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Marshfield Motor Speedway 9-7-19


Marshfield Motor Speedway

Marshfield Motor Speedway 9-7-19


Marshfield Motor Speedway 9-7-19
Marshfield Motor Speedway 9-7-19
Marshfield Motor Speedway 9-7-19
Marshfield Motor Speedway 9-7-19


Marshfield, WI, (September 6, 2019) – A great crowd was on hand tonight to witness some great racing action, on the first night of Marshfield Motor Speedway’s Fall Shootout.  CWRA Super Late Models, Pure Stocks, Bandits, Six-Shooters, and the 2-Man Cruisers were on hand for the Dave Lashua Memorial!

In CWRA super late model action, it was Colin Reffner grabbing fast time honors tonight.  Reffner, the grandson of legendary driver Tom Reffner, has had much success on the half-mile paved oval of Marshfield Motor Speedway.

As starter Patrick Barrett threw the green flag indicating the start of feature #1, it was Dan Lindsley and Dillon Mackesy leading the way.  Neil Knoblock grabbed the early lead with an inside pass of Lindsley.  Knoblock would build a six-car lead over Mackesy by lap eight.  Colin Reffner started working his way through the field and moved into the fifth position by lap ten.  On lap 15, caution would fly for a spinning car in turn two.  The lead that Knoblock earned, diminished with the caution flag.  On the restart, it was Colin Reffner joining Knoblock on the front row.  Reffner got the jump on Knoblock on the restart and grabbed the lead once the drivers went back to green.  Reffner, who earlier in the evening top the charts in qualifying, proved to be the class of the field.  Caution would fly once again, and with Knoblock choosing the inside lane with Reffner, Darek Gress jumped to the front row with Reffner.  On the restart, in was once again Reffner grabbing the lead away from Gress.  Once the checkered flag came out, it was Colin Reffner earning the feature win.  With Darek Gress and Neil Knoblock finishing second and third respectively, it was Dalton Zehr finishing fourth, and Darren Jackson rounding out the top five.

  1. Colin Reffner
  2. Darek Gress
  3. Neil Knoblock
  4. Dalton Zehr                                             
  5. Darren Jackson
  6. Jeff Weinfurter
  7. Dillon Mackesy
  8. Justin Woller
  9. Travis Volm
  10. Mike Sievers
  11. Mark Mackesy
  12. Dan Lindsley
  13. Greg Mathews
  14. Chase Randerson
  15. Harley Jankowski
  16. Curt Tillman
  17. Brett Breitenfeldt
  18. Brian Henry
  19. Dakota Blakeslee
  20. Monte Gress
  21. Derrick Van Dreel                                         

Curt Tillman and Harley Jankowski brought the field of cars to the green flag for the start of the second feature event for the Central Wisconsin Racing Association super late models.  Jankowski quickly grabbed the lead away from Tillman as the two drivers completed lap one.  Justin Woller, whom of which competed at Marshfield on regular basis several years ago, put his #44 car into the fourth position from his ninth starting spot, by lap four. While Jankowski was enjoying a comfortable lead, Jeff Weinfurter, Dalton Zehr, and Darek Gress, started closing in on the leader.  With Woller holding down the runner up spot, Darek Gress worked his way around Weinfurter and Zehr.  Gress and Woller battled side by side for numerous laps, with Gress finally edging by Woller.  While Jankowski was holding down a 4 car length lead, Gress started cutting into the his lead. On lap 23, Gress caught Jankowski and the two drivers raced side by side for the final three laps.  As the drivers exited turn for on the feature’s final lap, it was Harley Jankowski edging Darek Gress by one foot.  With Justin Woller having a great run finishing third, it was Dalton Zehr and Jeff Weinfurter rounding out the top five.

  1. Harley Jankowski
  2. Darek Gress
  3. Justin Woller                               
  4. Dalton Zehr
  5. Jeff Weinfurter
  6. Colin Reffner
  7. Darren Jackson
  8. Travis Volm
  9. Mark Mackesy
  10. Dillon Mackesy
  11. Dan Lindsley
  12. Curt Tillman
  13. Dakota Blakeslee
  14. Chase Randerson
  15. Mike Sievers
  16. Brett Breitenfeldt
  17. Greg Mathews
  18. Brian Henry
  19. Neil Knoblock
  20. Monte Gress

In rememberance of Dave Lashua, a gentleman driver in the Pure Stock division that suddenly passed away a few years ago, we had a special 25-lap feature, with added pay for all positions.  

In qualifying, it was Jason Stark earning fast time honors; Stark tripped the clock at 21.031 seconds.  In heat action tonight, it was Brian Plisch & Mitch Stankowski earning the wins.

For the Dave Lashua Memorial feature, it was Kyle Genett putting his borrowed #61 machine out front early.  Genett, whom of which has numerous feature wins on the half-mile paved oval of Marshfield, would hold the lead for the first 8-laps.  The dual of Jason Stark and Mitch Stankowski moved their hot rods to the front two spots by lap nine.  Stark and Stankowski raced door handle to door handle for the next 3 laps, with Stankowski finally giving way to a very fast Stark.  After a caution flag on lap 12, Stark continued to hold off Stankowski for the race lead.  From his 7th starting position, Alex Volm moved up to the tail end of Genett for a battle for the third position. As starter Patrick Barrett threw the checkered flag, Jason Stark pocketed a cool $300 cash and the feature win.  With Mitch Stankowski coming home a close second, it was Kyle Genett holding off a fast Alex Volm for the final podium spot.  Brian Plisch notched the fifth position as he continued a very successful season of racing.

  1. Jason Stark 
  2. Mitch Stankowski
  3. Kyle Genett                                             
  4. Alex Volm
  5. Brian Plisch
  6. Mike Kreuger
  7. Raymond Hardy
  8. Jeff McIntee
  9. Aaron Henricks

The always exciting Bandits competed again tonight, putting on another spectacular show.  Leading the field of 14 car to the green flag, it was Ryan Brock and Travis Lang.  Leading the first lap it was Mike Meharg.  Megarg’s lead was brief however, as Tyler Custer was hot on his bumper.  One lap later, it was Custer grabbing the top spot from Meharg.  With Custer out front, Jake Halterman moved his machine to the runner up position.  Halterman, who generally competes on the local dirt circuit, had competed on the asphalt a few years ago.  Custer, whom of which is currently in the second position for championship points, would continue to hold a two-car cushion on Halterman for the race lead.  Another driver contending for the race lead was point leader Chad Ferge.  During the 2019 season for Ferge, he has been nothing short of sensational at every track he competes at.  On the final lap of their feature event, Halterman did all he could do, but it was Tyler Custer earning his first career feature win.  With Jake Halterman coming home in second, it was Chad Ferge, Mike Meharg, and Riley Zarda rounding out the top five.

Note:  On lap one, Matt Gajewski was collected by Kole Ferge, with both drivers car sustaining heavy damage.  Gajewski went to the hospital to get checked out, but we are glad to inform everyone that both drivers are ok.  The cause of the wreck was neither driver’s fault.

  1. Tyler Custer
  2. Jake Halterman
  3. Chad Ferge
  4. Mike Meharg
  5. Riley Zarda
  6. Brad Lecher
  7. Ryan Brock
  8. Sam Sheahan
  9. Christine Schmude
  10. Tom Lecher
  11. Travis Lang
  12. Matt Gajewski
  13. Kole Ferge
  14. Dave Lembke

Gary Haarklau once again grabbed fast time for the six-shooters here tonight.  In feature action, Haarklau fended off challenges from Charlie Spry and Aaron Keuntjes for the feature win!                                     

2-Man Crusiers were on hand tonight to complete their 2019 race season.  Setting fast time tonight was the team of Mike Helbach & Tyler Kalata. The #02 team drivers turned a lap time of 21.752 seconds.  Earning the heat win in the 2-Man Cruisers was the father/son team of John Van Stedum & Brandon Van Stedum. 

In feature action, it was the team of Helbach & Kalata jumping out to the early lead.  Their lead was brief however, as the team of Joey Kuhn & Walter Mancil took over the top spot.  Motoring to the top spot on lap seven was the Van Stedum’s.  John & Brandon grabbed the top spot with an outside pass of Kuhn & Mancil.  Once out front, John & Brandon Van Stedum never looked up as the team grabbed a very popular feature win.  The team of Kuhn/Mancil finished second, with Craig Carlson/Jason Greenweller third, Keith Lockhart/Jeff McIntee fourth, and Tyler Kalata & Mike Helbach finishing fifth.                               

Next week, Saturday, September 14th, Marshfield Motor Speedway will be host to their Truck & Tractor Show presented N.E.W. Motorsports. For all the up to date information, log onto, or Like Us on Facebook.