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Wiscasset Speedway LLC UPDATE 7/16/20

Wiscasset Speedway
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Wiscasset Speedway

We are sorry to report that we will not be racing this weekend 7/18/20 as we still do not have approval from the state to have fans in the stands.

As of yesterday (7/15), our contact with the state of Maine informed us once again that while tracks may operate, no tracks in Maine are permitted to race WITH fans in the stands. (yes we are aware of the current plans of other area tracks and will continue to monitor developments).

We continue to stress to the state that we should be given the same opportunities (to safely gather) that have been granted to other large outdoor venues – beaches, parks, campgrounds, outdoor shopping & dining. We also continually question why it is ok to gather hundreds of people in the Pits at a track, but not in the grandstands at a track (we have yet to get an answer to our questions)

While it would certainly be an option to just open and accept the consequences, we do not want to put our future operations and permits in jeopardy.

We will now turn our hopes to a possible opening on July 25th. With apologies to our racers, fans, and staff who have shown incredible patience, as previously stated, we will not open until our loyal fans are permitted to join us. This is not an indictment on any other track and what they feel is best for them – we are doing what we feel is best for us.

Thank you as always for your patience and understanding.
We will notify you all the moment anything changes (if we do not post an update then there is nothing to update)
Ken Minott