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Season champs crowned at Sportsdrome Speedway

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Sportsdrome Speedway
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Season champs crowned at Sportsdrome

JEFFERSONVILLE — Season champions were crowned in five divisions at Sportsdrome Speedway this past Saturday night. In the Xtreme 8 division, Ricky Puckett took the checkered flag in the 40-lap feature and also took home the season championship. In the Oval Xtreme division, Marcus Elliott led wire-to-wire to win the 40-lap feature. He also drove off with the season title. In the Ford Powderpuff division, Miranda Basham took the checkered flag in the 40-lap feature, but sixth-place finisher Leslie Blanchard claimed the season championship. In the Ford Oval division, Daniel Durrett led wire-to-wire to win the 40-lap A feature. He also left with the season title as well. The Ford Figure 8 40-lap feature was red flagged on the eighth lap, but was resumed after a drivers’ meeting. Jacob Robertson went on to take the checkered flag, while runner-up Paul Hartlage clinched the season championship.


Last Saturday’s season championships XTREME 8
40-lap feature: 1. Ricky Puckett (season champion), 2. Mike Berry, 3. Darrin Greenwell, 4. Jon Embry, 5. Steve Moneypenny, 6. Todd Whitfield, 7. John Groulx, 8. Tom Johnson, 9. Tyler Fraze, 10. Tim Slucher.

40-lap feature: 1. Marcus Elliott (season champion), 2. Chad Deeley, 3. Jamie Bierman, 4. Matt Johnson, 5. Justin Key.

40-lap feature: 1. Miranda Basham, 2. Maranda Jane, 3. Katie Shelton, 4. Tiffany Shelton, 5. Holly Heil, 6. Leslie Blanchard (season champion), 7. Christina Jessie, 8. Lisa Lanham, 9. Krista Tungett, 10. Ashley Brooke, 11. Amanda Miller, 12. Brandi Tungett.

40-lap A feature: 1. Daniel Durrett (season champion), 2. Jamie Bierman, 3. Joel Smith, 4. Jesse Suell, 5. Robbie Greenwell, 6. Bradly Winters, 7. Jacob Robertson, 8. Andy Perryman, 9. Perry Whitsett, 10. Marcus Elliott, 11. Zach Minton, 12. Adam Grimsley, 13. Derek Smith, 14. Carl Harding, 15. Jake Wells, 16. Ken Tungett, 17. Leonard Blanchard, 18. Paul Taylor, 19. Paul Hartlage, 20. Mark Elliott. 40-lap B feature: 1. Craig Wilder, 2. Justin Fiedler, 3. Chris Workman, 4. Ronnie Basham, 5. Trey Whitsett, 6. Scott Shelton, 7. J-Rob Masterson, 8. Troy Moore, 9. Theo Shelton, 10. Dalton Nevil, 11. Landon Elder, 12. Jordon Riddick, 13. Michael Wayne, 14. Byron Johns, 15. Mike Davis, 16. Craig Rogers, 17. Brandon Winters, 18. Andrew Gibson, 19. Anthony Hicks, 20. Dalibor Mitrovich, 21. Chuckie Balmer, 22. John Lister, 23. Jeremy Porter, 24. Codey Holbert, 25. Ricky Puckett.

Sportsdrome Speedway
Harold Adams Photo

40-lap feature: 1. Jacob Robertson, 2. Paul Hartlage (season champion), 3. Robbie Greenwell, 4. Zach Minton, 5. Ricky Puckett, 6. Joel Smith, 7. Andy Perryman, 8. Austin Cochran, 9. Drew Ottman, 10. Chuckie Balmer, 11. Jake Wells, 12. Craig Wilder, 13. Marcus Elliott, 14. Derek Smith, 15. Ronnie Basham III, 16. Justin Fiedler, 17. Carl Harding, 18. Dalibor Mitrovich, 19. Dalton Nevil.

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