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Tracks & Series Send Your Race Results, Flyers, Photos To Be Added To OTN

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Send Your Race Results, Flyers, Photos To Be Added To OTN

Tracks & Series: Oval Track News Would Love Nothing More Then To Add Your Local Oval Tracks Information (Asphalt or Dirt) To Our Website FREE. We Will Add Your Race Results, Photos Of Weekly Winners, Upcoming Track Promotions, Stories Etc. If You Send Them To Us. WHY Do You Need To Send The Information? Although We Try And Do Our Best It’s Just Impossible To Try And Find Information On All The Local Tracks In America, So To Make Sure It’s Added To The Site You’ll Need To Send The Information To Us. A lot Of Tracks Send Us Their Newsletter Which Is Fine But We Prefer Stories With Photo’s Direct. Please Feel Free To Start Sending Information Today And Let Our Tens Of Thousands Of Local Racing Viewers Learn More About Your Track or Series. Why Do We Do This for FREE? Because We Absolutely Love Local Short Track Racing And Have Seen To Many Local Short Tracks Struggle And Or Close Down. Our Mission Is To Spread The Word About Local Oval Track Racing. Getting Fans Excited About Their Local Race Tracks And Trying To Instill The Need To Support Their Local Tracks and It’s Urgency. We Have Been Seeing A New Trend With Fans Starting To Travel To Other Local Tracks Across The Country Trying To visit As Many As They Can Each Season. How Do We Promote Oval Track News? We Promote Oval Track News On Radio, Television, Podcast, Facebook, By Tracks Sharing Our Page To Their Viewers And Or Announcing Us At Their Tracks, Etc.. Contact Us Below To Start Adding Your Track or Series To Oval Track News. Thank You For Your Time! OTN