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Let The Madness Begin

Preview of the O’Reilly’s Auto Parts 100 at Bowman Gray Stadium
By Billy Weatherman/https://billyweatherman.sport.blog

Billy Weatherman / Oval Track News

It’s going to be ladies night this Saturday night at Bowman Gray Stadium, courtesy of O’Reilly’s Auto Parts and the Triad’s 105.7 Man Up. It’s also going to be double points night for all divisions. And so as all good racing fans know, a good or bad racing night on a double points race in the middle of the season, can be a make or break night for your 2019 championship hopes.

But this is all too familiar for Tim Brown and Burt Myers. They are the two winningest champions of all time at Bowman Gray Stadium with 19 titles between them. Tim has one up on Burt, and is leading the points, but he has to see Burt closing the gap on both respects. For both, the O’Reilly’s Auto Parts 100 will be a crucial race if either is to achieve the 2019 Bowman Gray Modified championship. 100 hard fought laps for the Brad’s Golf Cars modifieds Saturday night will be HUGE on determining how it all turns out.

But the madness will not stop with the modifieds. As per usual, all divisions will be in action, and so there is a lot at stake for Saturday night. For the McDowell Heating and Air Sportsman division, two 20 lappers will be on tap. Justin Taylor is your point leader going in, but Kyle Southern is only a mere 16 points back. And with only 20 laps a race to get things done, a mistake by either could make all the difference. With a field stacked with talent and stout competition, every race this year for the Sportsman series has been an adventure. So for Justin and Kyle Saturday night, every position will be a battle to gain as many points as they can possibly achieve.

(photo courtesy of Justin Taylor)

In the Law Offices of John Barrow Street Stock series, the points are even tighter. Jeremy Warren holds a very slim 4 point lead over Jacob Creed. And they’ll have one 20 lap race to make the best out of a double points outcome. The points race for the Street Stocks is tight throughout the top of the field, and victory lane has been a hard place to park this year. A win Saturday would be a big statement by either of these two on determining the 2019 season championship outcome.

In the Q104.1 Stadium Stock series, A.J. Sanders has a 10 point lead over Chuck Wall. On tap Saturday is a pair of 15 lap races, as the series is split into two with an A division and a B division because of the number of racers in the series competing at the stadium. And as one might expect, having such a high number of entrants can lead to chaos if one’s not careful. A good run can take a turn at any minute. But both driver’s machines are fast this year, and they will be determined to use that speed to take advantage of the opportunity for twice the amount of a point advantage. The pressure will be on for a good finish.

(photo courtesy of Sanders Racing)

Double points nights are a local track fan’s dream. And I can tell you from experience, that at Bowman Gray Stadium, they’re one of the things that help lead to the track having the nickname The Madhouse. It’s going to get heated on the track, and madness will ensue. But for Bowman Gray Stadium drivers and their crews, despite indications otherwise, it’s controlled mayhem. And the teams who take the most control of their destiny Saturday night will take a huge step forward in their chase for the 2019 Bowman Gray Stadium championship in their respected divisions.

Billy Weatherman / Oval Track News