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Gabe Sommers scored his third career TUNDRA Super Late Model Series win

TUNDRA Super Late Model Series
Gabe Sommers / Photo

TUNDRA Super Late Model Series

Jefferson Speedway

Gabe Sommers scored his third career TUNDRA Super Late Model Series win in Saturday night’s 75-lap main event at Jefferson Speedway presented by Papa Murphy’s PIzza.

Sommers dashed away from fellow front-row starter Riley Stenjem and jumped away from the field on several restarts. He was challenged several times by three-time and defending TUNDRA Champion Casey Johnson, but was able to maintain a stranglehold on the top spot.

Johnson survived an earlier altercation to finish Second, Stenjem shined in his TUNDRA debut to finish Third, Justin Mondeik secured another solid finish by crossing the line Fourth, and Dells Raceway Park winner Dalton Zehr rounded out the Top Five.

Earlier in the evening Jordan Devoy captured the Section 37 Axe House / Club Forest Bar ‘Axing the Competition’ Fast Qualifier Award with a time of 13.324 seconds. It was a new TUNDRA series and overall Super Late Model track record.

TUNDRA Super Late Model Series
Jess Riedner Photo / JR Photography

The inaugural King of the Ol’ Cornfield Sandbox 25 pitting 6 Sportsman drivers and 6 Hobby Stock drivers in a no holds barred 25 lap shootout was held with Beloit’s Brandon Angileri coming out on top. Jason Dunn led early with Jim Tate Jr up to second. After an early caution on lap two, Adam Schook fired into the lead on the restart with Tate in his rear view mirror. After a second yellow flag on lap six, Brandon Riedner made his move for the lead, getting under Schook and grabbing the point on lap 12. Tommy Bleecker followed into second  with Jake Biever in third. On lap 12, Biever and Bleecker got together exiting turn two. The duo slid into the backstretch wall to force another caution. Riedner and Schook led the field back to green with Riedner once again clearing for the top spot. Chris Jones moved up to second and began hounding Riedner. After contact on lap 22, Riedner spun in turns three and four to force the final caution of the race. Jones claimed responsibility for the spin, thus giving Riedner his spot back as the leader. Along with Craig Henning, Riedner paced the pack back to green, once again claiming the lead. Angileri pulled up on the rear bumper of the leader, trying to pressure him into a mistake. After contact on lap 24, Angileri muscled by Riedner to grab the lead and charge to the checkers for the win. Biever finished second followed by Jones, Riedner and Henning.

Chris Gottschalk claimed the 20 lap Bandit feature event. After an early caution, Ryan Oetzel took control of the top spot with Nick Newton up to second. Gottschalk got to third on lap four and immediately went to work on Newton for second. Making the pass on lap five, Gottschalk took over the runner up position just as the caution slowed the pace. Oetzel and Gottschalk led the field back to green with Oetzel sticking his nose back out front. Nick Schmidt joined the battle as the trio raced under a blanket while the laps ticked away. Gottschalk drove to the high side of Oetzel on lap 15, clearing for the lead with Schmidt trying to follow. Schmidt made the pass a lap later, but Gottschalk was already on his way to the checkers to get the win. Schmidt finished second with Oetzel, Newton and Kyle Riedner rounding out the top five.

Tim Brockhouse grabbed the lead of the 25 lap Legends feature and hung on to get the win. Brockhouse took over the top spot after a restart on lap five with Ethan Ross following into second. Brockhouse maintained the lead through another yellow flag on lap ten with Ross and Austin Jahr battling behind him. Jahr managed to get by for the second spot, but Brockhouse had the field covered on his way to the win. Jahr was second followed by Ross, Aaron Moyer and Dillon Schwanbeck.

Laney Osborne of Janesville picked up the win in the 20 lap Bandolero feature event. Jevin Guralski and Alex Hartwig battled most of the race for the top spot with Guralski hanging on to cross the stripe first. But following post race tech inspection, Guralski and Hartwig were forced to vacate their finishing spots, handing the win to Osborne.

Racing resumed next Saturday, July 25, with a full program in all divisions. Time trials begin at 5pm with racing at 7pm. Jefferson Speedway is located halfway between Jefferson and Cambridge on Hwy 18. Please visit for more information.


TUNDRA Super Late Model Series


PosStart NumberCompetitorBest Lap
138DJordan DeVoy13.324
299ZJake Zellmer13.389
347JCasey Johnson13.406
444MJustin Mondeik13.435
551SDennis Schmidt13.461
62NDale Nottestad13.523
744LMike Lichtfield13.534
815SGabe Sommers13.557
987WJosh Wallace13.564
1077SRiley Stenjem13.572
11119Dalton Zehr13.577
129BBraison Bennett13.601
1379PCraig Phillips13.602
1417KMax Kahler13.604
1587RColin Reffner13.64
1618OMichael Ostdiek13.648
1720HKody Hubred13.697
1825BWyatt Brooks13.715
192TJordan Thiel13.722
2034HBrandon Hill13.733
2133KKevin Knuese13.738
2289EMike Egan13.775
2352HBrock Heinrich13.826
2452RNick Roehl13.861
2532LSteve Lichtfeld13.935
2656GKolton Gurlaski13.953
2754DChad Devine14.09
2813BAndrew Brocker14.093

Fast Dash

PosStart NumberCompetitor
144MJustin Mondeik
251SDennis Schmidt
399ZJake Zellmer
447JCasey Johnson
538DJordan DeVoy

Fast Heat

PosStart NumberCompetitor
177SRiley Stenjem
2119Dalton Zehr
315SGabe Sommers
444LMike Lichtfield
52NDale Nottestad
687WJosh Wallace
79BBraison Bennett
879PCraig Phillips
917KMax Kahler

Qualifier Races

PosStart NumberCompetitor
187RColin Reffner
220HKody Hubred
352HBrock Heinrich
433KKevin Knuese
532LSteve Lichtfeld
62TJordan Thiel
754DChad Devine
PosStart NumberCompetitor
118OMichael Ostdiek
289EMike Egan
325BWyatt Brooks
452RNick Roehl
556GKolton Gurlaski
634HBrandon Hill
713BAndrew Brocker

Last Chance

PosStart NumberCompetitor
120HKody Hubred
289EMike Egan
352HBrock Heinrich
425BWyatt Brooks
534HBrandon Hill
632LSteve Lichtfeld
756GKolton Gurlaski
854DChad Devine
913BAndrew Brocker


PosStart NumberCompetitor
115SGabe Sommers
247JCasey Johnson
377SRiley Stenjem
444MJustin Mondeik
5119Dalton Zehr
652HBrock Heinrich
738DJordan DeVoy
820HKody Hubred
944LMike Lichtfield
1017KMax Kahler
1125BWyatt Brooks
1233KKevin Knuese
1387WJosh Wallace
142TJordan Thiel
1579PCraig Phillips
1618OMichael Ostdiek
1799ZJake Zellmer
1851SDennis Schmidt
199BBraison Bennett
202NDale Nottestad
2187RColin Reffner
2289EMike Egan

King of the Cornfield Sportsman/Hobby Stock


PosStart NumberCompetitorBest Lap
190HTytus  Helgestad12.878
222JChris Jones13.032
398BTommy Bleeker13.175
434BJake Biever13.269
594HCraig Henning13.317
68SAdam Schook13.327
74DBud Riedner13.328
871TJim Tate Jr13.374
95ABrandon Angileri13.474
1071DJason Dunn13.825
11199Brandon DeLacy13.953
1234MMatthew Melchiori14.028

Sandbox 25 Feature

PosStart NumberCompetitor
15ABrandon Angileri
234BJake Biever
322JChris Jones
44DBud Riedner
594HCraig Henning
68SAdam Schook
771TJim Tate Jr
871DJason Dunn
998BTommy Bleeker
1034MMatthew Melchiori
1190HTytus  Helgestad
12199Brandon DeLacy



PosStart NumberCompetitorBest Lap
1109SNick Schmidt14.554
277DTyler Deporter14.558
392SKarter  Stark14.579
461GChris Gottschalk14.589
5189Kyle Riedner14.692
683RTravis Rose14.828
718SGavin Smothers14.853
812JAshlynn Jarlsberg14.882
95ORyan Oetzel14.919
1018JBrandon Johnson14.926
1141NNick Newton15.042
1272RRianne Ramsik15.067
1329KMatt Krinke15.346
1450PJA Petitt15.385
1542PCaden Pankow15.709
1675HDerek Heederik15.849
17175Josh Dearborn15.873
182WMatt Weber16.536

Heat Races

PosStart NumberCompetitor
150PJon Petitt
229KMatt Krinke
32WMatt Weber
4175Josh Dearborn
575HDerek Heederik
642PCaden Pankow
PosStart NumberCompetitor
118JBrandon Johnson
261GChris Gottschalk
383RTravis Rose
412JAshlynn Jarlsberg
577DTyler Deporter
672RRianne Ramsik
PosStart NumberCompetitor
141NNick Newton
25ORyan Oetzel
318SGavin Smothers
492SKarter  Stark
5189Kyle Riedner
6109SNick Schmidt


PosStart NumberCompetitor
161GChris Gottschalk
2109SNick Schmidt
35ORyan Oetzel
441NNick Newton
5189Kyle Riedner
677DTyler Deporter
729KMatt Krinke
883RTravis Rose
950PJon Petitt
1018SGavin Smothers
1175HDerek Heederik
12175Josh Dearborn
132WMatt Weber
1492SKarter  Stark
1542PCaden Pankow
1672RRianne Ramsik
1712JAshlynn Jarlsberg
1818JBrandon Johnson



PosStart NumberCompetitorBest Lap
191STristan Swanson15.673
2140Aaron Moyer15.683
347JAustin Jahr15.687
443SWilliam Sawalich15.804
522BFrank Beutel15.885
61REthan Ross15.916
789OChad Olds16.003
827DSDillon Schwanbeck16.033
918BAmanda Brockhouse16.056
1013BTim Brockhouse16.058
1120LDanny Lehmkuhl16.082
1227SRusty Shadden16.083
138WMichael Weber16.125
14100Aaron Marthaler16.161
1554SKenny Storkson16.189
1657SMike Storkson16.224
1727MTim Morton16.252
1864MGriffin McGrath16.255
194TLogan Taylor16.269
2090GMichael Guderski16.307
2141MTony Moyer16.309
2243KConnor Kosowski16.313
234KJonathan Kemp16.335
2476LJames Lynch16.419
2523HMichael Hoffman17.446
26361Jeff Senty17.861

Heat Races

PosStart NumberCompetitor
176LJames Lynch
241MTony Moyer
390GMichael Guderski
44TLogan Taylor
518LTristan LeFave
64KJonathan Kemp
723HMichael Hoffman
8361Jeff Senty
943KConnor Kosowski
PosStart NumberCompetitor
143SWilliam Sawalich
2140Aaron Moyer
3100Aaron Marthaler
41REthan Ross
527DSDillon Schwanbeck
657SMike Storkson
713BTim Brockhouse
827SRusty Shadden
PosStart NumberCompetitor
154SKenny Storkson
247JAustin Jahr
391STristan Swanson
48WMichael Weber
518BAmanda Brockhouse
689OChad Olds
720LDanny Lehmkuhl
827MTim Morton
922BFrank Beutel

Last Chance

PosStart NumberCompetitor
176LJames Lynch
24KJonathan Kemp
341MTony Moyer
454SKenny Storkson
54TLogan Taylor
690GMichael Guderski
757SMike Storkson
827MTim Morton
918LTristan LeFave
1023HMichael Hoffman
11361Jeff Senty


PosStart NumberCompetitor
113BTim Brockhouse
247JAustin Jahr
31REthan Ross
4140Aaron Moyer
527DSDillon Schwanbeck
643SWilliam Sawalich
78WMichael Weber
876LJames Lynch
922BFrank Beutel
10100Aaron Marthaler
114KJonathan Kemp
1289OChad Olds
1320LDanny Lehmkuhl
1441MTony Moyer
1518BAmanda Brockhouse
1627SRusty Shadden
1791STristan Swanson
1854SKenny Storkson



PosStart NumberCompetitorBest Lap
120GJevin Guralski16.285
2901HAlex Hartwig16.368
33OLaney Osborne16.376
464PAnna Price16.696
505BTucker Bodendorfer16.759
612XAyrton Brockhouse16.762
717BKeagn Benz16.827
852LAvery Linnerud16.832
988HCohen Henze16.89
10111KMarianna Kubicz17.162
115BPaxton Benz17.261
1264BCooper Bodendorfer17.419
139MCollinh Murphy17.436
1429OAxel Oldenhoff17.636
157REaston Riedner17.972
1622GChase Gronert18.618
17114Peyton Kubicz20.781
1854.3Riley Smith22.588
1910BEmily Billings0

Heat Races

PosStart NumberCompetitor
19MCollinh Murphy
27REaston Riedner
354.3Riley Smith
410BEmily Billings
5114Peyton Kubicz
622GChase Gronert
729OAxel Oldenhoff
PosStart NumberCompetitor
112XAyrton Brockhouse
264PAnna Price
3111KMarianna Kubicz
4901HAlex Hartwig
564BCooper Bodendorfer
652LAvery Linnerud
PosStart NumberCompetitor
13OLaney Osborne
205BTucker Bodendorfer
388HCohen Henze
417BKeagn Benz
55BPaxton Benz
DQ20GJevin Guralski

Last Chance

PosStart NumberCompetitor
17REaston Riedner
29MCollinh Murphy
354.3Riley Smith
429OAxel Oldenhoff
522GChase Gronert
65BPaxton Benz
710BEmily Billings
864BCooper Bodendorfer
9114Peyton Kubicz
DQ20GJevin Guralski


PosStart NumberCompetitor
13OLaney Osborne
264PAnna Price
317BKeagn Benz
488HCohen Henze
505BTucker Bodendorfer
652LAvery Linnerud
712XAyrton Brockhouse
89MCollinh Murphy
97REaston Riedner
10111KMarianna Kubicz
1154.3Riley Smith
1229OAxel Oldenhoff
DQ20GJevin Guralski
DQ901HAlex Hartwig