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Dirt Modified Nostalgia Tour Houghtaling, Leonard & Lincoln Cop Thunder Mountain Checkers

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Thunder Mountain Speedway

Dirt Modified Nostalgia Tour Houghtaling, Leonard & Lincoln Cop Thunder Mountain Checkers

By: Jeff Ciglich

Photo credit: Thomas Hodge

Center Lisle, NY – There was plenty of action this past Saturday night in the Dirt Modified Nostalgia Tour series here at the Thunder Mountain Speedway.

In the Nostalgia/Modified combined feature “Wild Bill” Leonard would surprise everyone including himself by claiming the Modified win, his first of the year and first ever in a vintage car. Points leader Mike Houghtaling would blast off from the pole but very quickly Leonard would start applying the pressure and take the lead only a few laps into the 15 lap affair. Houghtaling would end up doing a 360 spin but still manage to salvage a second place finish for the division. Meanwhile Loren Lincoln would apply some pressure of his own with his Nostalgia class entry and challenge Leonard for the overall race lead. However Leonard would not make any mistakes and go on to claim the checkers with Lincoln and Houghtaling in tow.

The Unlimited class would see Houghtaling jump into the Bob Schmidt owned, Ford powered entry and once again blast off from his pole starting spot. This car would handle much better than his Modified ride and he would go on to win in convincing fashion. Jim Kirkwood would come home second with newcomer George Valenti completing the podium.

Modified/Nostalgia 15 laps:

1) 11x Bill Leonard 2) 111 Loren Lincoln* 3) 03 Mike Houghtaling 4) 66 Tom Church 5) 5 Doug Atkins 6) 29 Mike Cole 7) 33 Jeff Ackerman 8 )7-11 Bernadette Phillips 9) 43A Dick Ackerman 10) 36 Brad Litzenberger 11) 66 Jim Hilimire

* Nostalgia winner

Unlimited feature:

1) 333 Michael Houghtaling 2) 1 Jim Kirkwood 3) 42 George Valenti 4) 11x Bill Leonard 5) 17g Joe August 6) 8 Duane Hiller 7) 66 Tom Church 8 ) Bernadette Phillips

Pit Notes: Brad Litzenberger and Jim Hilimire left the racing surface on the back of wreckers after an entanglement with Doug Atkins…Jeff Ackerman and his father Dick Ackerman who was one of the original founders of the Midstate Antique Stock Car Club both returning to action, Jeff wheeling Alan McDonald’s ride who is sidelined due to injury…George Valenti and Joe August making their maiden voyage with their Unlimited cars…Leonard ran a strong fourth with the Unlimited class…Dingo Kirkwood making his appearance to Thunder Mountain…Mike Cole with a pair of second’s on the night in the Nostalgia class…Tom Church, Duane Hiller first time out with DMNT this season…heat wins went to Houghtaling in both Mods and Unlimited and Lincoln claimed Nostalgia checkers…Feel good story of the night, a good samaritan saved Bernadette Phiilips first ever DMNT appearance by driving from the track to his house where he had spare rocker studs as one had snapped off the beautiful Falcon bodied entry…former DMNT Modified Champ Bob Johnson with his first time behind the mic for us did a great job…the DMNT returns to action July 9th and 10th at the Brewerton and Fulton Speedways respectively.

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Photo credit: Thomas Hodge

By: Jeff Ciglich | Dirt Modified Nostalgia Tour


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