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New Ownership Group Plans Improvements at Redwood Acres Raceway

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Redwood Acres Raceway

Redwood Acres Raceway
David Miller, driver of the No. 22 car, won both Mid-City Motor World main events Saturday night at Redwood Acres Raceway, pushing his season total to four wins. (Contributed)

New Ownership Group Plans Improvements at Redwood Acres Raceway

Redwood Acres Raceway


A group of local businessmen have some big upgrades in store for Humboldt County’s favorite 3/8-mile of paved oval.

Led by Jim Redd, a new ownership group announced the formation of Redwood Acres Raceway L.L.C. on Friday, a promotion which will see to upgrading the raceway and ensuring the track will continue to be a destination for local race fans for years to come.

Immediately, fans can expect a new cutting-edge scoreboard which will keep track of the current lap, race leaders and fastest lap times when the season opens on May 2.

Redd, along with Joe Bonomini and Bill White, formed the new ownership group and will, along with three other board members, be in charge of the raceway.

Redd said “every penny” made from the races will go directly back into supporting the fairgrounds, with 50 percent of the funds directly ear-marked for raceway improvements.

“I’m very proud to be a part of this community,” Redd said. “This is a statement that we are here and we are serious about improving the raceway…For me, it’s about the kids — the confidence and experience they earn from working on cars and then racing them is invaluable.”

Redd said another day-one change will be the price of admission. Formally $16 for adults, admission will now be $10 for adults and $5 for children, seniors and veterans.

More additions
This summer racing fans can expect to see the addition of a Wing Sprint Car series, offering some of the fastest short-track racing there is to see.

In 2021 Redd said he hopes to bring in a semi-truck racing series in from Canada — a perfect fit for the North Coast.

“Those grandstands at the raceway have a capacity of 4,000,” Redd said. “I think these changes will help fill them up more.”

Redd said the raceway will work towards standardizing its rules to fall more in line with other area tracks such as the Ukiah Speedway, making it easier for drivers to come race in Humboldt without having to overhaul their vehicles.

Additional caution lights will be added to the raceway as well.

About the ownership group

The following was taken from a press release.

Jim Redd: Redd has raced at RAR for nearly 20 seasons and has won championships in the real stock and bomber divisions. Last year, Redd helped form the Upstate Bomber Series which held events at RAR as well as Ukiah Speedway and Shasta Speedway.

Joe Bonomini: Bonomini has also been behind the wheel of various racing classes at RAR over a similar period of time as Redd. Bonomini has most notably raced in mini stocks, Thunder Roadsters and late models. More recently, Bonomini has served as the area’s parts supplier and dealer for INEX sanctioned divisions which includes Bandoleros and Legends.

Bill White: White has participated in racing both on the local level as well as the regional level. White has been a sponsor for the local late model division for the past several years. In addition, White has been a car owner for his son Brandon who participated full-time in the Spears SRL Southwest Tour Series between 2013 and 2016 in over 30 events as well as in the Pacific Challenge Series and the Rocky Mountain Challenge Series.

We missed these historic accomplishments

Well, we flat out missed reporting on a couple of historic 2019 runs at the raceway.

Raquel Krupa and Meelesa Miles each claimed championships in their respective divisions last season, becoming the just the second and third women ever to win a championship at Redwood Acres.

Krupa claimed the bomber division while Miles won the bandoleros division.

The first woman to win a championship at the raceway was Verta Henell in 1984.

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