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Oval Track News Interview With: Travis Braden

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Travis Braden

1) When and how did you start racing?

I had a 4 wheeler from age 3. Wanted to race it so my parents let me at the local fair at age 5 or 6. It was just once a year for fun, but I wanted to do more. They bought me my first go cart at age 8

2) Who were your toughest competitors?

Johnny VanDoorn and Brian Campbell have to be the two toughest overall that I’ve ever competed against.

3) What was your first car?

My first passenger car was a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix

4) What division did you start off in?

“mini wedge” go carts. Raced on smooth clay ovals. 5HP Briggs engines, no suspension, full roll cage and sheet metal body

5) What is your car number and why did you pick your number?

A1. My dad’s towing company was “Braden’s A1 towing.” Used that number for 10 years

6) How long before you won your first race?

Finally won my first race at the end of my first season, in the rookie class. Year 2 we moved up to the experienced class, hoping to just come close to winning 1 race by the end of the year, and ended up winning every race but 1, the first race, which we finished 2nd.

7) How long before you won your first feature?

Same answer as 6

8) What was or is your favorite car(s)?

Super late models. They’re just such extreme purpose built cars. I prefer the driving style of the heavier cars, but super late models are a blast to drive. You can drive them a lot harder than any other full size car.

9) What was or is your favorite track?

Winchester is probably my overall favorite. High banks and long, demanding races. I have a sweet spot for my two home tracks, Columbus (OH) and Kilkare, which I consider to be the two most difficult places I’ve ever raced to win at.

10) What victory stands out the most?

2016 Winchester 400. I had a car capable of winning the race from 2012-2015 and just never had luck. In 16 I felt I didn’t have a very good car. Somehow managed to be there at the end with fresher tires and stole it. And there was some excitement afterwards…

11) What victory that “got away” stands out?

2014 winchester 400. Had it won and made a mistake to let Erik Jones steal the show. I’ve never made the mistake again since.

12) Have you ever been injured in a race?

Never injured

13) Who was or is the hardest to pass?

Kenny Tweedy was, by far, the hardest driver I’ve ever had to pass.

14) Who did you or do you not want to see in the mirror with 1 lap to go?

I want to see everyone in my mirror with 1 to go. (Honestly, I NEVER look in my mirror. Don’t even know why I still have it in the car)

15) Who was your favorite local driver growing up?

I was unfortunately never around racing growing up before I started myself. The only person I can ever remember at all was Donnie Hill at Columbus. We watched a few races when we were in town racing quarter midgets, and it seemed like he always won.

16) Who are your favorite local drivers now?

Unfortunately most of the local racing has died off in Ohio. But I’m still close with those who do race, and I pull for them all. Kyle Jones, Chad Pendleton, Justin Alsip, to name a few that I’m closest with.

17) Who helped you the most in your career?

Man, that’s impossible to answer. The number of influential people in my career has to be over 100. From my family, significant other, crew chiefs, mechanics, series directors, track promoters, friends, etc. So many people have done a lot to help me keep racing over the years.

18) Any feuds or rivalries?

I tend to sort of not pay much attention to that stuff and then I’m quickly reminded when I race against some of those who I guess you’d say look at me as their rival. It seems like guys like Brandon Oakley, Eddie Van Meter, and Dalton Armstrong have wanted to feud at least a few times. I’ve also had “competitive rivalries” with guys like Brian Campbell and Johnny Van Doorn. I think rivalries are great though, it keeps a driver out of their comfort zone

19) Any funny stories from the track to tell?

Lots. Most are probably inappropriate for this publishing LOL. A lot of good times have been had at race tracks over the years.

20) Sponsors your race fans should patronize that help you get to the track.

Huge list. Let’s just skip to question 21, and everyone will see lots about our sponsors through social media

21) Do you have a Facebook Page or Website fans can follow you at?


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