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Midseason championship for five classes, Super Streets counting down to $11,109 event Plymouth Speedway

RJ Akers celebrates his victory in the Thunder Stock class Saturday. 

By Greg Hildebrand

PLYMOUTH—Six firework displays for the price of admission. Even a caution free UMP Modified feature that had only six cars finishing on the lead lap had its moments of fiery competition.

The night started off with a 20 car 600 Non Winged Micros feature that saw Chad Hartzell start on the pole but benefit from a Dylan Woodling and Deaven Bolton collision to finish on the top step. Woodling and Bolton collided on the back stretch but instead of waiting for a caution both drivers gathered themselves up and continued on which worked out to Woodling’s benefit, as he went on to grab second on the last lap. Bolton finished 9th getting past a couple cars. Bruce Clay spent the lion share of the feature in second after last week’s win only to have Woodling get by coming to the flag. Ed Cleveland started 3rd but a flip in turns 3 and 4 put an early end to his night. Cody Williams gets a hard charger nod finishing third in the 12 car B feature to start 19th in the main and capture an 8th place finish. Tying Williams in the hard charger would be Garett Goodwin with a 15th start and a 4th place finish just missing the podium.

Hartzell moves into the lead in points with the win but Cleveland is only 37 points behind after the DNF. Williams is in third 51 points out of first and knotted up at fourth through seventh are Jacob Ruppe, Woodling, Goodwin and Brenton Lamb all separated by a mere nine points total. 600’s will be in action again this weekend.

Thunder Stocks started the main with 16 full fender cars with Austen Hubbard on the pole with Bryan Banta on his outside. RJ Akers started third and was racing side by side with Hubbard when the first yellow flag came out on lap 3. It ended up being a rough night for Hubbard as he would spin battling towards the front and would have to restart from the rear. A handful of laps later and Hubbard brings out the yellow again pressing to reestablish his place at the front of the field. 

Shane Sanders had a standout evening starting in the fourth starting spot and maintaining a top five spot the entire race to finish third. Banta started on the front row and battled with all of the top cars to maintain a spot in the top five also. Clint Hall worked his way from 8th to second as the laps were winding down. Banta was running to Hall’s inside and in his tracks for several laps waiting for an opportunity to get by. Sanders getting hooked up on the cushion got involved and it was a three car battle for second with Akers checking out up front. With only a couple of laps Hall found himself in a Banta, Sanders sandwich and Hall ended up with a flat left rear. Akers crossed the line several car lengths ahead of Banta and Sanders. Hall would limp to fourth with a flat. 

Lee Hall maintains the point lead over Sanders by 21 points, Akers is third 13 points behind Sanders and Clint Hall finds himself in fourth in the points also 49 points behind Akers.

Super Street’s made their last appearance before the big ILVDIRT Throwdown at the Playground July 12 and 13. Super Street’s point race is another close one with Ron Wilkes holding down the lead without a win but a consistent top ten record in the six features and five top fives. Travis Wolford is in second with one win, three top fives in six features. Calvin Peek Jr. is third in points. But the surprise in the points race would be Joe Spiewak at seventh with only four feature appearances but two wins, the most in the class.

Spiewak would get one of those Saturday night, with a start on the pole. Peek Jr. would finish second from a fourth place start in the 20 car feature. Kory Conner started third and finished third holding off a charging Michael Clark. Ron Wilkes and Bob McLean both moved eight places to share the hard charger Wilkes from 13 to 5, McLean charged up from 15th to finish 7th. Owen Wells captured the B feature from the pole and moved up a couple spots finishing t3th in the A.

The Super Streets have the week off but will return July 12 and 13 for what could be the biggest Super Street weekend in the nation with $11,109 check to the winner and over $30,000 purse up for grabs. Plymouth will host a special test and tune July 10 and practice on the 12 for these drivers. Thunder stocks will race July 12 for $1,109 feature with 600s and mini. Saturday Super Streets will share the track with CSR Sprints and UMP Mods. 

Nine CSR Winged Sprints took the green flag for the 20 lap feature. Eric Saunders is making up for lost time in the early part of the season picking up his third win of the season. Saunders would start 5th and ride the cushion to the front of the field. Eli Lakin started third and kept Saunders within touch but just couldn’t find a place on the track to get back around him one he got passed. John Gurley picked up the final spot on the podium having faded in the first part of the feature but was able to take advantage of a restart and a changing track to make his way back to third.

Lakin remains in first place in points with five top fives in five starts and one win. Gurley is close on his heals with five top fives, Jack James is next with the same stat both shut out of the win category. Kyle Gunkel sits in fourth with a win but only three additional top fives and Saunders slots in at fifth with three wins in four appearances.

The final feature Saturday night was the UMP Modifieds caution free 25 laps. Derek Losh is the top points winner with 5 wins, 6 top fives and seven features. Frank Marshall is only 60 points out without a win and five top fives. Matt Michell is in third with 5 top tens in 6 features but Zeke McKenzie is close with one win, four top fives and not finishing out of the top ten in only five features.

Saturday’s feature was all Derek Losh starting third moving into first out of turn four on the first lap. He was lapping cars only a hand full of laps later and without a caution he looked to be on his way to lapping the field.

That was until he ran up on Mat Mitchell in sixth. Mitchell was the first car he struggled to get around he tried several times to get by but Mitchell wouldn’t make it easy until Mitchell place a tire wrong in turn four and Losh was able to get under and around. But even in those couple of laps of racing with Mitchell. Frank Marshall wasn’t able to make up much distance as he and Mike Hohlbein were racing for second and third. Fourth place would end up being Dylan Woodling. Marshall would get the hard charger moving four places from his sixth place start.

This Saturday UMP Mods, CSR Sprints, Thunder Cars and 600s  will be back for another exciting points racing night with a special soap box derby night with additional prizes for the best looking derby car. 

Following the exciting two nights of full fender racing excitement July 12 and 13, USAC Sprint Week returns to Plymouth Friday July 19. Sharing the track with the non-winged 410 Sprint cars will be the 600s micro sprints.

Saturday the CSR Winged Sprints, UMP Modifieds, Super Streets and Thunder cars will be featured.

6/29/2019 at Plymouth Speedway

600cc Non Winged Micros

A Feature 1: 1. 57-Chad Hartzell, 29:55.694[1]; 2. 3W-Dylan Woodling, 29:56.132[4]; 3. 4-Bruce Clay, 29:56.338[6]; 4. 83-Garett Goodwin, 29:56.704[15]; 5. X-Garrett Jameson, 29:57.124[5]; 6. 07-Tyler Chalk, 29:58.030[7]; 7. 347-Dalton Richards, 29:58.326[9]; 8. 26-Cody Williams, 29:58.942[19]; 9. 2-Deaven Bolton, 29:59.079[2]; 10. 21-Brenton Lamb, 29:59.467[10]; 11. 6-Nick Schaefer, 29:59.780[13]; 12. 77-Trey Paseka, 30:00.228[12]; 13. 38-Billy Briscoe, 30:00.932[14]; 14. 69-Blake Lamb, 30:03.668[8]; 15. 51-Jason ormsby, 30:01.931[16]; 16. 12-Jacob Ruppe, 30:02.310[18]; 17. 29-Kayla Cleveland, 30:03.789[20]; 18. 28H-Austin Helm, 23:25.752[11]; 19. 99-Zachary Clark, 18:23.943[17]; 20. 45-Ed Cleveland, [3]

B Feature 1: 1. 99-Zachary Clark, 16:02.162[1]; 2. 12-Jacob Ruppe, 16:02.617[3]; 3. 26-Cody Williams, 16:02.840[4]; 4. 29-Kayla Cleveland, 16:03.107[2]; 5. 49-Brian Kunze, 16:03.330[7]; 6. 5J-Jacob Bigger, 16:03.888[10]; 7. 15H-Andy Hall, 16:04.479[8]; 8. 23H-Kevin Hapner, 16:05.164[12]; 9. 11H-Abby Hohlbein, 16:06.513[6]; 10. 15-Devin Beer, 16:08.667[11]; 11. 27J-Joseph Irons, 16:09.510[5]; 12. 18-Maddy Kinzer, 11:12.390[9]

Heat 1: 1. 3W-Dylan Woodling, [2]; 2. 2-Deaven Bolton, [4]; 3. 347-Dalton Richards, [3]; 4. 6-Nick Schaefer, [7]; 5. 99-Zachary Clark, [6]; 6. 27J-Joseph Irons, [5]; 7. 18-Maddy Kinzer, [1]

Heat 2: 1. 45-Ed Cleveland, [1]; 2. 07-Tyler Chalk, [3]; 3. 21-Brenton Lamb, [4]; 4. 38-Billy Briscoe, [5]; 5. 29-Kayla Cleveland, [7]; 6. 11H-Abby Hohlbein, [2]; 7. 5J-Jacob Bigger, [6]

Heat 3: 1. 4-Bruce Clay, [2]; 2. 57-Chad Hartzell, [3]; 3. 28H-Austin Helm, [1]; 4. 83-Garett Goodwin, [5]; 5. 12-Jacob Ruppe, [7]; 6. 49-Brian Kunze, [4]; 7. 15-Devin Beer, [6]

Heat 4: 1. 69-Blake Lamb, [2]; 2. X-Garrett Jameson, [4]; 3. 77-Trey Paseka, [3]; 4. 51-Jason ormsby, [5]; 5. 26-Cody Williams, [7]; 6. 15H-Andy Hall, [6]; 7. 23H-Kevin Hapner, [1]

Street Stocks

A Feature 1: 1. 14-RJ Akers, 22:59.622[3]; 2. 7B-Bryan Banta, 23:00.466[2]; 3. 3-Shane Sanders, 23:00.945[4]; 4. 8-Clint Hall, 23:01.892[8]; 5. 21K-Jacob Kolwyck, 23:02.839[6]; 6. 28-Craig Anstead, 23:03.211[9]; 7. 98-Lee Joseph Hall, 23:05.577[10]; 8. 48C-Wade Clemmons, 23:06.158[13]; 9. 35-Danny Dykhuizen, 23:06.637[12]; 10. 54-Adam Boord, 23:07.080[11]; 11. 9-Nate Payton, 23:07.825[15]; 12. 10-Michael Roe, 23:10.103[16]; 13. 90-Lee Hall, 23:10.891[5]; 14. 114-Austen Hubbard, 16:14.254[1]; 15. 53H-Curtis Hart, 14:09.695[14]; 16. 89-Jason Fritz, 08:54.767[7]

Heat 1: 1. 90-Lee Hall, 03:36.670[2]; 2. 3-Shane Sanders, 03:38.502[3]; 3. 21K-Jacob Kolwyck, 03:39.241[4]; 4. 89-Jason Fritz, 03:39.978[5]; 5. 28-Craig Anstead, 03:40.422[1]; 6. 54-Adam Boord, 03:41.422[7]; 7. 48C-Wade Clemmons, 03:41.454[6]; 8. 9-Nate Payton, 03:42.448[8]

Heat 2: 1. 14-RJ Akers, 02:55.074[2]; 2. 7B-Bryan Banta, 03:00.955[6]; 3. 114-Austen Hubbard, 03:01.036[7]; 4. 8-Clint Hall, 03:02.250[3]; 5. 98-Lee Joseph Hall, 03:04.216[4]; 6. 35-Danny Dykhuizen, 03:05.507[5]; 7. 53H-Curtis Hart, 03:05.547[1]; 8. 10-Michael Roe, 03:06.801[8]

Super Sports

A Feature 1: 1. 28-Joe Spiewak, 16:12.280[1]; 2. 88-Calvin Peek Jr, 16:12.736[4]; 3. 12-Kory Conner, 16:14.821[3]; 4. 1-Michael Clark, 16:14.921[6]; 5. 19-Ron Wilkes, 16:15.489[13]; 6. 15-David Short, 16:15.948[8]; 7. 15CR-Bob McLean, 16:17.158[15]; 8. 99K-Jerrad Krick, 16:17.835[9]; 9. 14T-Chris Tippit, 16:20.365[7]; 10. 20X-John Rhoads, 16:20.579[12]; 11. 48-Travis Wolford, 16:20.667[2]; 12. 14W-Adam Williams, 16:23.958[17]; 13. 15W-Owen Wells, 16:24.387[16]; 14. 91L-Larry Long, 16:25.753[18]; 15. 14-Caleb Bisacky, 16:26.042[11]; 16. 8-David Hurst, 16:29.302[19]; 17. 51-Jason Fritz, 06:06.054[14]; 18. 91-Shane Pendleton, 09:00.215[5]; 19. 12X-Terry Hull, 06:45.313[20]; 20. 20-Chad Weinrick, 06:06.054[10]

B Feature 1: 1. 15W-Owen Wells, 05:33.442[1]; 2. 14W-Adam Williams, 05:35.729[5]; 3. 91L-Larry Long, 05:36.599[3]; 4. 8-David Hurst, 05:37.107[7]; 5. 12X-Terry Hull, 05:37.417[2]; 6. 23A-Andrew Funk, 02:42.837[6]

Heat 1: 1. 88-Calvin Peek Jr, 03:28.062[1]; 2. 91-Shane Pendleton, 03:30.155[3]; 3. 14T-Chris Tippit, 03:30.684[4]; 4. 20-Chad Weinrick, 03:35.288[7]; 5. 19-Ron Wilkes, 03:35.808[9]; 6. 15W-Owen Wells, 03:36.501[6]; 7. 1T-Tommy Sutton, 03:37.383[2]; 8. 8-David Hurst, 04:06.470[5]; 9. 22G-Austin Garrett, 03:57.664[8]

Heat 2: 1. 48-Travis Wolford, [1]; 2. 12-Kory Conner, [7]; 3. 15-David Short, [6]; 4. 14-Caleb Bisacky, [5]; 5. 51-Jason Fritz, [2]; 6. 12X-Terry Hull, [4]; 7. 14W-Adam Williams, [9]; 8. 111-Kirby Trent, [8]

Heat 3: 1. 1-Michael Clark, 09:21.953[1]; 2. 28-Joe Spiewak, 09:22.810[2]; 3. 99K-Jerrad Krick, 09:23.208[3]; 4. 20X-John Rhoads, 09:23.638[5]; 5. 15CR-Bob McLean, 09:24.152[4]; 6. 91L-Larry Long, 09:24.517[8]; 7. 23A-Andrew Funk, 07:26.451[6]; 8. 85-Robert Swartz, 07:14.439[7]

UMP Modifieds

A Feature 1: 1. 21-Derek Losh, 12:18.017[3]; 2. 28M-Frank Marshall, 12:26.792[6]; 3. 11H-Mike Hohlbein, 12:30.701[1]; 4. 3W-Dylan Woodling, 12:31.103[5]; 5. 10-Bradley Jameson, 12:32.134[2]; 6. 49S-Darek Snyder, 12:34.109[8]; 7. 00-Cameron Head, 12:34.671[4]; 8. 2M-Matt Mitchell, 12:18.216[7]; 9. 0-Garrett Jameson, 12:26.890[12]; 10. 22-Will Bennett, 12:27.648[11]; 11. 08-DJ Streeter, 12:29.044[10]; 12. J7-Joey Iliff, 12:31.896[9]; 13. B14-Zach Brubaker, 12:33.149[16]; 14. 20-Justin White, 12:18.798[14]; 15. 25M-Brian Mcfeeters, 12:28.996[15]; 16. A88-Christopher Anstead, 12:31.502[13]

Heat 1: 1. 00-Cameron Head, 08:58.047[2]; 2. 11H-Mike Hohlbein, 08:59.074[3]; 3. 28M-Frank Marshall, 08:59.885[4]; 4. 2M-Matt Mitchell, 09:01.269[5]; 5. J7-Joey Iliff, 09:02.531[1]; 6. 22-Will Bennett, 09:05.389[6]; 7. A88-Christopher Anstead, 09:06.929[8]; 8. 25M-Brian Mcfeeters, 09:06.929[7]

Heat 2: 1. 21-Derek Losh, 02:35.924[4]; 2. 10-Bradley Jameson, 02:38.227[3]; 3. 3W-Dylan Woodling, 02:39.840[2]; 4. 49S-Darek Snyder, 02:40.439[1]; 5. 08-DJ Streeter, 02:42.781[5]; 6. 0-Garrett Jameson, 02:43.283[7]; 7. 20-Justin White, 02:44.710[6]

Winged Crate Sprints

A Feature 1: 1. 349-Eric Saunders, 13:58.761[5]; 2. 70-Eli Lakin, 14:00.452[3]; 3. 3G-John Gurley, 14:07.746[4]; 4. 99-Jack James, 14:10.683[6]; 5. 37-David Gross, 14:06.538[7]; 6. 87-Rich Barngrover, 14:05.126[9]; 7. 0C-Andrew Cockman, 13:06.793[8]; 8. 14-Keith Ousley, 12:45.702[1]; 9. 75-Kyle Gunkel, 05:05.781[2]

Heat 1: 1. 349-Eric Saunders, 06:27.809[1]; 2. 99-Jack James, 06:32.018[3]; 3. 14-Keith Ousley, 06:33.139[5]; 4. 37-David Gross, 06:40.346[4]; 5. 87-Rich Barngrover, 06:27.728[2]

Heat 2: 1. 70-Eli Lakin, 03:00.920[3]; 2. 75-Kyle Gunkel, 03:01.061[2]; 3. 3G-John Gurley, 03:01.547[4]; 4. 0C-Andrew Cockman, 03:07.364[1]

Dylan Woodling finished second behind Chad Hartzell (center) with a last lap pass of Bruce Clay.

Ed Cleveland had an early exit from the feature after single flip in turns 3 and 4. Cleveland was okay after the accident.

Joe Spiewak (center) captures his second win of the season with Calvin Peek Jr. (right) finished in second and Kory Conner grabs a spot on the podium.

Plymouth Speedway took a few moment between features to enjoy a firework show.

If was autograph night in the pits, here Ron Wilkes signs some hero cards for his fans.