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Joe B Miller Kicks Off 2021 Season the Right Way at I-44

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Joe B Miller

Joe B Miller Kicks Off 2021 Season the Right Way at I-44

Oklahoma City, OK. (03/26/2021) Joe B Miller was undeniably fast in the feature event with the POWRi Engler Machine & Tool 600cc Micro Sprint League to kick off the 2021 season. Leading the race from start to finish, Joe B was able to hold onto it and clinch his 41st POWRi Micro win with the series.

At the drop of the green flag Miller took the early lead and left the field behind him battling for positions. The 81 of Frank Flud and the 15U of Willie Urish battled it out for the second position and Flud pulled away securing the second position. With a couple of cautions that got brought out, the field kept getting brought back together.

Joe B Miller was dominate on every restart and pulled away to find himself in victory lane. Frank Flud finished in second, and Daison Pursley, who had a hard charge late in the race caught up with the front of the pack and finished in the third position. Laydon Pearson finished in fourth and Willie Urish rounded out the top five.

“The car was really good no matter where I went, I just have to thank everyone that helps on this deal. Chris, Al, Ethan, Derick, without all of these guys we couldn’t do it.”

You can catch the POWRi Engler Machine & Tool 600cc Micro Sprint League back in action tomorrow, March 27th at I-44 Riverside Speedway. You can catch all the action LIVE on MAVTV Plus

SMITH TITANIUM Heat 1 Winner: 71k-Daison Pursley 

AFCO Heat 2 Winner: 1F-Jason Friesen 

ADVANCED RACING SUSPENSIONS Heat 3 Winner: 15U-Willie Urish 

AUTO METER Heat 4 Winner: 12S- Aydyn Schmidt 

KSE RACING PRODUCTS Heat 5 Winner: 51B-Joe B Miller 

AFCO High Point: 51B-Joe B Miller 

Max Papis Innovations Semi-Feature 1: 32-Austin Schaefer 

Hoosier Tire Semi-Feature 2: 14K-Noah Key  

Diversified Machine Inc. Hard Charger: 11-Laydon Pearson 

Engler Machine & Tool Feature Winner:  51B-Joe B Miller

POWRi Engler Machine & Tool 600cc Outlaw Micro League Feature Results (20 laps): 1. 51B – Joe B Miller  2. 81 – Frank Flud  3. 71K – Daison Pursley  4. 11 – Laydon Pearson  5. 15U – Willie Urish  6. 12G – Gage Robb  7. 93 – Matt Carr  8. 14X – Jade Avedesian  9. 938 – Bradley Fezard  10. 39 – Russ Disinger  11. 14K – Noah Key  12. 5T – Ryan Timms  13. 32 – Austin Schaefer  14. 7N – Darin Naida  15. 8B – Mickey Bullock  16. 25B – Blane Baxter  17. 1F – Jason Friesen  18. 40S – Shain Kaiser  19. 35 – Aubrey Smith  20. 122 – Lane Warner  21. 97 – Scotty Milan  22. 12S – Aydyn Schmidt  23. 08E – Elizabeth Phillips

Photo Credits: Danny Clum


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