barnes
1061GChris  Gottschalk
11175Josh  Dearborn
12133RWaylon Robinson
13116Josh Lenz
14J10Tyler  Deporter
1562DEthan Degner
1650PJon Pettit

Photo Credit: Ricky Bassman Photo

Jefferson Speedway


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