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Eswein Sweeps Night 1 Of Fall Shootout At Marshfield Motor Speedway

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Gildan Racing / Beale Racing Photo


Marshfield Motor Speedway

Fifteen Super Late Models qualified on night 1 and Mark Eswein laid down a 19.179 on his first lap in time. Neil Knoblock, back behind the wheel of the Redline Speedsports 7-11, qualified 2nd with Darren Jackson, John Beale and Mark Mackesy rounded out the top 5. With the championship points accumulating both nights, all eyes were on the battle between Beale and Mackesy as John came into the night was a 12 point advantage.

Mike Seavers took the win in the first SLM heat just barely beating out Dakota Blakeslee at the line. Eswein, as mentioned before, took the win heat 2. Mark Mackesy finished 2nd with John Beale 3rd in heat 2, which kept the point race at 12 going into the feature.

Mike Seavers and Monte Gress brought the field to green for the 35-lap feature event. On the green Gress spun the recap tired and lost a lot of ground as the whole outside row suffered. Mark Mackesy worked his way to the front early though and took the lead by lap 4. Mark was able to lead while the very fast 71 car of Eswein cut his way through the field. On lap 21 Eswein assumed the lead and he would pull away with the victory. Mark Mackesy would fend off a hard charging John Beale, as Beale really had to make up a ton of ground after the initial start. Darren Jackson and Neil Knoblock finished out the top 5. Mark Mackesy gained a bit of ground and is now 9 points behind Beale going into tomorrow’s action.

The X-Treme 4s were back with us and Tim Finstad was quickest in qualifying with a 21.494. Mike Meharg and Greg Blount each took home wins in the heats. In the feature event, Meharg lead early until Finstad ran him down on lap 4. Finstad held the lead and fended off Blount for as long as he could until Greg got the pass completed with 5 laps left and went on to pick up the victory. Finstad took 2nd, Meharg 3rd, Dave Auringer 4th and Jerod DeBoer 5th. Blount increased his points lead as well and will look to start the feature to secure the 2020 crown Saturday night.

In 6-Cylinder action, visiting cars from the Tomah-Sparta-Lacrosse area helped complete a strong field of 8 cars. In practice, Brandon VanStedum lost the motor ending his night. In qualifying Matt Moore ran the fastest lap at 23.907. Moore also took the win in the heat, picking up the lead on lap 3. The feature saw some great clean 3 and even 4 wide racing from the begining and all the way throughout the event. Tim Murphy lead the early 4 laps before Matt Moore reclaimed the lead position on lap 5. Dan Frye made some great moves to try to upset the 90 Moore machine, but it would not be enough as Moore picked up the win. Frye would hold onto 2nd, with Murphy taking 3rd, Gary Harklau 4th, and Justin Delap Sr 5th. The 2020 season champion was crowned and it was Gary Harklau.

The always entertaining Bandits took to the track with Eric Breitenfeldt fastest with a 22.728. Chris Tolliver snagged the heat win. Tyler Custer led the first 2 laps before Tolliver took over the lead and never looked back. Tolliver mototed to the win with Breitenfeldt and Custer finishing top 3. Chad Ferge and Tom Lecher rounded out the top 5. Tolliver increased the point advantage going into the final night with Breitendfeldt and Custer still within striking distance.

The 2-man cruiser class saw John VanStedum and Craig Lyon take fast time and the feature win. Mike Helbach and Tyler Kalata took the heat win. The 2-man teams will be back in action for thier championship on night 2.

The popular skidders finished the night with John VanStedum, Brandon VanStedum, Craig Lyon and Ken VanStedum finishing in those respective spots. Brandon and Craig put on a great show for that coveted 2nd position. John VanStedum was crowned the 2020 champ.


1 – Mark Eswein

2 – Mark Mackesy

3 – John Beale

4 – Darren Jackson

5 – Neil Knoblock

6 – Dakota Blakeslee

7 – Dillon Mackesy

8 – Greg Borchardt

9 – Erin Schlough

10 – Mike Seavers

11 – Tim Jackson

12 – Greg Matthews

13 – Brett Breitenfeldt

14 – Todd Rueden

15 – Monte Gress

X-Treme 4s

1 – Greg Blount

2 – Tim Finstad

3 – Mike Meharg

4 – Dave Auringer

5 – Jerod DeBoer

6 – Noah Gajewski

7 – Don Tieman

8 – Kevin Eckes

9 – Ryan Brock

10 – Andrew Rhone

11 – Sam Sheahen

12 – Ron Sischo

6 Cylinders

1 – Matt Moore

2 – Dan Frye

3 – Tim Murphy

4 – Gary Harklau

5 – Justin Delap Sr

6 – John Wendt

7 – Charlie Spry

8 – Josh Zacharias


1 – Chris Tolliver

2 – Eric Breitenfeldt

3 – Tyler Custer

4 – Chad Ferge

5 – Tom Lecher

6 – Amanda Rowe

7 – Brad Lecher


1 – John VanStedum & Craig Lyon

2 – Mike Helbach & Tyler Kalata

3 – Craig Carlson & Jason Greenweller

4 – Justin Johnston & Jon Tuttle

5 – Walter Mancil & Josh Weber


1 – John VanStedum

2 – Brandon VanStedum

3 – Craig Lyon

4 – Ken VanStedum

Gildan Racing / Beale Racing Photo

Marshfield Motor Speedway

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