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DeGraff OH (8/14): – Race fans got treated to a full night of entertainment , as there was something for every fan from the youngest to the seasoned fan. It was “Kids Night” with activities early in the evening geared towards the younger generation. It started with a ‘Meet and Greet” with nearly every car on the frontchute with driver and crew signing autographs, posing for photos and passing out goodies. When the track was cleared it was big wheel racing time. Three different age groups took to the oval, with the top three finishers in each group winning a new bike. The next was a big wheel race was for adults, with several drivers trying their luck. The final event was a candy scramble. A big thanks to Cheri Mahaffey and Linda Young for putting the kids event together. Hats off to all the drivers who brought their cars down for the meet and greet. Finally, a big thanks to those who contributed to buy the book bags that were given away along with school supplies.

The first feature was the fourth and final Modified Madness 50 for the Wooten Automotive and Towing Modifieds. Twenty two cars took the green flag to start the event. Brad Yelton paced the field the first 26 circuits before former track champion Logan McPherson of Bellefontaine took over the lead. McPherson set sail for the checker, but fast qualifier (13.793) and three time feature winner Chris Parker also wanted the win. The last laps were a shoot out, with McPherson holding the lead over Parker in a battle that had fans on their feet. Parker got by to lead lap 49, only to see McPherson slip by on the last lap to take the win in the McPherson family- owned racer. Yelton was third, with Gregg Jackson fourth and Mike Carroll fifth. Daniel McPherson was the dash winner, with Hayden Wren and Yelton winning heat races.

The Bullet Liners of Dayton Thunder Cars also closed out their four race Thunder and Lightning Series of 75 lap features. Brandon Helton led lap one, before Hunter Hicks took over on lap two. Hicks led until lap eight when fast qualifier (15.354) Buck Purtee of DeGraff took over. Purtee’s time out front was short as a yellow came out and he went to the pit area, giving the lead back to Hicks. Purtee was able to make repairs to his car and restart at the rear of the field before the green came out. Hicks stayed out front, but Purtee was a man on a mission after restarting on the tail. Purtee caught Hicks and hounded him a couple of laps before getting by on lap thirty-three. Purtee led the final laps to post a very emotional win. Purtee dedicated the win to the memory of his longtime friend and fellow racer Gene Johnson who passed away last week. Scott Drake, Robert Roush, Landon Jones and Curtis Noble rounded out the top five. Corey Wooten carried the dash checker and Noble won the dash.


Everywhere you looked there was a Harrod Septic Solutions Compact, as 39 cars signed in. Bobby Terry jumped out front at the start of the 25 lap feature and was moving away from the field at a rapid pace. The pace was a little two quick, as he was disqualified for breaking out (running under his qualifying time) and forced to restart at the rear of the field. Larry Adams then led the parade until lap ten when Mike Wintrow of Piqua took over the helm. It was a matter of counting the laps as Wintrow in his Kemp’s Lawn Care Cavalier was once again in victory lane. Adams. fast qualifier (16.609) Ethan Pope and Nick Barrett filled spots second thru fifth. David Asher and Justin Kemp won last chance races, with Tony Heath winning the “B” main.

The Noble Armor Coating Crown Vics were next up. Curtis Noble put his Ford out front the first seven laps before Tyler Brandyberry took over. Brandyberry led until lap eight when fast qualifier Nick Barrett motored by in his Bullet Liners of Dayton Crown Vic. Barrett, of Kettering posted his second straight win. Brandyberry was second, followed by Jimmy McElfresh, Noble and Alex Zerkle. McElfresh was the dash winner, with the heat win going to Craig Boling Jr.


The night closed out with 225 lap enduro. Tweety six cars started the marathon. Bobby Terry of Dayton dominated the event to post the win. Scottie Marquis, Nick Barrett, Seth Rager and David Lockhart rounded out the top five.

This Saturday (8/21) the MUST SEE SPRINTS return, along with the Adams Automotive Street Stock Showdown ($1575 to win), Dave Nagel Excavating Late Models, Noble Armor Coating Crown Vics and the Harrod Septic Solutions compacts. It will also be Dayton Auto Racing Fan Club Night. All members must present a valid membership card to receive a 50% discount on grandstand admission (not valid for pit passes). Racing will begin at 7.

SUMMARY 8-14-21
Wooten Automotive and Towing Modifieds:
Fast qualifier: Chris Parker 13.793
Dash Winner: Daniel McPherson
Heat Winners: Brad Yelton and Hayden Wen

50 lap Modified Madness Feature:1. Logan McPherson 2. Chris Parker 3. Brad Yelton 4. Gregg Jackson 5. Mike Carroll 6. Daniel McPherson 7. Joe Pequignot 8. Scott Jones 9. Brian Reeser 10. Buddy Townsend 11. Mick Zile 12. Jason Kidd 13. Mark Timmerman 14. Rob Yelton 15. Dan Wooten 16. Ross Klinglehofer 17. Steve Snapp 18. Mike Pippin 19. Greg Winget 20. Hayden Wren 21. Patrick Woods 22. Jeremy Morgan

Bullet Liner of Dayton Thunder Cars:
Fast Qualifier: Buck Purtee 15.354
Dash Winner: Curtis Noble
Heat Winner: Corey Wooten

75 lap Thunder and Lightning feature: 1. Buck Purtee 2. Scott Drake 3. Robert Roush 4. Landon Jones 5. Curtis Noble 6. Hunter Hicks 7. Brandon Helton 8. John Houser 9. Bob Coppock 10. Brad Blue 11. Damien Weigel 12. Corey Wooten 13. Jimmy Huffman Jr. 14. Mike Pippin

Harrod Septic Solutions Compacts:
Fast Qualifier: Nicholas Meade 16.609
Last Chance Race Winners: David Asher and Justin Kemp
“B” Main Winner: Tony Heath

Feature 25 laps: 1. Mike Wintrow 2. Larry Adams 3. Nicholas Meade 4. Ethan Pope 5. Nick Barrett 6. Devin Glessner 7. Chase Lang 8. Justin Kemp 9. Bobby Terry 10. Dustin Hughes 11. Keven Baggett 12. Jeramiah English 13. Daylan Karnes 14. Garrett Spriggs 15. David Asher 16. Dusty Harding 17. Aaron McDole 18. Scott Henson 19. Dustin Higginbotham 20. Alex George 21. Charlie Hoepker 22. Bill Ramey 23. Alec Young 24. Corey Plunkett

Noble Armor Coating Crown Vics:
Fast Qualifier: Nick Barrett 17.251
Dash Winner: Jimmy McElfresh
Heat Winner: Craig Boling Jr.

Feature 20 laps: 1. Nick Barrett 2. Tyler Brandyberry 3. Jimmy McElfresh 4. Curtis Noble 5. Alex Zerkle 6. Sam Marquis 7. John Zornes 8. Buck Purtee 9. Ken Rosebrook 10. Bobbie Jo Parsons 11. Brooke Wilcoxon 12. Craig Boling Jr. 13. Chris Prater 14. Rob Bryant

225 Laps: 1. Bobby Terry 2. Scottie Marquis 3. Nick Barrett 4. Seth Rager 5. David Lockhart 6. Tim Jones 7. Chris Parrish 8. Patrick Grody 9. Robert Sutter 10. Jordan Linebaugh 11. Mark Smith 12. Tony Heath 13. Nick Dolan 14. Philip Graham 15. Charles Mosley 16. Jason Shaw 17. Robbie Taylor IV 18. Tim Dovel 19. John Peters 20. Gary Snyder 21. Zak Thornhill 22. James Hopkins 23. John Martin 24. Ashlee Donnell 25. John Randolph 26. Jesse Terry




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