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Majeski Goes Back-to Back in the Gandrud Auto Group Dixieland 250

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Ty Majeski

Majeski Goes Back-to Back in the Gandrud Auto Group Dixieland 250

Four-time ARCA Midwest Tour champion and now NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series rookie Ty Majeski returned to Wisconsin and defended his Gandrud Auto Group 250 victory in front of a large crowd on Tuesday night at Wisconsin International Raceway in Buchanan, Wisconsin.

The Seymour, Wisconsin native drove his famous #91 to his second straight victory by holding off former NASCAR Canadian Tour Champion Cayden Lapcevich by 1.283 seconds. 

Paul Shafer Jr. came back for another podium finish to round out the top three. Austin Nason and defending ARCA Midwest Tour Champion Casey Johnson rounded out the top five. 

Defending NASCAR Cup Series Champion Kyle Busch finished sixth as he had a spirited battle with Johnson in the closing laps of the race.

Majeski, who was also the fast qualifier, started 13th after the invert for the main event. It only took him 45 laps before put his car at the top of the leaderboard. He would give up the lead on lap 68 for a pit stop and regain the top spot on a restart on lap 101. 

He would continue to lead until a caution flew on lap 154 for a multi-car spin in turn four. He would come down to pit road along with all but four cars for the a final controlled pit stop and make a final adjustment for the run to the checkered flag. 

It was on a restart on lap 205, when Majeski would battle the lead away from Shafer and hold him off again on a final restart on lap 214 to drive away to his second straight victory in the prestigious event that paid $10,000 to the winner. 

“Everything went basically to plan,” Majeski said in victory lane. “We caught the cautions at the right times. We had a game plan going into the race and didn’t have to use much of the race car coming up through the field.”

Lapcevich was very satisfied with his second place run. 

“We got a good group of guys here. We got good equipment and we had everything we needed to run good,” Lapcevich said. “I struggled to put runs together lately, and I think we did everything right here tonight. We maintained our track position, and it was really tough to pass, so that was big.”

Shafer was hoping to have something for Majeski. Even though he finished third, he was satisfied with his podium finish.

“Anytime I get a chance to be next to the 91 or start alongside him on the front row, I’m going to make it happen. I am going to give it hell and see what happens,” Shafer exclaimed. “We have run third three times here, and here we are again. We want to win, but third is not that bad.”

Larry Detjens Memorial winner Justin Mondeik rebounded from an earlier spin to finish seventh with Redbud 400 winner Carson Hocevar finishing eighth. 

Former Dixieland 250 winner Dennis Prunty was ninth, and Maxwell Schultz finished 10th. 

Schultz also won the last chance race. The ARCA Midwest Tour will be back in action on Saturday, August 22nd for the rescheduled Wayne Carter Classic presented by Rod Baker Ford and Illinois Truck & Equipment on Saturday, August 22nd.

Gandrud Auto Group 250 Official Results

Official results from the ARCA Midwest Tour Gandrud Auto Group 250 at Wisconsin International Raceway on Tuesday, August 4, 2020


No.NameLapsTotal TmDiffGap
191MTy Majeski2502:05:39.565
216LCayden Lapcevich2502:05:40.8481.2831.283
37SPaul Shafer2502:05:41.2381.6730.390
414NAustin  Nason2502:05:42.9323.3671.694
547JCasey Johnson2502:05:45.7936.2282.861
651BKyle Busch2502:05:46.0796.5140.286
744MJustin Mondeik2502:05:46.9057.3400.826
814HCarson Hocevar2502:05:47.6058.0400.700
942PDennis Prunty2502:05:49.62810.0632.023
1034SMaxwell Schultz2502:05:51.23411.6691.606
1151SSammy Smith2502:05:52.14512.5800.911
1277EJonathan Eilen2502:05:52.38212.8170.237
13119ZDalton  Zehr2502:05:53.34213.7770.960
145SJohnny Sauter2502:05:53.66414.0990.322
1511KBobby  Kendall2502:05:54.55614.9910.892
167DJohn Deangelis2502:05:55.10915.5440.553
174FLuke Fenhaus2502:05:56.11616.5511.007
1853JBoris Jurkovic2502:05:57.82618.2611.710
1952BRicky Baker2502:05:59.04219.4771.216
2010MAndy Monday2211:56:57.83729 Laps29 Laps
219KDerek Kraus2131:49:02.46837 Laps8 Laps
2226PBubba Pollard1791:34:31.19671 Laps34 Laps
2326BTravis Braden1641:16:35.58086 Laps15 Laps
2452SBrent Strelka1631:16:27.45587 Laps1 Lap
2580FRyan Farrell1481:15:41.115102 Laps15 Laps
2645BRich Bickle Jr.1241:11:45.712126 Laps24 Laps
2715SGabe Sommers12159:17.564129 Laps3 Laps
2817GGrant Giesbach8958:13.929161 Laps32 Laps
2998BRJ Braun8642:34.870164 Laps3 Laps
3045VJeff Van Oudenhoven266:35.500224 Laps60 Laps

Last Chance

No.NameLapsTotal TmDiffGap
134SMaxwell Schultz2010:07.724
215SGabe Sommers2010:08.0210.2970.297
326BTravis Braden2010:08.1050.3810.084
477EJonathan Eilen2010:08.4810.7570.376
542PDennis Prunty2010:08.6310.9070.150
69KDerek Kraus2010:09.0511.3270.420
744MJustin Mondeik2010:09.3201.5960.269
845BRich Bickle Jr.2010:09.5411.8170.221
97DJohn Deangelis2010:09.6751.9510.134
1051SSammy Smith2010:09.8822.1580.207
11119ZDalton  Zehr2010:10.1232.3990.241
1252BRicky Baker2010:10.5242.8000.401
139BBraison Bennett2010:10.9193.1950.395
1452SBrent Strelka2010:11.2953.5710.376
1536STim Springstroh2010:11.3723.6480.077
1626PBubba Pollard2010:12.1024.3780.730
1733VTravis Vandermolen2010:12.1414.4170.039
1830VPete Vandermolen2010:13.7586.0341.617
1936GLouis Goss2010:14.7116.9870.953
2013BAndrew Brocker2010:16.4768.7521.765
2128MCory Manders199:54.2811 Lap1 Lap


No.NameBest TmDiff
191MTy Majeski18.918
251BKyle Busch18.9760.058
34FLuke Fenhaus19.0020.084
47SPaul Shafer19.0080.09
55SJohnny Sauter19.0750.157
647JCasey Johnson19.0980.18
716LCayden Lapcevich19.1010.183
880FRyan Farrell19.1110.193
914NAustin  Nason19.1240.206
1098BRJ Braun19.150.232
1111KBobby  Kendall19.1950.277
1245VJeff Van Oudenhoven19.2030.285
1314HCarson Hocevar19.2250.307
1410MAndy Monday19.2280.31
1553JBoris Jurkovic19.2370.319
1617GGrant Giesbach19.2390.321
1715SGabe Sommers19.2470.329
1834SMaxwell Schultz19.2520.334
1977EJonathan Eilen19.2570.339
2045BRich Bickle Jr.19.2610.343
2126BTravis Braden19.2720.354
22119ZDalton  Zehr19.2780.36
239KDerek Kraus19.290.372
2442PDennis Prunty19.2950.377
2552SBrent Strelka19.3570.439
2651SSammy Smith19.360.442
277DJohn Deangelis19.3810.463
2852BRicky Baker19.460.542
299BBraison Bennett19.4980.58
3044MJustin Mondeik19.5110.593
3130VPete Vandermolen19.5390.621
3236STim Springstroh19.6260.708
3326PBubba Pollard19.6470.729
3428MCory Manders19.7440.826
3533VTravis Vandermolen19.9831.065
3636GLouis Goss20.0071.089
3713BAndrew Brocker20.5541.636

Practice Three

No.NameBest TmIn LapDiffGap
191MTy Majeski19.0128
247JCasey Johnson19.15830.1460.146
345VJeff Van Oudenhoven19.21520.2030.057
47SPaul Shafer19.22730.2150.012
514NAustin  Nason19.26740.2550.04
615SGabe Sommers19.27320.2610.006
726BTravis Braden19.27730.2650.004
844MJustin Mondeik19.28850.2760.011
977EJonathan Eilen19.33100.3180.042
107DJohn Deangelis19.33680.3240.006
114FLuke Fenhaus19.33850.3260.002
12119ZDalton  Zehr19.39730.3850.059
135SJohnny Sauter19.450.3880.003
1416LCayden Lapcevich19.40730.3950.007
1598BRJ Braun19.41820.4060.011
1645BRich Bickle Jr.19.42540.4130.007
1752BRicky Baker19.43140.4190.006
1851BKyle Busch19.44660.4340.015
1951SSammy Smith19.45630.4440.01
209KDerek Kraus19.51120.4990.055
2180FRyan Farrell19.52550.5130.014
2226PBubba Pollard19.52650.5140.001
2352SBrent Strelka19.55460.5420.028
2411KBobby  Kendall19.56320.5510.009
2514HCarson Hocevar19.58160.5690.018
2617GGrant Giesbach19.59870.5860.017
279BBraison Bennett19.795100.7830.197
2833VTravis Vandermolen20.04851.0360.253
2913BAndrew Brocker20.52131.5090.473
3036GLouis Goss20.68611.6740.165
3130VPete Vandermolen20.79621.7840.11
3210MAndy Monday0
3328MCory Manders0
3434SMaxwell Schultz0
3536STim Springstroh0
3642PDennis Prunty0
3753JBoris Jurkovic0

Practice Two

No.NameBest TmIn LapDiffGap
111KBobby  Kendall19.1834
210MAndy Monday19.190130.0070.007
334SMaxwell Schultz19.214120.0310.024
447JCasey Johnson19.218260.0350.004
580FRyan Farrell19.25820.0750.040
64FLuke Fenhaus19.278310.0950.020
753JBoris Jurkovic19.28860.1050.010
891MTy Majeski19.302150.1190.014
914NAustin  Nason19.30340.1200.001
1015SGabe Sommers19.305340.1220.002
1145VJeff Van Oudenhoven19.33650.1530.031
127SPaul Shafer19.34360.1600.007
135SJohnny Sauter19.34650.1630.003
1414HCarson Hocevar19.348270.1650.002
157DJohn Deangelis19.36340.1800.015
1642PDennis Prunty19.36940.1860.006
1717GGrant Giesbach19.369170.186
1844MJustin Mondeik19.381250.1980.012
1916LCayden Lapcevich19.38360.2000.002
2045BRich Bickle Jr.19.392180.2090.009
2126BTravis Braden19.41560.2320.023
2251BKyle Busch19.45640.2730.041
239KDerek Kraus19.46240.2790.006
2451SSammy Smith19.512350.3290.050
2526PBubba Pollard19.51670.3330.004
26119ZDalton  Zehr19.54150.3580.025
2777EJonathan Eilen19.607370.4240.066
2898BRJ Braun19.644120.4610.037
2952SBrent Strelka19.68550.5020.041
3052BRicky Baker19.75470.5710.069
319BBraison Bennett19.77190.5880.017
3230VPete Vandermolen19.88850.7050.117
3333VTravis Vandermolen20.01470.8310.126
3436STim Springstroh20.041110.8580.027
3536GLouis Goss20.093110.9100.052
3613BAndrew Brocker20.34391.1600.250
3728MCory Manders0

Practice One

No.NameBest TmIn LapDiffGap
145VJeff Van Oudenhoven19.14425
291MTy Majeski19.215120.0710.071
34FLuke Fenhaus19.312310.1680.097
416LCayden Lapcevich19.32070.1760.008
510MAndy Monday19.338190.1940.018
617GGrant Giesbach19.37080.2260.032
747JCasey Johnson19.37590.2310.005
842PDennis Prunty19.377140.2330.002
952SBrent Strelka19.400260.2560.023
1051BKyle Busch19.40160.2570.001
1126BTravis Braden19.403100.2590.002
129KDerek Kraus19.404250.2600.001
1315SGabe Sommers19.40870.2640.004
1444MJustin Mondeik19.412250.2680.004
157SPaul Shafer19.431210.2870.019
1614HCarson Hocevar19.441180.2970.010
1711KBobby  Kendall19.443150.2990.002
1834SMaxwell Schultz19.458120.3140.015
1953JBoris Jurkovic19.46240.3180.004
205SJohnny Sauter19.47760.3330.015
2145BRich Bickle Jr.19.515230.3710.038
22119ZDalton  Zehr19.531230.3870.016
237DJohn Deangelis19.53390.3890.002
2414NAustin  Nason19.535260.3910.002
2577EJonathan Eilen19.541130.3970.006
2651SSammy Smith19.549130.4050.008
2726PBubba Pollard19.604270.4600.055
289BBraison Bennett19.616140.4720.012
2980FRyan Farrell19.704160.5600.088
3098BRJ Braun19.72780.5830.023
3152BRicky Baker19.787160.6430.060
3230VPete Vandermolen19.917150.7730.130
3333VTravis Vandermolen19.93840.7940.021
3436GLouis Goss19.983340.8390.045
3536STim Springstroh20.022190.8780.039
3613Andrew Brocker20.63461.4900.612
3728MCory Manders20.72331.5790.089

ARCA Midwest Tour

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