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OTN Driver Interview: Brian Campbell

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Brian Campbell

1) Where & when did you see your first local race?

Not exactly sure when – certainly as a kid growing up I went to all sorts of racetracks. I am sure it was either Berlin, Kalamazoo, or Galesburg as the first race I saw

2) When and how did you start racing?

Started racing full time in 2000 – however I ran my first race the fall of 1999. My family has been in racing, going to races as a kid was my conduit into the sport

3) Who were your toughest competitors?

So many to name. Growing up at Berlin it was people like Ross Meeuwson and Tim DeVos as I ventured out and started racing all over Johnny VanDoorn has probably taken that role.

4) What was your first car?

1999 Monte Carlo SuperStock

5) What division did you start off in?

Berlin SuperStocks

6) What is your car number and why did you pick your number?

Currently my number is 47 – was my dads number.

7) How long before you won your first race?

Won a mechanics race in 1999

8) How long before you won your first feature?

3 races in I won my first pole and 4 races in I won my first SuperStock race

9) What was or is your favorite car(s)?

Outlaw Late Models racing at Toledo

10) What was or is your favorite track?

Lucas Oil formally IRP/ORP is my favorite track

11) What victory stands out the most?

There are probably 10 that stand together. One out of there is winning Bristol and being able to drive up to the victory lane on top of the garage.

12) What victory that “got away” stands out?

Lost the lead on the last lap at Gateway to Steve Carlson.

13) Have you ever been injured in a race?

No not really – been beaten up a little but never really injured

14) Who were the toughest to race against?

Too many to count – many tough competitors over the years

15) Who was or is the hardest to pass?

Probably when I got the opportunity to race against my dad – always tough

16) Who did you or do you not want to see in the mirror with 1 lap to go?

Eddie Hoffman – because I knew I was getting ready to get moved

17) Who was your favorite local driver growing up?

My dad

18) Who are your favorite local drivers now?

Not really sure – kind of just watch it now…do not really have a favorite

19) Who is your favorite NASCAR driver?

Same as #18

20) Who helped you the most in your career?

I will say my dad and Bill McGowan. Both have taught me so much. Dad for showing me how to race and Bill for teaching me how to win.

21) Any feuds or rivalries?

Not really any more. As I get older it is more for fun now, so I don’t let things bother me as much as I used to

22) Any funny stories from the track to tell?

Pretty boring over here.

23) Who were your best friends in racing?

Been with the same guys for the past 15 years or so. Henry, Henry, Percy, and my dad

24) Sponsors your race fans should patronize that help you get to the track.

Senneker Performance, Progressive Engines, Nova Engines, DTS, Daily Deals Grocery Stores, GroAmerica, Ultimate Exposure Graphics all have helped us out this year

25) Do you have a Facebook Page or Website fans can follow you at?

FB page is just my name…like I said pretty boring

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