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Shadybowl Speedway Carroll, who has had an up and down season finally put his KEG Motorsports mod in victory Lane – Eaton Wins Bill “Hot Rod” McElfresh Classic

Shadybowl Speedway
#1L Mike Carroll / Peggy Isaacs Photo

Shadybowl Speedway

DeGraff OH: – It was a big night for Belle Center driver Austin Eaton. Eaton was behind the wheel of his Zack Brandyberry Racing front wheel drive racer. The Harrod Septic Solutions series compact feature saw 36 cars take the green. The race was the Bill “Hot Rod” McElfresh Classic. The race, a 55 lap feature recognized the talents of McElfresh, who has worked on the compact division cars. He still will get behind the wheel of one of the cars . He is known for helping all the drivers with set ups and repairs. The 55 lap feature saw David Asher lead the early stages of the event. On lap 17 he lost the lead to Jeremy Niswonger. Niswonger led until lap 29, when fast qualifier Austin Eaton sped by. Eaton held off a challenge from Jimmy McElfresh to pick up the win and $1022.00. McElfresh held on for second, followed by Justin Pope, Alec Young and Aaron McDole. Josh Foltz carried the checker for the dash, with heat wins going to Pope, McDole and Scott Henson.

The Wooten Automotive and Towing modifieds were on hand also. Greg Winget led the first go round before giving way to Mike Carroll. Carroll, who has had an up and down season finally put his KEG Motorsports mod in victory. The win was far from easy as Daniel McPherson tried every move he could but came up short, as he watched as Carroll took the checker. Third went to Brad Yelton, with Chris Parker fourth and Logan McPherson fifth. Parker took the dash win, with Carroll winning the heat. Bob Grubaugh was fast qualifier.

The Pines Home Solutions Thunder cars were up next. Scottie Marquis had a great night as he set fast time and won the 20 lap feature. The win was second for Marquis. Landen Jones had his best showing of the season with a strong second place finish. Dylan Pippin was third, with Hunter Hicks fourth and Steve Fowler fifth.

The Heath and Sons Farms Street Stocks took to the speedway next. Jamie Sites led the field in the early laps. He held the lead until lap four when Chris Parker took over and looked to be heading to another feature win. Fast qualifier Jeremie Wiggins had other plans and passed Parker. Wiggins of Elyria led to the checker and notched his second win of the season in his Monster Motors ride. Rodney Roush , Buck Purtee, Phil Gussler Jr and Chris Parker rounded out the top five. Chad Small II was the dash winner with Sites taking the heat win.

This Saturday will be a full night, as the Vores cars will be running the third annual Bowl Bash with the winners share $2500.00. The CRA Street Stocks will do battle in a 150 lap fearure, with top spot paying $3000. The Blackford Memorial will finish off the nights action with a 55 lap late model feature with the winner claiming $1555.00 to win. Racing will start at 7:00.

Shadybowl Speedway
Jeremie Wiggens / Peggy Isaacs Photo
Shadybowl Speedway
Scott Marquis / Peggy Isaacs Photo
Shadybowl Speedway
Austin Eaton / Peggy Isaacs Photo


Harrod Septic Solutions Compacts:
Fast qualifier: Austin Eaton 16.835
Dash winner: Josh Foltz
Heat winners: Justin Pope, Scott Henson and Aaron McDole
55 lap Bill “Hot Rod” McElfresh Classic. 1. Austin Eaton 2. Jimmy McElfresh 3. Justin Pope 4. Alec Young 5. Aaron McDole 6. Keven Baggett 7. Ben Cartwright 8. Bryan Temple 9. Devin Glessner 10. Chris Prater 11. Justin Kemp 12. Matt Kessler 13. Jason Price 14. Scott Hensen 15. Kyle Egbert 16. Josh Foltz 17. Jeremy Niswonger 18. Jordon Sage 19. David Asher 20. Jimmy Massengill 21. Dustin Hughes 22. Cody Massengill 23. Ryan Tamburro 24. Josh Sage 25. Melissa Sterwerf 26. Zach Doolin 27. Tylan Coppock 28. Aaron Jewell 29. Charlie Hoepker 30. Damien Weigel 31. Andrea Swink 32. Matt Oppy 33. Bill Ramey 34. Terry Purtee 35. James Hopkins 36. Shane Lewis

Pines Home Solutions Thundercar:
Fast qualifier: Scottie Marquis 15.860
20 lap feature: 1. Scott Marquis 2. Landen Jones 3. Dylan Pippin 4. Hunter Hicks 5. Steve Fowler 6. Peyton Burba 7. Bob Coppock 8. Patrick Woods 9. Brad Blue

Heath and Sons Farms Street Stocks:
Fast qualifier: Jeremie Wiggens 14.700
Dash winner: Chad Small II
Heat winner: Jamie Sites
Feature 25 laps: 1. Jeremie Wiggens 2. Rodney Roush 3. Buck Purtee 4. Phil Gussler Jr. 5. Chris Parker 6. Chad Small II 7. Jason Drummond 8. Terry Purtee 9. Richard Roush 10. Robert Roush 11. Jamie Sites 12. Bill Endsley 13. Devin Vincent

Wooten Automotive and Towing Modifieds
Fast qualifier: Bob Grubaugh 13.859
Dash winner: Chris Parker
Heat winner: Mike Carroll
Feature 30 laps: 1. Mike Carroll 2. Daniel McPherson 3. Brad Yelton 4. Chris Parker 5. Logan McPherson 6. Bob Grubaugh 7. Greg Winget 8. Rob Bryant 9. Rich Gleason 10. Lance Young 11. Jeremy Jackson 12. Scott Jones 13. Don Skaggs 14. Chris Jennings 15. Buddy Townsend

Peggy Isaacs Photos