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John Beale Win’s Trickle 99 @ Golden Sands Speedway

Golden Sands Speedway
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Golden Sands Speedway

John Beale kicked off the 2020 season at Golden Sands Speedway by winning the Trickle 99 on Monday afternoon.  The defending Wisconsin Challenge Series champion took his asphalt super late model to the 1/3-mile and was able to beat the competition to start the racing season in Central Wisconsin.

Golden Sands Speedway

Beale ran in the top three for much of the race after first inheriting the lead on lap eight of the 99-lap event.  After a restart stacked up the field with 24 laps to go, he passed reigning ARCA Midwest Tour Rookie of the Year Gabe Sommers, then race-long leader Chad Butz with around 20 laps to go to score the win.

“Early on, two guys were running side-by-side and took each other out and I inherited the lead.  We have a Crate car and on the restarts a couple guys got me.  After that, we had a long green flag run and I was barely holding on,” Beale told reporters.

“I was on the guy’s bumper for so long, I was pushing water at 270 and the whole right side of my body was burning. They were working each other and I finally had enough and went for it and I got the lead and win.”

Golden Sands Speedway’s Trickle 99 is one of several versions of the race throughout the state of Wisconsin to honor the late Dick Trickle.  To win a race with the legend’s name tied to it and to do it just miles from Trickle’s hometown of Rudolph, WI, Beale says it is special.

“Anything related to Dick Trickle, he’s the best in the whole world since man was created.  To have my name tied to him at all and be in the record books on Memorial Day weekend, it literally doesn’t get any better. A hundred lapper on a Monday afternoon in Central Wisconsin, life doesn’t get any better.”

Golden Sands Speedway

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