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Late Model Q&A: How JRM’s Late Model Drivers are Coping with COVID

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By: Ron Lemasters

As motorsports nears its second month of pandemic-inspired shutdown, JR Motorsports’ Late Model drivers are keeping busy and awaiting the opportunity to resume the season. Josh Berry and Connor Mosack took the time to update us on their thoughts as summer approaches.

When racing resumes, what is your outlook on how JR Motorsports will compete in the CARS Tour this season?

Berry (No. 88 All Things Automotive/iRacing Chevrolet): I don’t believe much has changed. We have the same goals in mind, but our season will just be condensed into a smaller time frame. I just hope that we will be able to safely get back to racing soon, and that all of these short tracks that we love will be able to financially survive this for the future.

Mosack (No. 8 Nic Tailor/Interstate Foam Supply Chevrolet): When racing resumes, I would expect the JRM cars to continue to have their speed and to pick back up where we left off from last season and our last race at Southern National.

How have you passed the time during the shutdown?

Berry: I have been trying to spend a lot of time with my family. Our daughter is three months old now, so it has been fun watching her learn new things every day. I have also been racing on iRacing a fair amount, normally after she goes to sleep.

Mosack: During this shutdown I’ve mostly been at the beach with my family. It’s been nice being down here versus at home in Charlotte because we’ve been able to enjoy nice weather on the beach and have been playing a lot of golf.

What is the biggest factor in being competitive out of the box once racing gets back under way?

Berry: For me, it will just be getting back in the routine of preparing the cars and the thought process that goes into it. We haven’t been able to work too far ahead of ourselves because we haven’t known which track we are going to next. Once we start to get an idea of that, then we will be able to get back in the groove.

Mosack: I’m not sure if I could pinpoint a single big factor for success when we return to the track, but to me I think it will feel similar to the start of another season.

With iRacing being the big draw these past several weeks, have you been racing a lot online?

Berry: A good bit. I have always raced iRacing on and off, but I have been able to do a lot more of the past few weeks. I think it is a great way to stay racing others and have some fun. The amount of exposure iRacing has gotten over the past month has been pretty amazing to see as a long time online racer. (Side note: Berry won the Saturday Night Thunder event at Richmond Raceway last month.)

Mosack: I have been able to do some iRacing during this time when I have been home in Charlotte. I have a wheel and pedals clipped to a desk down here with a different simulation game to continue practicing a little bit, but I definitely wish I was able to bring iRacing here.

Having a new baby at home, how has it been on extended daddy duty?

Berry: It is a challenge, but I have really enjoyed it. Obviously, these times have been challenging for everyone, but I have felt extremely fortunate to be able to spend this time with her while she is so young. I feel like I am experiencing a lot of things that I would’ve missed out on otherwise.

Since you are still in school (at High Point University), how has this break affected your studies?

Mosack: Finishing school online for me has been quite nice. My workload hasn’t seemed to pick up all that much and I can watch a 20-30 minute video when it is convenient instead of sitting in class for a couple hours. Of course, I wish we were able to be out there racing. I think it will further make me appreciate the opportunity that I have and increase my desires to run well right when we get back.

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